14 Short Almond Nails To Consider For Your Next Mani

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Short Almond Nails

Nail trends may come and go, but almond-shaped nails will forever remain a beloved classic. Though XL coffin nails and piercing stilettos have their moment, a short rounded tip is far more versatile, down-to-earth, and chic.

At a glance

  1. The Skeletons In My Closet
  2. Metallic Astrology
  3. Fiery Year Of The Dragon
  4. Coffee & Cream Neutrals
  5. Pink & Polka Dotted Deep French Tips

From a floral French tip to bright and bold abstract art, short almond-shaped nails look great with any nail art design. All you need to do is find the inspiration that speaks to your individual sense of style, and you'll have your newest go-to nail look.

Keep reading, and we'll share fourteen of our favorite trending nail designs for short, almond nails.

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#1. The Skeletons In My Closet

the skeletons in the closet nails from maniology

Whether you're searching for the perfect Halloween nail art designs or seeking to satisfy your inner goth, these skeletal nails are to die for.

Pair your favorite neon pink polish with the "Skeletons in the Closet" nail stamping plate from Maniology, and you'll have some bad-to-the-bone almond nails.

#2. Metallic Astrology

anesayart astrologer collab nails from maniology

These are the perfect almond-shaped nails for lovers of all things astrology.

For this look, you can use the "Anesayart Astrologer" nail stamping plate, which we made in collaboration with illustrator @Anesayart. From zodiac symbols to tarot cards, this plate features all of the celestial designs you need to take your nail art to new heights!

#3. Fiery Year Of The Dragon

lunar new year nails from maniology short almond press on nails short almond

As we dive deeper into 2024, it's time to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.

Adorn your nails with these fire-breathing beasts to signify strength, resilience, and good fortune. Don't forget to use some warm-toned nail polishes with this "Year of the Dragon" stamping plate!

#4. Coffee & Cream Neutrals

coffee lovers only nails from maniology press on nails short almond shape

But, first... *coffee*. If you're a lover of lattes and pastries, then this is the look for you.

Use light brown, caramel, and other natural tones to keep your look elegant and concise. And to effortlessly recreate these cute coffee designs, simply use our "Coffee Lovers Only" nail plate.

#5. Pink & Polka Dotted Deep French Tips

french connection nails from maniology press on nails short almond

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Even if you have super short nails, a classy French tip manicure will help to elongate and slim your fingers.

These polka-dotted nails put a modern twist on a classic look. Our "French Connection" nail stamping plate has deep French tip designs that perfectly hug the natural shape of your almond nails.

#6. Golden Plaid

plaid perfection nails from maniology press on nails press on nails

These gold plaid nails are perfect for a cozy, fall look. They're elegant and soothing, and it's easy to create a layer-able design with the right stamping plate.

In fact, our "Plaid Perfection" nail stamping plate is the key to a flawless fall nail look.

And to adapt your look to the spring or summer seasons, simply use sunny and sprightly shades like blue, green, purple, or white!

#7. Magical Monarch Butterflies

winged creatures nails from maniology press on nails wear wear shape shape

These beautiful butterflies add an innocent and elegant touch to short almond nails.

Though they feature plenty of fine lines and intricate details, it'll be easy to recreate them using our "Winged Creatures" stamping plate.

#8. Floral French Manicure

floral french nails from maniology bring hand love play proving short almond

These dainty leaves and delicate petals are a simple way to decorate your short almond nails.

With the "Floral French" nail plate, it'll be easy to replicate this trendy nail design while highlighting your natural beauty.

#9. Glossy "Game Day" Prints

game on nails from maniology test wrong length short almond glue vacation

Even if you're not a huge sports fan, it's hard to ignore these vibrant and vivacious nails.

The "Game On" nail stamping plate from Maniology features countless cool designs to help you represent your favorite team.

#10. Orange Autumn

falling leaves nails from maniology press on nails embrace trendy trend

Even though we're barely on the back end of winter, our favorite nail designs always circle us back to autumn.

These bright orange nails feature changing leaves, forest mushrooms, and golden glitter, all created using our "Falling Leaves" nail stamping plate.

#11. Bold & Bright Modern Art

arts nails from maniology glue short almond glue space example prefer

These trending abstract nails are inspired by Picasso, Wassily Kandinsky, and Diego Rivera.

But you don't need to worry about recreating these artistic masterpieces - simply allow our "Modern Art" nail stamping plate to do the hard work for you.

#12. Pastel Plants

new growth nails from maniology collection sell short almond

These nails feel like freedom and grace and are the perfect nail look if you like clean and minimal designs.

(P.S. - Use our "New Growth" nail stamping plate for a flawless floral mani!)

#13. Contrasting Chocolate Nails

sugar and spice nails from maniology short almond glue length wrong

These cocoa-brown nails are cozy and chic and will pair perfectly with your favorite warm beverage.

Try this look the next time you're DIY-ing your own nail art - just use this "Sugar + Spice" nail plate!

#14. Metallic Orange

doom nail polish from maniology short almond glue pearls price opt

For some simple, short almond nails, you can rely on this metallic orange manicure.

Our "Doom" nail lacquer is highly pigmented and contains gold shimmers that ensure your almond nails will shine. It's perfect for a warm, glimmering look!

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