13 Fall Nail Designs To Inspire Your Next At-Home Manicure

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Fall Nail Designs

With autumn comes steaming mugs of hot cocoa, cozy knitted scarves, and fall nail art that replicates the bright mustard yellow and terra cotta orange of the changing leaves. Now that we're well on our way into this comforting season, it's time to let your creative passion and inspiration run free.

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  1. Deep brown plaid with colorful autumn leaves
  2. Vivid scarlet French tips
  3. Calming mocha with simplistic taupe leaves
  4. Earthy green and gold accents
  5. Orange and red plaid nail designs
  6. Natural base with minimalistic gemstones
  7. Fall flowers in rich colors
  8. Matte black nails and natural French tip patterns
  9. Neutral yet colorful pastels
  10. Colorful fall nail designs
  11. Orange and yellow swirls
  12. Cow prints in various shades of brown
  13. Pearly translucent nail art

Whether you enjoy sophisticated, neutral plaid patterns or a muted, rich earthy color palette, there's no shortage of ways to embrace your love for autumn through your fall nails.

Keep reading, and we'll share thirteen of the most luxurious, classic, and delightful fall-inspired nails for this heartfelt time of year.

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someone's nails with mauve nail art

Autumn nails that will be impossible not to obsess over

Though a rich navy blue or simplistic bright white French manicure can be pretty classy, now is the time to take a warmer approach to your nail art.

Whether you're getting ready to kick off the new school year or embrace cuffing season, there's no shortage of ways to embody autumn.

Fall nail trends are so delightfully enticing, and it's impossible to resist their charm!

After all, matching your style to the seasons is an amazing way to bring out your imaginative side.

Plus, it'll make that time of year so much more enjoyable (cue the aesthetic pumpkin patch photos.)

Fall nails are a must for this cozy time of year

In the autumn, everyone loves the hot spicey lattes, cozy sweaters, and crisp weather.

And there are so many fall nail ideas out there to help you further embrace this comforting season!

Now is the time to shed the bright, beachy colors of summer and dive in deep with a more refined look.

There are endless fall nail ideas to showcase this signature season

Whether you want your fall nails to be reminiscent of fall foliage or a cackling fireplace, the colors of autumn never cease to tempt your heart.

From cute Halloween nail designs to gracious and gorgeous fall nails, we'll share some of our favorite fall nail art ideas so that you can truly embrace this loving season.

#1. Deep brown plaid with colorful autumn leaves

plaid season nail art from maniology manicure french manicure

Showcasing the best fall nail trends in an effortless way

Pairing plaid and autumn leaves in your fall nails is a classic way to welcome in this cozy season.

And, with Maniology's "Plaid Season" nail stamping plate, recreating intricate and stunning fall nails doesn't need to be challenging!

This nail stamping plate contains countless buffet-styled designs so that you can bring your fall nail ideas to life with considerable ease.

Get a flawless manicure at home in just five simple steps

Maniology has countless nail stamping kits available that make it easy to explore your creative passions.

From unique nail plates to high-quality silicone stampers, these all-inclusive kits contain all the tools you need to craft fine and intricate autumn nail art.

And with seemingly endless plates to choose from, you'll never have a shortage of looks to create!

So, if you're looking to adorn your fall nails with some festive and comfy designs, it'll be easy to do just that.

All you need is a dash of inspiration, the right tools on hand, and a love for the autumn season!

#2. Vivid scarlet French tips

someone's hand with long nails and a red french manicure

Regardless of the time of year, you can never go wrong with a classic French manicure.

French tips never go out of style, and it's easy to make them your own.

But instead of opting for the traditional fresh white nails, go for something a bit more expressive.

Change the game with striking French tip fall nails

Scarlet may be a tad bright for the toned-down feelings of fall, but it's one of the best colors for autumn nevertheless.

And as the leaves change colors, a red geometric French mani will help you feel truly alive! Simply use the "Classique: Pardon My French" stamping plate from Maniology, and it'll be easy to add some depth to a classic French mani.

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#3. Calming mocha with simplistic taupe leaves

someone's nails with brown colors of nail polish nail design

You can never go wrong with nude nails and a neutral look. These relaxed colors are so warm and inviting in the autumn season (plus, they pair perfectly with any fall outfit.)

Whether you want to dress up for a special occasion or enhance your everyday wear, a neutral palette will never let you down. And keeping your nail polish shades in the same color family, you can prevent your look from getting too crowded.

Natural and neutral fall nails will never go out of style

Nude nails are exceptionally soft, warm, and comforting, which is an undeniable match for cozy fall vibes.

For this look, start with a sweet mocha base, then add some simplistic taupe or white leaves for some extra depth.

And if you want your fall foliage to have some more depth and detail, use the "New Growth" nail stamping plate from Maniology!

#4. Earthy green and gold accents

someone's hands with green nail polish steady hand manicure

Though the trees are slowly swapping their lush green leaves for crisper colors, earthy tones are always acceptable during the fall season. It's a timeless look that maintains some vibrancy without going over the top!

From chocolate brown to forest green, you can never go wrong with a shade from Mother Nature's color palette.

Earthy green is a great example of a classic fall color

And, if you want to add some edge to your fall nails, add some gold accents to tie it all together.

That'll leave you with some sweet yet sophisticated fall nail designs!

#5. Orange and red plaid nail designs

plaid season nail art from maniology to do list pop culture

Here's another cozy and classic fall nail design that you can recreate with Maniology's "Plaid Season" nail stamping plate.

All you need is soft orange and deep red to bring these lovely plaid designs to life. These warm hues can be a fun twist on any nail look you might be tempted to try!

#6. Natural base with minimalistic gemstones

someone's natural nails with gems best fall nail design paint

One of the best parts of the fall season is simplistic fashion.

It's safe to shed the bright colors of fall and embrace a more toned-down look during this time of year.

Start with a natural base with a clear coat for this fall nail art idea. Then, add a few small gemstones to help your look shine.

It's that simple! You can even dress up your simple look with some gold jewelry.

#7. Fall flowers in rich colors

someone's nails with flower designs manicure manicure

Anything nature-inspired is a go during autumn. Amidst the falling leaves and warm sunsets, there's no shortage of fall manicure inspo.

After all, the best fall nails are made with Mother Nature in mind!

This seemingly simple yet powerful fall nail art is made with various earthy shades of fall flowers, from hunter green to burnt orange. You can either use a dotting tool like the 5pc Double Ended Dotting Tool and Detail Liner Brush Set, or a floral nail stamping plate. That's where the "Daisy Downer" nail plate comes into the picture.

There's just something about these autumn colors that is so satisfyingly eye-catching!

#8. Matte black nails and natural French tip patterns

black and natural nail designs nail design other half nail design

A bit of contrast can add some sharp dimension to your beloved fall nails.

Though black can be seen as more of a winter color, this deep and trusting shade can be exactly what your autumn nail art needs. And it'll even work as a mysterious and magical look during the spooky season.

Experiment with black nails and natural French tips

With Maniology's "Plaid Season" stamping kit, you can pick and choose from various plaid-inspired designs, from tartan to checkered, in order to bring this sophisticated nail look to life.

Finish this fall nail art look off with a matte finish.

#9. Neutral yet colorful pastels

someone's nails with various earthy colored polish fall colors

An effortless yet chic way to get some gorgeous fall nails is by incorporating plenty of neutral pastels. And alternating colors on each nail is a simple way to land you with stunning results!

Try pairing terra cotta, pale white, forest green, and burnt orange nails to create one varied yet cohesive look. This comfy fall nail design also makes for the perfect accessory for your fall outfits.

#10. Colorful fall nail designs

autumn furries nail art from maniology manicure manicure gold flakes

Though autumn often calls for simplistic nudes and calming neutrals, you can still safely add a touch of color to your look.

With the right shades of nail polish, you can elevate your style and embrace a more vivid side of the season.

What to do when you can't pick just one design

Maniology's "Autumn Furries" is perfect for executing any number of autumn-inspired designs.

This nail plate comes with plenty of fall leaves, pumpkins, and plaids in order to give you all you need for your next fall manicure!

In a handful of easy steps, you can recreate any number of fall nail designs

All you need to do is pick out the perfect color, layer it on the plate, scrape off the excess, then swiftly stamp your nails.

It's truly that simple to get flawless fall nails.

#11. Orange and yellow swirls

someone's nails with warm nail art aura nails negative space

Everyone knows that warm tones like red, orange, and yellow are a must during autumn. And they make for the perfect transition shades from summer to fall.

Fall nail designs always seem to utilize some type of savory hue.

And that's why orange and yellow are a must for your fall nail designs!

Incorporate these two fall colors into a swirly design for a simplistic yet captivating look.

#12. Cow prints in various shades of brown

someone's nails with cow print fall nail design accent nails lights lacquer

Sometimes, the best way to wear fall nails is by giving in to trendy patterns.

Cow prints are chic, trendy, and adorable, especially during autumn.

Fall nails that incorporate some type of neutral pattern are always a hit!

Try switching it up with various shades of brown to provide some extra dimension to your look.

#13. Pearly translucent nail art

someone's nails with translucent nail art manicure gel manicure nail artist

As we said, you can't ever go wrong with nude nails.

And with some pearly white nails, you'll take the term style to a whole new level.

Not only do translucent nails go with everything, but they help you maintain that clean and sophisticated look that everyone's always chasing after.

All you need is a sheer polish that will give off that pearly finish.

Maniology's calcium-rich milky Base Coat is one way to get that sheer appearance.

This must-have product not only makes any polish color you have really pop, but it also helps keep your nails strong, healthy, and clean.

Wrapping up

As we dive deeper into the autumn season, now is the perfect time to showcase a cozy and warm manicure. With these ideas, it'll be easier than ever to recreate the perfect fall nails right at home!

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At Maniology, we believe your nails are opportunities for adventure, fun, and unrestrained artistic expression. Our nail stamping plates and nail accessories are here to help foster your self-expression in the hopes of building a community of individuality. For more nail tutorials, subscription box updates, and designs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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