5 Manicures to Match Trending Halloween Costumes in 2023

Posted by Kara Crail

Halloween 2023 is your time to shine! You’ve got the Halloween costume, but what about your nails? To truly be in character, you’ll need to be dressed from head-to-toe. In this article, we've brewed up five mesmerizing manicure ideas to match this year’s trending Halloween costumes. From Barbie's signature pink cowgirl look to the Little Mermaid’s sparkling fins, we’ll help you take your Halloween ensemble to the next level. So, get those nails ready to dazzle and let your fingertips be the star of the show!


1) Barbie Halloween Costume Nails

Cow print nail art with pink waves, perfect for a barbie cowgirl halloween costume

This year’s new Barbie movie was a hit! Breaking $1B in the box office, this blockbuster movie was inspirational and beautiful to watch. If you’re dressing up as Barbie, the more pink, the better. One of Barbie’s most iconic outfits is her cowgirl getup, and we’ve got the perfect manicure to match.

Create these cowgirl barbie nails with our Moo-velous (m392) stamping plate and your favorite pink polish. Start with a white base color, stamp some cow print nail designs in Straight-Up Black, then stamp over with pink blob designs (like those found on our Making Waves (m285) stamping plate) or go with the flow by free-handing pink designs over your cow print.

2) Little Mermaid Costume Nails

fish scale nail art for a Mermaid halloween costume using the Twi_star collab maniology stamping plate
The live-action Little Mermaid movie was another blockbuster to hit the silver screen in 2023. The original animated film will always be a classic, bringing us back to our childhood days pretending to be Ariel in the bathtub; but we absolutely loved the costumes and cast of this year’s update. If you’re dressing up in an Ariel Halloween costume this year, we’ve got plenty of mermaid stamping plates to choose from.

We like the aquatic and seashell designs from our Heart of the Sea (m212) stamping plate or even the fish scales designs from our Twi-Star Collab (bm-xl211) stamping plate.

3) Princess Peach Cosplay Nails

Princess peach themed manicure using Maniology stamping polishes

The Mario movie was another blockbuster hit this year that grossed over $1billion dollars at the box office worldwide. With the opening of Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios, the classic video game franchise is moving from the console to IRL. While the main characters are obviously the Mario Bros, Bowser’s obsession with Princess Peach stole the show. This year, we predict a couple’s costume of Bowser and Peach will surely be a hit, especially after Jack Black’s viral Peach song.

Dress up your Princess Peach costume with some nails to match. Get creative with a color palette made for a princess including Love Potion (B292, Pitaya (B435), Lost Gold (B374), Frosty Air (B257), and E-tronica (B160). Add a few layerable gem designs to match Princess Peach’s jewelry like those from our Cut n Polished (m277) stamping plate and get ready to rule all of Mushroom Kingdom.

4) Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume

Black and nude spider web manicure for Halloween

With all the memes on TikTok following the debut of Netflix’s Wednesday show late last year, there’s no doubt that a Wednesday Addams Halloween costume will be trending in 2023. Complete your Addam’s Family look with spider webs for a spooky manor vibe.

Bring on the black polish and stamp designs from our Black Widow stamping plate with white stamping polish to match your monochrome outfit. Maybe even add an accent nail for an eye-catching pop, then apply a smudge free top coat to seal it in with a glistening, glossy finish.

5) Classic Halloween

Orange and black halloween manicure with a gradient bat design

For those who crave a dash of Halloween spirit without going overboard, a basic Halloween manicure is your go-to. Traditional Halloween colors like orange and black should take center stage. To elevate your manicure, dress up your nails with some classic Halloween designs like pumpkins, bats, spider webs, etc.

Our new Spooky Gradients plate is simple to use for full nail designs and doesn't require lots of reverse stamping. Finish with a durable top coat to seal in your Halloween spirit, and you're ready to embrace the season in style. Whether you're trick-or-treating or heading to a spook-tacular soirée, this understated manicure offers a classy nod to All Hallows' Eve without stealing your costume's thunder.

As the clock ticks closer to Halloween 2023, it's the fine details like a custom manicure that take your costume from fun to unforgettable. No matter what your costume, your nails can set the stage for an Instagram-worthy celebration. We hope you're inspired to make your own statement. After all, when it comes to Halloween, it's not just about looking good; it's about feeling fabulously, spookily you!

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