14 Animal Print Nail Ideas for Looking Fierce and Fabulous

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Animal Print Nails Ideas

Animal print nails are a perennial favorite in the ever-evolving world of nail art, known for their bold and eye-catching designs. As trends come and go, they remain a staple, constantly being reinvented with new colors and patterns.

If you are someone who loves to stand out, then a striking set of animal print nails is the way to go! Imagine pairing a zebra print with your festival outfit or complementing your evening wear with elegant snake skin nails. The variety of animal print nail art is vast and can be customized to suit your style.

The best part? You don't need to be a professional nail artist to achieve these stunning designs. With just a few nail stamping tools and a bit of inspiration, you can create these fabulous looks at home.

At a glance

  1. Leopard Print Nails
  2. Cow Print French Tip Nails
  3. Giraffe Spots and Zebra Stripes Nail Art
  4. Chic Zebra Stripes
  5. Wild Eyes Jungle Nails
  6. Gator Skin Nails
  7. Funky Frog Nails
  8. Multichrome Snake Print Nails
  9. Skittle Snake Skin Nails
  10. Matte Snake Skin Nails
  11. Holographic Peacock Nails
  12. Butterfly Nails
  13. Paw Print Nails
  14. Iridescent Fish Scale Nail Art

So, if you're ready to get wild and have fun with animal print nails, keep prowling through for 14 fierce and fabulous looks.

1. Leopard Print Nails

Leopard Print Nails: Fierce and Fabulous Animal Print Nails Ideas

Leopard print nails never fail to impress! With a dark forest green shimmer and a milky pink shimmer base colors, complemented by metallic copper leopard spots, this manicure is truly striking!

The combination of colors and metallic details in this manicure works perfectly together. The dark green base color adds drama, while the milky pink provides a soft contrast. And the metallic copper leopard spots add a subtle gleam that catches everyone's eye.

2. Cow Print French Nail Tips

Cow Print Nails: Fierce and Fabulous Animal Print Nails Ideas

Talking about animal print nails, cow prints are always a fave!

These cow print Frenchies bring a fresh, fun twist to the classic French manicure. The combination of elegant French tips with bold black cow spots creates a look that's chic and full of personality.

These cow print nails are a great choice for anyone who loves animal prints but prefers a subtle touch.

3. Giraffe Spots and Zebra Stripes Nail Art

Giraffe Spots and Zebra Stripes Nail Art: Fierce and Fabulous Animal Print Nails Ideas

Can’t decide between giraffe spots and zebra stripes? Why not have both with this striking animal print combo!

With its mix of giraffe spots and zebra stripes, these nails would be perfect to wear for your next zoo visit or rocking any safari-themed party.

4. Chic Zebra Stripes

Chic Zebra Stripes: Fierce and Fabulous Animal Print Nails Ideas

So fierce, yet so classy—why wouldn't you want to rock this mani?

With its sleek black stripes and subtle gradient pink base, these chic zebra print nails are here to slay! Perfect for anyone who loves animal prints, this manicure adds just the right amount of flair. It's fierce, it's chic, and it's ready to make a statement. 

5. Wild Eyes Jungle Nails

Wild Eyes Jungle Nails: Fierce and Fabulous Animal Print Nails Ideas

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If you crave adventure, these wild eyes jungle nails are a must-try!

These nails are like a glimpse into the wild, staring boldly from your fingertips. The fierce gaze of wild eyes amidst the jungle bring an element of untamed beauty, perfect for expressing your fierce and adventurous side.

6. Gator Skin Nails

Alligator Nails: Fierce and Fabulous Animal Print Nails Ideas

Can you believe how realistic these gator skin nails look? Ideal for those who adore detailed designs, these alligator nails are a must-try!

The gold/copper base, with its shimmer, glitter, and black specs, creates a detailed and realistic alligator skin effect that’s amazingly stunning. The best thing about this look is the blend of luxurious color and realistic texture.

With this unique animal print nail look, you'll be snapping up compliments left and right.

7. Funky Frog Nails

Frog Nails: Fierce and Fabulous Animal Print Nails Ideas

Animal print nails are always amazing, but these frog nails, these are something else!

If you’re into vibrant and detailed nail designs, these frog nails are a fantastic choice. With a bright blue base and detailed black spots, this manicure is as eye-catching as it gets. The best part of this design is the striking color contrast. The bright blue hue is incredibly vibrant, and the black spots create a stunning, bold effect.

8. Multichrome Snake Print Nails

Multichrome Snake Print Nails: Fierce and Fabulous Animal Print Nails Ideas

Terrified of snakes but loving the look of these snake print nails! We can't be the only ones, right?

These animal print nails feature a stunning multichrome base that shifts from gold to green, accentuating the black, scaly pattern. This combination exudes a sense of mystery and sophistication, ideal for trendsetters who love edgy and fashionable nail art.

9. Skittle Snake Skin Mani

Skittle Snake Skin Nails: Fierce and Fabulous Animal Print Nails Ideas

Another wild take on animal print nails that's equally stunning? Check out these skittle snake skin nails.

The specialty polishes in sparkling metallic blue, purple, teal, lavender, and light green create a dazzling effect when stamped over a sleek black base. It's a stunning combination of colors! The shimmering effect against the black base adds depth and mystery.

These specialty polishes look gorgeous under full nail stamping designs. Simple to create yet stunning in effect, they're perfect for anyone who loves experimenting with colors and textures.

10. Matte Snake Skin Nails

Matte Snake Skin Nails: Fierce and Fabulous Animal Print Nails Ideas

How chic can this get? This matte snake skin mani is bold yet subtle!

The brown matte base pairs perfectly with the shimmering champagne metallic snakeskin print. This manicure gives off subtle yet striking vibes, perfect for anyone wanting a distinctive and classy style. Rock these animal print nails during the day or for a night out—it's chic without trying too hard!

11. Holographic Peacock Nails

Holographic Peacock Nails: Fierce and Fabulous Animal Print Nails Ideas

If cow, zebra, snake, or leopard print isn't your thing, then these holographic peacock nails are a must-see!

These animal print nails feature a creamy white base adorned with vibrant blue and green holographic polish that beautifully mimic the stunning patterns of peacock feathers.

The holographic effect brings out a stunning display of colors and light, creating a look that's bold, eye-catching, and a true reflection of your unique sense of style.

12. Butterfly Nails

Butterfly Nails: Fierce and Fabulous Animal Print Nails Ideas

While animal print nails typically feature bold and fierce designs, butterfly nails are a great alternative if you prefer a softer and more ethereal look.

Featuring intricate butterfly wing patterns in a warm orange hue with a subtle gradient effect, this manicure exudes grace and beauty. The soft colors and delicate details create a sense of femininity and elegance, appealing to those who appreciate beauty in its most refined form.

13. Paw Print Nails

Paw Print Nails: Fierce and Fabulous Animal Print Nails Ideas

Let's shift from fierce and bold to something delightfully cute!

These adorable paw print nails are irresistibly charming, featuring cute paw prints over a beautiful pastel light green base. The subtle splatters of pastel shades add a playful touch, creating a mix of colors that's both pretty and playful.

If you're looking for a manicure that speaks to your love for furry friends, try these paw print nails. They're not just cute and charming but also a fun and creative way to express your love for your furry friends.

14. Iridescent Fish Scale Nail Art

Iridescent Fish Scales Nail Art: Fierce and Fabulous Animal Print Nails Ideas

For a special twist on animal print nails, you've got to see these iridescent fish scale nails.

These dazzling manicure looks just like real fish scales, but more magical. Featuring stunning aurora flakies, this manicure boasts an iridescent effect that mimics the mesmerizing look of fish scales. The way the colors shift and sparkle in the light will catch everyone’s eye, making your nails truly stand out.

Final thoughts

Unlike animals who blend in to survive, we stand out to shine. That’s exactly what these animal print nails are all about. 

Remember, the best part about nail art is expressing yourself and having fun. So, why not give these animal print nails a try?

And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, mix and match prints for a truly unique look, or keep experimenting until you find the look that’s just right for you.

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We've seen spots, stripes, and everything wild! Tell us, which animal print are you rocking next?


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