Community Topic of the Month: Let's Talk Nail Art Storage

Posted by Tiana Regan

Several months ago we started a Facebook Community dedicated to all-things nail art. Sitting at roughly 2,900 members and growing there is A LOT being discussed. We thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite topics with you guys each month.

This month we wanted to talk about something that doesn't always get discussed as much - storage! A nail artist has to have a place to store all of their goodies.

What's your favorite way to store your nail art products and stamping plates?

Since we have an ever growing collection of plates, we love to use binder inserts to help keep us organized. You can even organize them by styles or collections, with colored tabs, or whatever way makes you feel organized and awesome!

If you're in need of some serious organization for your new addiction, here's a few storage options that we offer to find your perfect fit. Check out our Tools & Storage category in the shop for even more options to help you stay organized.

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