Community Topic of the Month: Stampabilities

Posted by Devon Nurre

This month’s topic is all about "stampabilities". One of the Maniology Facebook Community members asked a really good question...

What kinds of crafts (besides nail art) can be done with our massive stash of stamping plates and polishes? — Deborah A.

The answers from our community members were amazing! It turns out there is a large array of fun arts and crafts you can do with your stamping stash. Check out all these amazing ideas from our community... Then, share your ideas with us!

Erin B. created some beautiful dragons eggs with her polishes.

Lori P. created a cute stamped pop socket for her phone, and said she wanted to try creating stamped Christmas ornaments! 

Kelly S. created a cool customized key card for her job using polish products!

Michelle L. used her stamping plates to create magnets for her cubicle at work!

Suzanne D. uses her polishes to make it easier to identify her keys! 

How do you think outside of the box? Share your cool stamping or polish crafts with us. If you’re curious for more ideas check out the official Maniology Community page, where we share our stamping adventures and creations.

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