Gorgeous Metamorphosis How To using Duochrome Powder

Posted by Katie Andelman

Metamorphosis How To
by @PolishedJess

We've received a lot of comments asking us how to use our new duochrome powder, Scarab Wings, that's available in July's Mani x Me Monthly Club. Lucky for us, @PolishedJess never fails to create beautiful and easy to follow nail art tutorials. Transform your nail art with this month's bug-inspired theme, Metamorphosis! Not subscribed yet? Grab your box today, then check out this how-to while you're waiting for your goodies to arrive.

Ready to steal the look? Here's how!

1. Apply a cuticle protector for extra-easy clean up. Our Mani Mask is a great and affordable option.

2. Apply a black base coat to your nails. If you don't already have one, our Straight Up Black polish is a perfect staple piece for your collection.
Tip: You can use a top coat between each layer for extra protection.

3. After your base polish has dried, use the applicator wand in your box to apply Scarab Wings duochrome powder to each nail, rubbing it in evenly. Use a clean-up brush to brush away excess powder.

4.  Grab plate MXM011 and Chrysalis from your Mani x Me box. Apply polish to the selected image. Use your scraper to spread the polish, then use your stamper to pick up the selected image. Apply to nail. Repeat steps for each nail.


Tip: Check out our YouTube if you're having trouble stamping.

5.   Apply a Smudge Free Top Coat to preserve your new look! Peel away your cuticle protector. Now you're ready to rock your flawless new manicure. 😍

Want to watch the full how-to video for this look?

We're loving this gorgeous look that celebrates the beauty of bugs! If you're already a Mani x Me monthly club subscriber, grab your box and get stamping! Share your new look with us on social using #manixmebox.

New to Mani x Me?
If you haven't already joined our monthly club, you're missing out on exclusive plates, nail goodies, and unbeatable perks - like free every day shipping! You'll receive a new theme every single month to spark creativity and express your style. Check out our Mani x Me Monthly Club page to get started.

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