47+ French Tip Nail Designs To Try With Our French Tip Stamping Plates

Posted by Yassin Ongca

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Nail Stamping is one of the latest trends in nails and Pardon My French (m052) French Tip Manicure Nail Plate is one of the best-selling options because of the endless possibilities for nail art designs.

The famous French manicure is certainly a classic and chic nail art style. But if you're looking to mix things up a bit, then look no further.

With this plate, you can express your creativity and try tons of different nail art designs that will definitely level up your style.

Here are 47+ classic yet beautiful nail art ideas that you can create using this wonderful stamping plate. Grab your stamping plate and let's get started!

17 French Nail Art Ideas Using M052 Stamping Plate

#1. Classic Base Coat

Nail Base Coat

Some french nails have a clear, glossy base with no color. But for that traditional French nail look, start with a classic base coat as pictured above.

If you're worried about getting enough coverage, don't worry. Our Pardon My French stamping plate takes care of that too!

#2. French Tip Nails

French Tip Nails

What you see above isn't technically a "classic" french manicure as the base coat of the nails is pink. But we just wanted to show you the tried and true design that all French manicures draw inspiration from.

With various tip sizes and styles on our stamping plate, you can customize your french nails to fit your nails perfectly.

#3. Asymmetrical White Tip Nails

Asymmetrical White Tip Nails

Okay, we're starting to get a little playful here. These asymmetrical french nails follow the same standard as your typical French nails.

But they angle the French tip to the side, making for a fun diagonal cut. As always, you can switch up the colors to make your nails as vibrant or as muted as you want with this technique.

Make it bold or make it subtle! Your choice.

#4. Criss Cross French Manicure

Criss Cross French Manicure

These criss-cross French nails look complicated but we promise they're so easy to accomplish! Remember the asymmetrical French nails from above?

You're going to be following the same guidelines. But you're going to repeat the process on both sides. This way, when you go diagonal in each direction, you get this cute and crisp criss-cross effect.

#5. Gradient French Manicure

Gradient French Manicure

This particular set of nails may require a makeup sponge for the ombre effect. But don't be intimidated!

You can apply the two colors of nail polish to the stamping plate itself. Then, gently dab them with the sponge to give them that gradient look. Simply stamp onto your fingers and bam! You've got a beautiful-looking French mani going.

#6. Classic Gradient Nails

Classic Gradient Nails

Remember the process we just spelled out? You're simply going to apply the same process to a bigger stamp on our plate to get full coverage.

#7. Half Moon Nails

Half Moon Nails

How cute are these half moons? Just like we played with angles in our asymmetrical French nails, we're going to apply the principle here.

Position your stampers every which way to get the desired half-moon design you want. You can have a half moon peaking out from your nail bed or even extend the French tip up, giving a crescent shape to the upper half of your nail. How fun!

#8. Chevron Nail Design

Chevron Nail Design

If this design reminds you of something, it's on purpose. After creating it, we couldn't help but notice its resemblance to the Chevron logo.

But hey! It works perfectly for a cute nail stamping design that's easy to implement and versatile once you get the perfect blend of colors your heart desires.

#9. Color Block Nails

Color Block Nails

Our M052 stamping plate may not look like much. But the possibilities are endless when you incorporate color blocking into the mix.

Simply position your stamper in different ways to get the desired effect. Then step back, and admire your masterpiece.

#10. Watermelon Nails

Watermelon Nails

This summer-themed Watermelon design recalls our half-moon design from before. But it turns the half moon 90 degrees to take up the length of your nail.

With a dotting tool, you can add the little watermelon seeds for more effect. And now, you have a summery fruit to travel around with you!

#11. Ornate French Manicure With A Border

French manicures are popular nail salon request

We just love this French manicure with a twist that a client left for us in the reviews. They've decorated their metallic tips with a rounded border that reminds us of a string of pearls.

With a clear coat base, they've left their natural nail color free. We think this look is absolutely darling!

#12. French Manicure Base With Minimalist Nail Design

Play with color palette nail shape and more nail inspiration in your french manicures

These neon tips are already to die for. But with the added angular stamping patterns added on top, we're just head over heels in love!

#13. Criss-Cross French Tip Nails With Neon Colors

Use dotting tool on long or short nails for classic manicure with a modern modern version

This criss-cross pattern is the same process we explained above. But with these longer, rounded nails, the neon colors just make the nail beds pop even more!

#14. Classic French Manicure With A Modern Twist

Use jeff pink for bright tips in classic french manicure

This is one of our favorite modern trends of a French manicure. Simply add a pop of color to your nail tips for a fun way to play with a classic!

#15. French Manicure Base With Tiny Heart Decals

French tip nails typically leave nail bed nude but nail ideas are changing this traditional design

Taking the previous manicure one step further, you can add simple but effective designs on top from our other stamping plates. This one looks especially bright for the summer and spring months.

#16. French Nails With White Tips Underneath Botanical Decals

Classic french tip nails with smiley faces press ons are perfect combination for summer bold colors

Here we have a classic French manicure base topped with some gorgeous botanicals. We love that the white tips have only brought out those botanical decals even further.

And the green/blue hue on top? This client knows their color wheel!

#17. Nude Base Color Blocking French Manicure

Take classic look and add favorite shade or white stripe to french manicure with little effort

Remember how we said you could play with whatever kinds of color you want? Well, this is the perfect example.

This takes the criss-cross French manicure design from earlier and adds an individualistic quality to it. Besides, who doesn't love this color combo? So chic!

3 French Tip Nail Designs Using M289 Stamping Plate

By now, you've seen what our M052 stamping plate you can do. But our French Ceramic Stamping Plate has some gorgeous and regal tips you'll love adding to your nails.

#18. French Mani With A Blooming Nail Tips

Press ons are max factor for nail designs reserve for ring finger on french mani with white tips

Does this remind anyone else of a chic doily? This gorgeous blue base makes the perfect canvas for this white ceramic design to shine, bringing out the tips in a beautiful yet unexpected way.

#19. Royal Blue Nail Tips On Blossoming French Manicure

French tip nails and coffin shape with classic red are great combination

These colorful tips are only made more regal with an added border from our stamping plate! This one certainly gives us those island vibes.

#20. Bright Shades Under Modern Version French Nail Tips

Use makeup sponge on coffin shape for ombre nail design french manicure

Just because a French manicure traditionally highlights the tips doesn't mean the pattern has to start at the end of your nails. This client shows how you can stamp those tips any which way on your nails, almost as if you're decorating your nails with a necklace.

5 French Tip Nail Designs Using BM-XL471 Stamping Plate

Our Flower Child stamping plate offers you some fun, floral arrangements to adorn your nails with. Let's see how these clients took their French manis to the next level.

#21. Thick Nail Tips For Square Nails

Every nail artist knows french nails but these nail designs will give them all the rest ideas to play with pointy tip

This color combination is just to die for. The elongated tips are only made better with these cute little floral crowns that adorn every nail along the way.

#22. Inverted French Manicure With Bright Blue Tips

French nails work on short nails even if nail designs are intricate

Pushing the floral tips up the nail beds further, this inverted French mani knows how to make even a matte manicure shine! Don't you just love the little flowers close to the client's cuticles?

#23. Dainty French Tip Nails In Gilded Nail Design

French nail designs by maniology clients

The last nail art idea might have convinced you to go matte with your French manicure. But this gilded glamor will surely remind you just what glitter and sparkle can do!

#24. Sideways French Tip Nails With Nude Ring Finger

Nail designs by maniology clients give french tip nail new look

Whoever thought that the accent nail should be nude is genius. Plus, the floral decals included on the nude accent nail just tie this whole look together effortlessly.

#25. Pink Floral French Nails For Super Trendy Look

French nails are popular especially french tip nails

We've seen these flowers before, but not with those cute little jewels! The creativity our clients bring to each and every manicure always amazes us.

3 French Tip Nail Designs Using M053 Stamping Plate

In our Classique: Love Your Accent stamping plate, we wanted to give you some fun patterns to bring out each and every nail. Take a look at how each of these nail artists ran with the template.

#26. Art Deco Inspired French Manicure With Glitter Polish Details

French tips are versatile so get a french mani next with maniology

This Art Deco-inspired French mani is the perfect blend of matte and gold. In fact, we're getting some serious Great Gatsby vibes here.

#27. Striped French Tip Nails With Feminine Look Color Combination

French manicure made easy with maniology french tip nails stamping plates

A shimmery pink with a matte black base is just adorable. And look! This client incorporated multiple French tips to make for a striped look.

#28. Diagonal French Tips With Modern Star Nail Design

French nail designs vary as french tip nails can be anything you want

If you want to take your diagonal cut a step further, add some starry decals as this client did! It just makes the diagonal cut all the more impactful.

6 French Tip Nail Designs Using M304 Stamping Plate

French nails are the perfect nail design for any time of year. And with Halloween just around the corner, we'd be remiss if we didn't highlight our Boo-gie French Nail Stamping Plate.

#29. Inverted French Tips For Longer Nails

French nails more specifically french tip nails are in right now

We just love how the inverted French tip on these nails brings out the Halloween-themed decals at the tip! Plus, gold and black are always a stellar color combination to pursue.

#30. Halloween-Inspired French Manicure

Nail tips on french manicure add pop of color to french nail designs

Who doesn't love a kawaii-goth-inspired Halloween nail set? This French manicure is side-swept and wavy, literally turning a classic on its head and twisting it around.

#31. Offset French Nail Tips With Bright Colors

Try french nail stamping plates with maniology french manicure

Did you ever think to use French tips as your accent nail? Well, this client did and proved just how well it works.

#32. Wavy French Manicure For Short Nails

Take french nails to the next level with maniology french tip nails

Take our wavy French tip designs and swirl them all around! You'll get a huge French tip here and there, plus some celestial space for little ghosties to play in.

#33. Peek-A-Boo French Tips With White Nails

Maniology french nails will make french tips easy

These French tips are the perfect way to frame and center these witchy nail designs. Plus, the iridescent, glittery polish they used as a base makes this look all the more magical.

#34. Wavy French Mani With Colorful Tips

Master french tips with maniology french manicure stamping plate

If you have a French manicure, you'll be tempted to put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care. So we made these wavy French tips just for you!

16 More French Nail Art Ideas With Maniology Stamping Plates

There are a thousand different ways to use these French tip nail stamping plates. So we wanted to leave you with some extra inspiration before you go.

#35. French Tip Nails With Botanical Overlays

French tip nails with maniology stamping plate

We just love the botanical border this client lifted off our stamping plates. And with green as the accent color, it makes this look all the more earthy and regal.

#36. Your Absolute Classic French Manicure

French tip nail design by maniology clients

We couldn't do a French tip nail designs post with showing an absolutely classic French manicure. So here you have it! And beautifully executed, we might add.

#37. Wintery French Nails With Snowflake Decals

French nail designs for amazing nails

We just love this wintery scene with French tips. It's the perfect way to highlight the snowflakes and even decorate the accent nail with an overarching wreath.

#38. Double Crossed French Tips

Nails with french tip that will amaze

Looks like somebody loved our criss-cross design, they did it twice! This double-crossed look is perfect for layering on more colors and giving your nails an intricate yet easy-to-accomplish design.

#39. Polka-Dotted French Nails With Classic Red French Tip

Nails with french tip for all occasions

Aren't the polka dots on these nails just darling? And with the red tips, this French tip nail design reminds us of a cute 50s diner.

#40. Thin Metallic French Tip Nails

French nail designs never go out of style

We just love the varying tip sizes this client went with for their metallic design. Longer tips on the thumbs are just enough to bring out the more subtle, thinner tips on the rest of the set.

#41. Ombre Nails With French Tip Twist

Nail with french tip are versatile french nail designs

Hello, ombre with a side of designer overlay! This orange and burgundy French manicure-inspired nail design looks perfect for the upcoming spooky season.

#42. Two-Toned French Nail Design With Overlay Decals

Nails with ombre french nail design from maniology plate

This color combo has us thinking that there's some type of magic in the air. But maybe it's just this client's wicked talent at nail stamping!

#43. Multi-Colored French Nail Tips

French tip nails for every occasion

Playing with color is an absolute must. And this client knew how to pack 5 colors in - 1 on every fingertip.

#44. Pastel French Tips With Glossy Finish

French tip nails in different colors for unique french nail design

This pastel homage to colorful tips is perfect for spring. And it's the perfect way to show off your nail polish palette too!

#45. Thick Lavender French Tips With Sassy Nail Designs

French tip nails to express your individuality

These lavender tips are so kawaii. And with the sassy nail decals on top? Absolute perfection.

#46. Inverted French Tips With Burgendy Nighttime Theme

French nail designs to treat your nails to

We never would have thought of an inverted French tip among a starry sky. We love the creativity our clients bring to each stamping plate!

#47. Classic French Nails With An Accent Nail

Nails for the holiday season

Go classic. But with a slight twist.

#48. Ombre French Nail Design With Cute Decals

Nails to impress your friends and family

Go even further with ombre! Loving this bold red.

#49. Bold French Tips With Accent Nail

Nails to express your creativity

What a fun way to dress up these nails!

#50. Christmas-Themed French Tips For The Holiday Season

Nails just for fun

And with Christmas coming up, don't even get us started...

Wrapping up

So there you have it! 47+ French nail designs you can create with the M052, M289, BM-XL471, M053, and M304 stamping plates. We hope you’ve found this helpful and that you take the time to explore this plate and share your creation with us.

What are your favorite techniques in using this plate? We can’t wait to hear from you. Let us know in the comments below!

As always, if you have any questions or need help choosing the right design for your nails, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We love helping our customers find the perfect look that they can show off with confidence all season long!

Want some nail inspiration for your first or next manicure? Check out our Instagram and Pinterest as we include lots of inspiration for you! Want more products? These best-selling products below are worth trying.


At Maniology, we believe your nails are opportunities for adventure, fun, and unrestrained artistic expression. Our nail stamping plates and nail accessories are here to help foster your self-expression in the hopes of building a community of individuality. For more nail tutorials, subscription box updates, and designs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

As we always say: Practice makes Extraordinary! Happy Stamping!

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