50 Cute & Creative French Tip Nail Designs For 2024

Posted by Yassin Ongca

Nail Stamping is one of the latest trends in nails and Pardon My French (m052) French Tip Manicure Nail Plate is one of the best-selling options because of the endless possibilities for tip nail art designs.

The famous French tip nail manicure is certainly a classic and chic nail art style. But if you're looking to mix things up a bit, then look no further.

With this plate, you can express your creativity and try tons of different nail art designs that will definitely level up your style.

Here are 47+ classic yet beautiful nail art ideas that you can create using this wonderful stamping plate.

Grab your stamping plate and let's get started!

17 French Nail Art Ideas Using M052 Stamping Plate

#1. Classic Base Coat

Nail Base Coat

Some french tip nails have a clear, glossy base with no color polish. But for that traditional French manicure and nail look, start with a classic base coat as pictured above.

If you're worried about getting enough coverage, don't worry. Our Pardon My French stamping plate takes care of that too!

#2. French Tip Nails

French Tip Nails

What you see above isn't technically a "classic" french manicure as the base coat of the nails is a pink polish.

But we just wanted to show you the tried and true design that all French tip nails draw inspiration from.

With various tip sizes and styles on our stamping plate, you can customize your french nails to fit your nails perfectly.


Asymmetrical White Tip Nails

Okay, we're starting to get a little playful here. These asymmetrical french tip nails follow the same standard as your typical French tip nails.

But they angle the French tip to the side, making for a fun diagonal cut.

As always, you can switch up multiple colors to make your nails as vibrant or as muted as you want with this polish technique.

Make it bold or make it subtle! Your choice.


Criss Cross French Manicure

These criss-cross French nails look complicated but we promise they're so easy to accomplish! Remember the asymmetrical French nails from above?

You're going to be following the same guidelines. But you're going to repeat the process on both sides.

This way, when you go diagonally in each direction with polish, you get this cute and crisp criss-cross effect.


Gradient French Manicure

This particular set of nails may require a makeup sponge for the ombre effect. But don't be intimidated!

You can apply the two colors of nail polish to the stamping plate itself. Then, gently dab them with the sponge to give them that gradient look.

Simply stamp onto your fingers and bam! You've got a beautiful-looking French tip mani going.


Classic Gradient Nails

Remember the process we just spelled out?

You're simply going to apply the same process to a bigger stamp on our plate to get full coverage.


Half Moon Nails

How cute are these half-moons?

Just like we played with angles in our asymmetrical French nails, we're going to apply the principle here.

Position your stampers every which way to get the desired half-moon design you want. You can have a half moon peaking out from your nail bed or even extend the French tip up, giving a crescent shape to the upper half of your nail. How fun!


Chevron Nail Design

If this design reminds you of something, it's on purpose. After creating it, we couldn't help but notice its resemblance to the Chevron logo.

But hey! It works perfectly for a cute nail stamping design that's easy to implement and versatile once you get the perfect blend of colors your heart desires.


Color Block Nails

Our M052 stamping plate may not look like much. But the possibilities are endless when you incorporate color blocking into the mix.

Simply position your stamper in different ways to get the desired effect. Then step back, and admire your masterpiece.


Watermelon Nails

As we always say: Practice makes Extraordinary! Happy Stamping!

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