11 Holiday Nail Art Ideas For A Festive Manicure

Posted by Ren Wu

Holiday Nails

Whether you're a beauty enthusiast or a nail art guru, the holidays provide the perfect opportunity to explore your creative style.

At a glance

  1. Maroon and silver accents
  2. Icy blue sweater weather
  3. Cozy penguins
  4. Milk white canvas
  5. Forest jelly nails
  6. Frosty fireworks
  7. Designer shades of red
  8. Sparkling silver
  9. Minty candy canes
  10. Shimmering gold and green
  11. Metallic French tips

From passionate cherry red to soft vanilla white, there are plenty of colors to choose from when crafting your holiday nail look. And to finish it off, just use your nail stamper to adorn your nails with delicate snowflakes or lather them with candy cane swirls!

Keep reading, and we'll share our eleven favorite nail designs for a festive look.

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#1. Maroon and silver accents

maroon nails red swirls

Red is one of the most iconic colors of the holiday season.

With a rich maroon, you can tone down your Christmas look to reflect your more sophisticated side.

#2. Icy blue sweater weather

light blue Christmas nails paint

With snow in the sky and ice coating the roads, it's time to embrace a more icy look for your nail art.

All you need is a light, sky-blue nail polish, and the right tools to create some depth.

Try using a nail stamping kit to recreate this look.

#3. Cozy penguins

plaid and penguin nails

The best festive nail art reflects the warmhearted, friendly side of the season.

Use Maniology's limited edition "Arctic Penguins" nail stamping bundle to adorn your nails with delightfully perky penguins.

These handy nail stampers make it possible to enjoy any number of nail styles and designs without any stress or struggle.

#4. Milk white canvas

white holiday nails dotting tool

White nails are classy, chic, and charismatic all at once.

This milky look is both reminiscent of a snowy landscape and comforting enough to light a fire in your heart.

If you want, feel free to add some subtle sparkle or tender snowflakes to add some fine details and elevate the look.

#5. Forest jelly nails

translucent nails wrapping paper

Jelly nails are one of the trendiest looks of 2023.

And as we near 2024, it's obvious that they're not going anywhere.

Use this lush shade of green to better reflect the holiday spirit while embracing one of the most iconic colors of Christmas.

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#6. Frosty fireworks

blue and purple nails

Be sure you don't forget about New Year's Eve!

You deserve to enjoy a nail design that will be stunning and stylish, even after your Christmas tree comes down.

Use Maniology's "New Year Cheer" nail stamping plate and a couple of cool shades to pull this holiday look off.

#7. Designer shades of red

nails with red designs

You truly can't overdo it when it comes to incorporating red into your holiday nails.

Mix together varying shades of metallic red and scarlet to create an immersive holiday look.

Don't forget to finish it off with some plaid patterns!

#8. Sparkling silver

silver nails style night sky

Whether your winter nights are filled with holiday parties or cozy nights by the fire, silver glitter always makes for great holiday nail ideas.

#9. Minty candy canes

red and green nails

Candy cane stripes make for some of the best holiday nails.

Pair it with a gorgeous mint shade for an irresistible look.

#10. Green and gold

nail artist wear

Emerald is a gorgeous color for holiday nails.

Add in some gold glitter for the perfect addition to any holiday nails.

#11. Metallic French tips

French tip nails gingerbread men

French tips are a timeless design that is especially stunning during the holidays.

You can't go wrong here!

Final thoughts

If you want your holiday nails to stand out, all you need is a dash of creativity and the right tools to bring your creativity to life.

With Maniology's nail stampers on hand, it'll be easy to do just that!

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