How Do You Use the Big Rectangle from Plate M052?

Posted by Devon Nurre

Ever wonder what the big rectangle is used for on the Pardon My French Plate. Thanks to Tina P. , from the Maniology Facebook Community, you don’t have to wonder anymore! Here's a video that she put together showing exactly how she uses this design.

Did you notice how Tina applies polish to the plate and the directions that she scrapes? Experimenting with polish application on the plate will cause various results, for example if you dot the polish on versus painting it on in a line. The same can be said about scraping directions, Tina scraped in multiple directions which created a pretty, mixed tie dye look. However if she scraped in the same diagonal direction as the polish lines the result would have been a diagonal gradient. Have you tried different techniques with the rectangular space on the Pardon My French plate? If so please share your experience with us in the comment section below!

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  • It also helps to have a stiffer scraping card for this, so as to not scrape off too much of the polish.

    Carrie Bailey on

  • Very helpful. I’d love to see a video of how to use the French tip designs on this same plate.

    Crystal on

  • This is awesome! I’ve always been so bad with gradients. I’m not really a French manicure person—any chance the big rectangle comes on any other plate?

    Colleen on

  • I enjoyed playing with this plate. I made several gradient effects with 2 colors but can’t wait to try more combinations. This is the perfect plate.

    Billie on

  • Thanks to Tina for this tip and the video! I’m definitely going to try this for gradients.

    Margaret on

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