Set Up for Success: How NOT to Ruin Your Workspace

Posted by Tiana Regan

Let's embark on your nail stamping journey the right way by setting up your workspace for success. If you're new to stamping or have already ruined your favorite desk and are still looking for solutions, sit down and join us while we introduce 5 products you never knew about that will be life-changing when you're stamping.

We'll cover:

⭐ Why 100% Acetone

⭐ Top products to use BEFORE you even start nail stamping

⭐ How to set up

What are some of your favorite nail stamping tools you CANNOT live without when you're stamping? Leave us a comment below.

Join Devon and Tiana from Maniology each week as talk shop and breakdown the art of nail stamping. Whether you're new to nail art, haven't touched nail art in a while or are a seasoned nail artist, these videos are designed for you. Sit back and relax while we jump in!

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