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Sparkly unicorn poops. Yes, you heard that right. Our collaboration stamping plate with @Hannys_Manis is the plate you didn’t realize you were missing. But who is the artist behind the sparkles, the cat buttholes, and the unicorn poop?

For the longest time, Hannah has been somewhat of a mystery to us. Her collection of 60-second stamping tutorials are mesmerizing and nothing short of flawless OCD satisfaction. Luckily, we were given a chance to connect with this magical unicorn of a nail artist and learn more in this fun little interview.

Maniology: How and when did you start creating nail art?

Hannys_Manis: I started when I was in high school. I’ve always loved to draw, and in high school I discovered YouTube videos of nail art. I’ve been hooked ever since!

Maniology: Is this your first collaborative nail stamping plate?  What was the inspiration behind your plate?

Hannys_Manis: This is my first collaboration plate! I was really inspired by designs that I love to do and keep going back to.

Maniology: In your opinion, what makes your collaboration plate different?

Hannys_Manis: I think what makes my plate different is the variety in designs and styles. The designs people can create can go from whimsical to sophisticated with just one tool!

Maniology: Do you have any other creative hobbies outside of nail art?

Hannys_Manis: I do like to draw, but nail art is definitely my creative hobby.

Maniology: What is a nail art design that you keep going back to?

Hannys_Manis: Any sort of stone texture nail art or galaxy nails are my favorite! I’m always trying out different techniques and styles. I also love that it doesn’t have to be perfect. The messier it looks, the better!


Rapid Fire Q&A:

  1. Pizza or Tacos? Pizza
  2. Heels or Flats? Flats
  3. Netflix or YouTube? Netflix
  4. Call or Text? Text
  5. Christmas or Halloween? Christmas
  6. Favorite TV shows/movies? Bob’s Burgers & Marvel movies!
  7. Favorite Musicians? I don’t really have a favorite
  8. Favorite way to de-stress? Watching Netflix or YouTube
  9. Favorite season? Winter
  10. Favorite smell? Peppermint
  11. What is your day job? I’m lucky enough to create nail art as my day job!
  12. What’s your astrological sign? Aries
  13. What’s your biggest pet peeve? When people don’t clean up after themselves.
  14. What color best describes your personality? Blue
  15. If you had one superpower, what would it be? Invisibility
  16. What’s the last thing your purchased for yourself? An iPad Pro
  17. Where is your ultimate vacation destination? Disneyland
  18. What was the best thing that happened for you this week? My sister came home from school
  19. Who inspires you? My family
  20. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Do what makes you happy!

We had a blast working with Hannah, and we hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peek behind our newest artist collab. So, are you ready to take a sparkly poop with us? Grab our @hannys_manis collaboration plate, available now!

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