Memphis Mod: What the heck does this box have to do with Memphis?!

Posted by Tiana Regan

Inquiring minds want to know what our most recent Mani x Me (pronounced ‘Mani by Me’) Memphis Mod subscription box has to do with the colorful, bluesy and rock-n-roll city of Memphis, Tennessee! Honestly, absolutely nothing!

Well...that was helpful!

Image Source: Instagram memphis_milano

Image Source: Instagram memphis_milano

Kidding aside. Memphis is a design aesthetic created by a co-op of Italian designers who made their art well known in the ’80s with inspiration coming from colorful pop art and futuristic art deco architecture and furnishings, much of which is covered in shiny lacquer (kinda like your nails and topcoat, perhaps). AND because I love a story that has a musical reference, true to the bluesy musical styling of the actual Memphis, Tennessee - the Memphis Group was inspired to name their group such after listening to a Bob Dylan song during a meeting called 'Stuck Inside a Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again'.

Image Source: Instagram enailbler

The Mani x Me design team took the inspiration of Memphis Design and incorporated it into an exclusive collection that embodies the geometric, haphazard and some what misplaced designs that come from this aesthetic.

You can still be part of the Mani x Me Mod Squad when you subscribe today. To add some POP to your stamping organization, this month we’ve included a Mini Pineapple Stamping Plate Organizer with each subscription box.

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