Personality Quiz: What is Your Summer Nail Style?

Posted by Kara Crail

Quiz: What's your Summer 2023 Nail Art Style?

The summer heat is off the charts, and your summer nail art should be too! Are you more of a breezy beach babe or a summer nightlife party princess? Let's uncover the manicure that perfectly complements your summer manicure personality with a short quiz

1. Which of these sound like the dreamiest way to spend a summer day?

  • A) Hitting the beach and catching some rays
  • B) Going to a music festival, dancing the day away
  • C) Hosting a insta-worthy picnic in the garden
  • D) Lounging with a big floatie in the pool while on active bae-watch duty

2. What's your go-to summer drink?

  • A) Coconut water - refreshing and tropical!
  • B) Craft cocktails - every day's a celebration!
  • C) Rosé - nothing says summer like a glass of blush!
  • D) Iced latte - nectar of the gods: caffeine with a cool twist!

3. Choose a summer vacation destination:

  • A) Hawaii - definitely packing sandals and hammocks!
  • B) New York - rooftop bars and a vibrant nightlife!
  • C) Napa Valley - rolling green hills, decadent cuisine, and sparkling wines!
  • D) Miami - in a luxury resort because a girl deserves to be pampered!

4. What's your favorite summer accessory?

  • A) A beach hat, for that perfect beach selfie!
  • B) My festival wristband collection - memories and style!
  • C) Sunhat and sunglasses, chic and practical!
  • D) A pool float, preferably with a cup holder and shade!

5. Which of these artists are in your summer soundtrack?

  • A) KAYTRANADA, Kali Uchi, Calvin Harris
  • B) Bad Bunny, Ice Spice, BLACKPINK
  • C) Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Harry Styles
  • D) New Jeans, Doechii, Olivia Rodrigo

Here Are Your Summer 2023 Manicure Style Results:

What's Your Summer Nail Art Style?

Now, count up your answers! The letter you chose the most reveals your perfect summer nail style.

Mostly A's: Breezy Beach Babe - 

Beach nail art by @zenstamping, perfect for summer vacation nail ideas.

You're one with the ocean! Are you a mermaid? Your style is all about soft blues and peachy tones with nail art featuring waves, or cute little sea shells. Want the look? Try out our Shell Yeah (m388) stamping plate.

Mostly B's: Festival Firecracker -

Maniology's Optic Twister (m402) nail stamping plate features tons of bold, psychedelic patterns for summer festivals, weekend cocktails, or just a party at home.

Your nails are as vibrant as you are! Think neons, glitter, and bold patterns. Your nails tell a story of music, fun, and wild memories. Need some nail inspo for your next night out? Try our Optic Twisters (m402) stamping plate for bold, psychedelic patterns.

Mostly C's: Picnic Princess -

A beautiful gingham manicure, perfect for summer nail art!

Your nails are as charming as the roses in bloom! Pastel shades are your summer pick, adorned with florals or classic gingham prints like those found on our Petal Pusher (m118) stamping plate!

Mostly D's: Poolside Diva -

Glamorous yet practical, a beautiful geometric manicure on short nails is perfect for summer.

If it shines like the summer sun, it's for you! Glammed up even by the pool, your summer nails sparkle with jewel tones, glamorous prints, and crystal inspired designs. Grab an iced latte, and a good book, then ignore your book and take 1,000,000 nailfies by the pool after stamping with our Nailasaurus collab (m020) nail stamping plate. 


What were your results? Tell us in the comments if you'll be rocking your summer nail art style!

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