QUIZ: Which Scary Movie Should You Watch Based on Your Halloween Nail Art?

Posted by Kara Crail

Our Scary Movie Recommendations According to Your Halloween Manicure

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😱 EEK!! Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to get in the spirit than by watching a spine-chilling scary movie while doing your nails? Lets match your Halloween nail art to the right movie to really capture the vibe. Take this quiz to find out which horror film you should be watching your next Halloween nail stamping session!

Question 1: What's your go-to Halloween nail color?

  1. Classic Black
  2. Pumpkin Orange
  3. Blood Red
  4. Glamorous Gold

Question 2: Choose a nail art theme that thrills you the most:

  1. Ghosts and ghouls
  2. Witches and magic
  3. Vampires and bats
  4. Full moon and stars

Question 3: What's your preferred nail shape?

  1. Coffin - I’m feeling dead inside
  2. Stiletto - Watch your eyes! 
  3. Almond - Feeling cute & creepy
  4. Square - Not your basic witch

Question 4: How adventurous are you with nail designs?

  1. “Adventure” is my middle name! Give me all the intricate details.
  2. Keep it simple, but make it spooky.
  3. A little trick; a little treat–I like to mix and match different themes.
  4. I'm all about the textures—give me some 3D elements!

Question 5: Choose a Halloween candy to snack on during your nail sesh:

  1. Chocolates - Milk Duds, Reeses, KitKats, and Snickers
  2. Candy Corn - Sticking to the classics
  3. Gummies - Gimme all the chewy, bouncy, sweetness. Gummy worms, gummy bears, gummy everything!
  4. Pumpkin Spice Latte - I like ‘em tall, sweet, and spicy. 

Question 6: How often do you change your nail art?

  1. On special occasions… like Halloween!
  2. Call me a lunatic. Once a month, when the moon phases change
  3. Every week—I’m a bit of a shape-shifter.
  4. Whenever I'm inspired, no set schedule

Question 7: What kind of spooky element is haunting your manicure?

  1. A haunted house with some stories to tell.
  2. Black cat (or is it a witch’s familiar?)
  3. Vampires and bats
  4. Strange, mythical creatures

Question 8: What's your preferred nail length for Halloween?

  1. Long—Bring the drama!
  2. Short—A little practical magic
  3. Medium—best of both worlds!
  4. Varies depending on my mood

Question 9: Will you be adding some sparkles, glitters, or special effects to your Halloween manicure?

  1. Less is more, no extra bling for me.
  2. Maybe just one or two gemstones for a magical touch.
  3. Yes, my nails are part of my costume.
  4. Bling it on! Give me ALL the effects. 

Question 10: Where will you be showing off your spectacular Halloween nail designs?

  1. A séance or ghost tour
  2. Trick-or-treating or a Halloween party
  3. Watching a vampire love story
  4. Exploring an enchanted forest

The Results - What Scary Movie Should You Watch According to Your Halloween Manicure:

If You Picked Mostly 1s:  

The Conjuring movie poster

Watch: The Conjuring

You're a mysterious type. Turn on "The Conjuring" for a haunting mix of traditional horror and spine-chilling moments to match your Halloween manicure.

If You Picked Mostly 2s:  

Hocus Pocus

Watch:  Hocus Pocus

Fun, sassy, playful, and a pinch of magic. Just like your manicure! "Hocus Pocus" offers a magical blend of comedy and spooky themes.

If You Picked Mostly 3s:  

Interview with a Vampire

Watch: Interview with the Vampire

You're daring and have a taste for the darker things in life, both in nail art and movies. "Interview with the Vampire" is sensuous and thrilling—just like you.

If You Picked Mostly 4s:  

Pale Man from Pan's Labrynth

Watch: Pan's Labyrinth

Your creativity knows no bounds, and neither should your movie choices! This visually stunning masterpiece is perfect for those who appreciate the intricacies in both art and storytelling.


Break out the popcorn, and let’s get stamping. No matter the result, we hope your Halloween is filled with frights, delights, and a manicure that's out of sight! Don’t forget to show us your Halloween nail art on Instagram or Facebook. We love seeing what you create.

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