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Posted by Katie Andelman

Mani x Me Mosaics How To
by @HannysManis

We had so much fun creating August's Mani x Me theme, Mosaics. We were deeply inspired by the beautiful ceramic tile mosaics and arabesque motifs of Middle Eastern art. (Go behind the scenes for more of our inspiration in our recent blog post Escape to Shangri La.) What we didn't anticipate was how many gorgeous and breathtaking manicures our community would create this month! We especially love this look created by the amazingly talented Hannah from @Hannys_Manis. As always, she created a step by step how to so you can follow along and recreate this look at home.

Ready to steal the look? Here's how!

1. Apply a cuticle protector. Our Mani Mask makes clean-up a breeze. Apply a clear base coat and allow to dry.

2. Apply a white base coat to your nails. Bam! White is our go-to choice.

3. Apply pieces of Lustre (metallic gold and silver foil) to your nails. You can vary these in color and size to create your own unique look. 

4. Apply Terracota Rose polish to the selected design on plate MXM013. Spread the polish with your scraper card, then using your stamper, pick up the selected image. Work quickly.

(Having troubles stamping? Check out our Do's & Dont's video.

5. Use Shangri La polish to fill in the design from Step 4 while it's still on your stamper. (This is called "reverse stamping". Our new Sticky Base Coat makes this process much easier if you're new to stamping.) While the design is still slightly tacky, apply to nail.

6. Using Shangri La polish, and your stamper and scraper, pick up the selected design from MXM014. Apply to nail. 

7. Using Terracotta Rose polish, and your stamper and scraper, pick up the selected design from MXM014. Apply to the same nail, overlapping with the design from Step 6.

8. For the rest of your nails, apply Terracotta Rose to the selected design from MXM014 and, using your scraper and stamper, apply to nail.

9. Apply a clear top coat to seal in your new masterpiece! Check out our Smudge Free Top Coat if you don't already have one.

Want to watch a how-to video for this look?
Check out @Hanny_Manis full video tutorial below!

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