Shrinking a Stamp - The Easiest Way!

Posted by Tiana Regan

Nail beds come in different sizes. If you have tiny nail beds, then rejoice in a solution for nail stamping with our 2-in-1 Shrinking Stamper set.

Just as the name suggests, you get two stamper heads in one that help you to use the technique of double stamping in order to shrink your stamper. At the height of it's release we couldn't keep it in stock and it sold out within 2 days, definitely has become a bestseller among our customers and we know if you've been dealing with images being too big for your nail beds, you'll be happy with this product as well.

Here's a video demonstration showing an unboxing but also how this product is used starting the video at 5:15:

Here's a simple walk through the process:

1. Place the squishy yellow stamper head onto the cap of a Maniology stamping polish bottle. (Make sure your polish bottle is completely closed.)

2. Using the clear stamper, pick up your stamping design.

3. Creating a circle with your index finger and thumb, gently press and hold the edges of your squishy yellow stamper head down over the polish bottle.

4. Transfer the design from your clear stamper onto the squishy yellow stamper head. Release your grip from the squishy yellow stamper head. The design will shrink.

5. Carefully place the squishy yellow stamper head into the holder and stamp onto your nails.

There are some simple tricks to using this product:

* Use Sticky Base Coat on your nails to make transferring your shrunken design easy.

* Do not use acetone around the clear handle/casing as it will become cloudy if it come in contact with acetone.

* Use the stamper covers to product your stamper head.

** Since this product has been released, we've received questions like: Can I squish the clear stamper instead of the yellow stamper so I can see the placement on my nail? The answer is no. The clear stamper head is not as flexible as the silicone made for the yellow squishy stamper. If you were to bend the clear stamper as such, it would disintegrate into your hands and needless to say, you'd be sad 😱. Hopefully, one day we can solve this particular issue to offer you uber flexibility and the ability to see-through. 🙌

Tell us, have you been searching for a solution like this? If you have this product, what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you.

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  • Couldn’t you just transfer the reduced image onto a different clear stamper like the ice cube stamper?
    Or ( I’m gonna try this tonight )
    Stamp it onto a clear coat sticker and color it in from there?

    Phyllis Lane-Latch on

  • Do you sell the thing you use to clean the stamping plate with. What is that tool called?

    terry helfrick on

  • I’m having trouble getting my design to fully transfer from the clear stamper to the yellow stamper. no matter how quickly I work. my designs either don’t fully transfer to the yellow stamper or sometimes they even pull apart as part of the design transfers and part pulls away as I move the clear stamper. Any suggestions?

    Rachel on

  • This is not a good solution for me due to Fibromyalgia in my hands and fingers. Nice try though.

    Daphne on

  • Where do I get that full peacock plate??? I checked your site & can only find peacock feathers. :-(

    Julie Ceselsky on

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