9 Tips To Become A Successful Brand Ambassador

Posted by Kara Crail

Now that you’ve been accepted as a team member in our Maniology Ambassador Program, what’s next?  Fortunately, being a successful brand ambassador is easier than you think! The key is careful strategy and a comfortable level of commitment for your lifestyle.

As a Maniology brand ambassador, you help bring life to our brand story and our mission of artistic self-expression through your word-of-mouth. The more you share your love for Maniology nail stamping, the more opportunities you’ll have to earn cash commission, rewarding incentives, and exclusive perks. How you spread the word is up to you. Whether you’re posting #nailfies to your social media or gushing about your favorite stamping plates to the morning barista, we want to help! 

Here are a few insider tips to help you become a successful Maniology Brand Ambassador:


1. Create an Eye-Catching Social Media Profile 

Be sure to include important information about you, like your name, city/state/country you are in, your email address, and of course, your Ambassador code! Doing so creates a sense of community and lets others know that you are a real person. 

Although having a good follower count is important, genuine engagement is more important than an absolute follower count.  Sing to your own style! Ask your followers questions, run polls, or play “This-or-That.” Try different hand poses, backgrounds, props to make your imagery uniquely yours. Something different usually jumps out more at potential followers in the sea of polish swatch-style photography and standard hand poses.  


2. Stay Active on Social Media

Set a reasonable schedule for yourself when you plan on posting content on your social media.  Having a schedule helps you plan your content strategy and also makes it less daunting to tackle.  Be realistic on how frequently you wish to post; it should be fun and not a chore.  Maintaining a weekly posting schedule is a good place to start.  Be sure to engage with your followers with their comments or questions to keep the conversation going.


3. Take on a Multi-Channel Approach

Are you already creating content for Instagram?  Don’t forget to share those on your other channels, such as a Facebook profile, TikTok, or YouTube.  Manicures that you have created can be turned into a video using an app such as InShot or iMovie.  Have a bunch of Spring manicures?  Stitch those manicures in a video to share as inspo!  In general, video content on YouTube tends to have a more evergreen effect being that they are searchable and can be easily found vs. Instagram and TikTok posts that can often get lost in the shuffle of algorithm.  


4. Post Incredible Content

Be original, creative, and aesthetically pleasing.  Make sure that your photos are clear and with good lighting!  Often lighting can make or break a photo. Whenever possible, use a natural light source such as an open window or take photos outdoors.  If natural lighting is hard to come by, try using artificial lights that mimic daylight for the most well-lite photos.  


5. Using Relevant Hashtags and Keywords

When you are sharing a manicure or a tip using any of our Maniology products, be sure to mention products in your captions or hashtag them, so they are easily discoverable.

Here are some examples for tagging nail plates; it should be “maniology”+ “plate#”.  For example: #maniologym002, #maniologymxm011

For polishes, it should be “maniology” +”polishname”.  For instance, #maniologyevileye, #maniologyindikon, #maniologycozy.

There are also nail stamping community type of hashtags that will help your content be more discoverable.  Here’s a list to help you: #nailstamping, #nailsoftheday, #maniologyambassador, and of course #maniology


6. Be Passionate About Nail Stamping

Becoming a successful brand ambassador requires authentic passion, dedication, and time investment! Your effective communication will influence the purchasing patterns of your followers and supporters.  How has nail stamping and Maniology helped you in your creative journey?  Sharing your personal story and your journey will help create relatability and authenticity in your content. 


7. Wear Maniology with Pride

Your content and communication should always be respectable and ready to showcase your uniqueness. At Maniology, we understand that everyone is different, and sometimes, people will express opinions that aren’t your vibe. That’s why it’s important to respect the differences of other people in a public social space. Don’t get caught up in the drama and always be polite to your commenters, even those who are rude to you or have nothing but negative comments to spew out. Let your account be a reflection of your values.


8. Can the Spam: Respect Other People's Privacy

Spamming your contact list with your coupon code will not help with your cause. Nobody likes the sound of a broken record. Successful Maniology Brand Ambassadors let creativity speak for itself with fun, entertaining and inspiring content. Be authentic and be relatable. 


9. Exude a Positive Vibe and Have Fun

It’s easy to get caught up with promoting once you get the ball rolling, but don’t forget your purpose. Nail stamping is fun! It’s about expressing your style and exploring your creativity. Your nail journey never stops! Successful Maniology Brand Ambassadors are always curious about the latest trends, techniques, and styles. They explore outside the box and use their imagination.

We’re so happy to have you on our team of Maniology Brand Ambassadors. We know you’ll fit right in and have tons of fun. So, what do you think of our insider tips? Do you have more helpful tips that you’d like to share with other brand ambassadors? Let us know!

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