Stamp for a Cause: Nail Art from the Heart

Posted by Kara Crail

From puppy designs for your pet’s birthday to rainbow coffin nails for LGBTQ+ pride, what you wear on your nails speaks volumes about the things you care about. At Maniology, our nail art comes from the heart, which is why we’re so excited to launch our new Stamp for a Cause campaign!

We want to give back to our community and look good doing it, so we’re partnering with trusted charitable organizations in our community to create custom-designed products to help you advocate in style. Each time you purchase a Stamp for a Cause product, we’ll donate a percentage of proceeds to the collaborating organization. Your manicures will help spread awareness, express your support, and make you feel absolutely amazing about your unique creation.

As many of you know, Maniology’s mission is to “empower self-expression one manicure at a time.” With creativity and art at the very core of what we do, we wanted to make sure that our very first charity collaboration would be with an organization that upholds those same values. With that being said, we’re happy to announce that our very first Stamp for a Cause partnership is with Hawaii Arts Alliance, and we need your help to support the amazing things they do for our communities.

Who is the Hawaii Arts Alliance? 

Founded in 1980, the Hawaii Arts Alliance’s mission is to engage and transform communities by supporting and cultivating creativity through the Arts. From performance arts to music to visual arts,the Hawaii Arts Alliance advocates for all the art disciplines and genres. To date, they manage five program areas, all of which help to educate and empower creativity in our community: arts education, arts service providers, community programs, creative artists network, and fiscal sponsorships to support other art organizations that lack funding.

Turn Around Hawai'i Students with Paula Fuga (Image Source)

An Investment in Imagination

When you purchase any of our Hawaii Arts Alliance collaboration products, we’ll give back a portion of proceeds to their organization. Your contribution helps fund projects like after-school art programs for at-risk children, partnerships with mental health organizations to help reduce the stigma of mental illness & promote healing through art therapy, or networks that help artists of all levels improve their connections, businesses, and communities.

Want to help educate and empower creativity? All you have to do is purchase our Hawaii Arts Alliance products including our Hawaii Arts Alliance (m218) stamping plate or the Hawaii Arts Alliance bundle. Wear your Hawaii Arts Alliance manicures to proudly show people that you support the arts and learn more about the Hawaii Arts Alliance at

This is just the beginning. Eventually, our vision is to partner with even more charities to provide you with an entire collection of Stamp for a Cause products that support even more causes that you care about. Stay up to date with our new Stamp for a Cause releases by following us on social media and signing up for our newsletter updates here.


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