Pastel Goth Vibes

Posted by Kara Crail

It's creepy, it's cute, it's dark, it's pastel - it's Pastel Goth. If Pastel Goth doesn't ring a bell (...and don't worry, I did a little research), it's a fashion styling that was created by Tumblr in 2010 and has been a growing fashion trend ever since. The Pastel Goth aesthetic is a mixture of elements that stem from many of the cutesy, soft pastel colors seen in Japanese Kawaii art and culture with the blackness and dark, creepy vibes of the traditional goth style. There are tons of videos showing how this aesthetic is created:

Glam and Gore | BarbiePunk | Alex Poletti

The best nail art designs are the ones that tap into your personal style, no matter how unique it may be. And as creative, edgy fashionistas, we’re always looking for amazing and eye-catching designs that can express our avant-garde flare. If you’ve been looking for some inspiring nail art that speaks to your darker side, our Pastel Goth nail art is the perfect way to customize your look so you can feel 100% authentically you.

But like fashion, nail art is about creatively expressing yourself in a way that you feel comfortable. No matter what time of year it is, dark and edgy vibes are always a fun aesthetic to rock. Many of our Mani x Me'ers have been brewing and sharing their manicures using this month's box and are loving the witchy vibes! 🔮🔮🔮

The Pastel Goth Aesthetic

This trend is all about balancing that inner darkness with bold, bright, beautiful colours and cute designs. It’s often described as the new alternative or soft grunge, similar to the 90s grunge, but new age and cuter. Unlike the traditional hard and darker goth style, pastel goth styles combine typical hues like pastel pinks, purples, blues, and greens, often mixing and matching a variety to create a dreamy, playful emo type of look. 

Whether you’re in the midst of discovering new styles that feel right to you or if you’re looking for ways to fully embrace your inner cutesy goth, we have you covered with our range of plates, colours and patterns that you can have fun exploring and playing with. Even simple patterns and designs like sugar skulls, crosses, bats, cats or candy are ideal for creating unique textures and details that will perfectly accessorize any of your gothic outfits. 

Gothic Inspo

Some collections to get you inspired include our Stranger than Wonderland collection, Supernatural collection, Glitterfingerness, Fuzzy and Ferocious, Burlesque Show, and more.  

Not sure where to start? Sign up for our Mani x Me Club to discover a variety of different plates and styles to try out. We’re always adding new and incredibly creative designs to our store, including special collaborations from artists who keep our designs fresh, eye-catching and one of a kind. As a member, you’ll get access to our newest designs with two exclusive stamping plates, two new coordinated polishes, plus a surprise gift included. It comes with everything you need to begin your nail art journey or keep it stocked with amazing designs so you can continue to create masterpieces that express your dark and creative side each and every month.

Are you feeling inspired yet? Click here to join the club.

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