We’re Kicking Off Women’s Month!

Posted by Kara Crail

Image Source by Ryan Seslow via Giphy
In honor of Women’s History Month throughout March and International Women’s Day on March 8th, we’re kicking off an entire month of articles honoring and celebrating females everywhere. 
Women all over the world have long fought to protect and promote our rights, yet even in today’s age, too many of us still find ourselves the victims of inequality, domestic abuse, and shame. The National Women’s History Project has declared the theme for March 2018 “Nevertheless she persisted” —And that’s what we will do. As we continue to fight, nurture, and love, let’s not forget to commemorate all the inspirational women who rose up before us, fight beside us, and will shape the world after us.
Be Ms. Piggy Strong
The struggle is real, y’all! That’s why we encourage you to put up a good fight, always strive for better, and never forget to take time to celebrate your badass self! So, let’s party! All month long, we’ll be sipping cocktails, dancing, and chillaxing alongside all of you beautiful ladies because we totally deserve it. You can look forward to easy recipes, behind-the-scenes interviews, insider tips on BMC products, and rockin’ playlists to help you look and feel beautiful. Why? Well, you’re our sister, and we’re proud of you! 
We want in on a Beyonce dance party.
Image Source by via Giphy
Posted: March 2, 2018 2:22PM HST
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