5 Reasons Why Environmental Conservation Is So Important

Posted by Ren Wu

What Is Environmental Conservation

We often hear the phrase "environmental conservation," but why is it so important? It can be hard to understand the total reach of these words at first glance. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Environmental conservation helps conserves our planet's natural resources
  2. Taking responsibility for safeguarding our planet also protects the animals that inhabit it
  3. Focusing on environmental conservation is excellent for bringing about positive changes in all aspects of our world
  4. A healthy environment is crucial for maintaining human health
  5. Conscious environmental conservation helps bring awareness to many of the issues our planet is facing
  6. Shop Maniology’s Stamp For A Cause Collection to support environmental conservation groups while honing your own creative expression

Keep reading, and we'll let you know everything you need to know about conserving our natural environment.

#1. Protecting Our Environment Helps Conserve Our Natural Resources

Our Earth is precious, and we need to treat it as such. It's not just our home, but home to all life that inhabits this world.

We have a significant responsibility as Earth's inhabitants and as consumers to be mindful of how we are treating our planet. Things like global warming and climate change are affecting our natural world and causing other detrimental actions like air pollution.

It's up to us to be mindful of how we can protect our planet. That's why various environmental conservation programs exist - to assist in that journey and bring awareness to the issues at hand. 

Here at Maniology, we’re proud to partner with environmental groups like the Hawai’i Wildlife Fund, Coral Reef Alliance, Sea Turtle Conservancy, One Tree Planted, and Surfrider Foundation

In fact, you can shop our Stamp For A Cause Collection here to help support these organizations while also expressing your inner creativity! 

One of the many reasons environmental conservation is so critical is that it is one of the best ways to protect our Earth's natural resources. But unfortunately, we only have a limited number of resources on our planet.

And we need to protect them at all costs!

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#2. Protecting Our Natural Environment Helps Protect Earth's Animals

Environmental conservation and environmental sustainability aren't just about protecting our physical planet. It's also about caring for all the animals that live on it.

Preventing habitat destruction and focusing on activities like forest conservation can go a long way in safeguarding our Earth's animals and wildlife. Being active in protecting endangered animal species and ensuring the land remains habitable is necessary for safeguarding our entire planet.

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How We Make The World A Better Place

That's why here at Maniology, all of our polishes are cruelty-free. We want to protect our planet's species from animal testing and don't use animal hair for our nail art brushes.

But we didn't stop there. Our nail polishes are also 5-free, meaning they don't contain five of the most harmful chemicals. Three of these chemicals (formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate) are often found in nail polishes, while the other two (formaldehyde resin and camphor) can also be extremely harmful.

We don't want you to use anything that can cause damage to your nails, health, or well-being because you're a part of this planet too! And we want our products to treat your well, inside and out.

So, the next time you want to spend a little self-care time, feel free to use our iconic nail stamping subscription kits and know that you're doing something good for yourself and the world around you!

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#3. It Helps Us Bring About Positive Change In Our Own World

We are constantly evolving and finding ways to be better people. As a result, more and more of us are becoming involved in sustainable development and environmental conservation, which is excellent for our planet.

The reason behind this fantastic mindset lies in consideration. When we think about the other living species on planet Earth, we are part of a positive change. And that's critical when it comes to environmental conservation.

Accountability, a positive attitude, and self-awareness can accomplish many great things. All of these qualities are essential for us to have when it comes to environmental issues.

Many of our world's problems become minimized when people act responsibly and compassionately. If everyone held themselves accountable and thought about the bigger picture, it would be easier to protect our planet and everything on it.

Issues like world hunger, water shortage, and animal cruelty could be severely minimized if everyone worked towards positive changes. But it takes one person at a time to get us there. And that person could be you!

All it takes is a little compassion, and our environment can experience a world of difference.

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#4. Environmental Conservation Protects Human Health

If we're talking about safeguarding the inhabitants of our planet, we can't forget humans! Not only do we need to protect the health of our world, but we also need to look after our own well-being.

Across the globe, many people suffer in an unhealthy environment. Lower-income countries are more vulnerable to contracting diseases and often live in unstable and dangerous conditions.

Besides, it would be inhumane of us not to mention the impact environmental conservation would have on the other people living on this Earth.

How Our Planet Affects Human Health

One way that environmental conservation helps improve people's living conditions and health worldwide is by maintaining animal habitats. Providing an undisturbed and safe home for some animals can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases that jump from animals to humans when their homes are disrupted.

Take, for example, the Ebola outbreak, which was spread from bats to humans.

By saving our world, we are also guarding all the people that live in it.

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#5. Environmental Conservation Projects Help Raise Awareness For Our Planet

The reason why we are facing issues like global warming and water shortages is due to prolonged negligence. For too long, people didn't realize how crucial it was to be self-aware, particularly when it comes to how we affect our planet.

But now we can see firsthand the dangers of ignoring our planet. And the way we can understand that is through environmental awareness.

Environmental groups and conservation projects help shed light on what our planet needs and what we can do to help it. Because when it comes down to it, we're all in this together!

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Wrapping Up

Understanding our planet takes time. But during this journey, we must ensure we stay mindful of how we impact our world. That's what environmental awareness is all about, and it's the starting point along the path of environmental conservation.

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