Who the Pug is Pinkieconspiracie?

Posted by Kara Crail

You’ve probably seen Robin a hundred times without even realizing it. As one of Maniology’s only in-house hand models, her nails have been featured throughout our website hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of times. Better known as @pinkieconspiracie on Instagram, Robin is an avid nail stamper, electrical engineer, proud dog mom, and the creative mind behind Maniology’s newest collaboration stamping plate.

Pug inspired nail stamping plate from Robin at @pinkieconspiracie
Take one look at Robin’s plate, and it’s clear that she’s all about that pug life! We sat down with Robin to learn more about the special pug zooming to our nail rooms in this blogger collab Q&A…

About Me aka Robin of @pinkieconspiracie


Indy the Pug behind @pinkieconspiracie

  • What was the inspiration behind your plate? Why all the pugs?
    Indy is the inspiration! I’ve wanted a pug ever since I saw the 1997 classic, “Men in Black.”
  • What made you want a pug when you saw Men in Black?
    “Idk… The smashed-in face is just so unusual and striking. Frank [the pug from Men in Black] was a fawn pug like Indy, so the contrast between the dark muzzle and ears with light brown face is just so cute.
  • What do you love about pugs that made you want to create a plate filled with them?
    I love the pug noises! I love the pug personality. The piggy noises speak to me as someone who sometimes snorts when I laugh, and they’re all about the lazy couch potato life… like me!
  • How long have you been doing nail art?
    Since about 2014 or 2015!
  • How did you first learn about nail stamping?
    I used to see Konad kits at the drugstore and decided to try it out.
  • Why do you love nail art?
    I love the creative aspect of it. I love that if you mess up, you can just remove it and try again.
  • What is your go-to nail art style and where do you find nail inspo?
    It’s been pretty plain lately (a pup is a lot of work!) but I find inspiration everywhere. My favorite places are Kleenex boxes and Bath & Body Works hand soap.
  • How do you practice self-care?
    The scrubbed answer is like “do my nails with a nice glass of Chardonnay.” Umm, I like to drink and rewatch stuff like House MD, but right now, I’m watching Peacemaker.
  • If you were a Maniology stamping polish, which one would you be?
    Probably “Sassy” or “Delirium”. I’m dark, but not too dark.
  • Share one tip for nail art newbies:
    Remove the blue film and work as fast as you can!

  • We can’t wait to see what you all create with Robin’s new collaboration plate! These pug-tastic designs are available on our website now!

    Need more nail inspo? Follow the artist, @pinkieconspiracie on Instagram and maybe consider a few Maniology suggestions from this Pug Mommy. We’ve compiled a collection page of Robin’s Top 15 Favorite Maniology products here:
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    • As a fellow pug mom, I cannot possibly love this plate more! And I loved getting to know more about the artist. Fun fact, our oldest pug is named Frank after the famous pug in Men in Black!! Such a good boy!! HI, Indy!!

      Annie Hebdon on

    • Hello I have four pugs. We-man, Pugie, Fluff, and Chicken (hey-hey). I bought the m097 stamp plate because of the one puppy that looks like a pug. I’m so excited there’s a whole stamp plate!!! I love it so much and can’t wait to use it. They are the best dogs in the world😁 Thank you!!!!❤️

      Tina Sage on

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