50 Ways to Repurpose Stamping Polish and Nail Art Supplies

Posted by Kara Crail

50 Practical Uses for Nail Stamping Plates & Nail Tools


For nail stamping enthusiasts and nail artists, it's easy to accumulate a massive collection. You can never have too much stamping polish, right? Right?? We all have that drawer filled with various shades, glitters, and tools that have barely seen the light of day. Well, bust those beauties out! Your nail products are far more versatile than you might think. Beyond just creating amazing nail art, your nail stamping plates and nail products can be repurposed in creative and even practical ways. From DIY crafts to household hacks and even some unconventional beauty tricks, these versatile supplies can be repurposed in endless ways. 


Creative Uses

  1. Customize Jewelry: Add patterns or color to plain or tarnished jewelry.
  2. Watercolor Painting: Create abstract art on canvas or paper.
  3. Label Keys: Color-code your keys to easily identify them.
  4. Handmade Greeting Cards: Use polish to add sparkles or small designs.
  5. Glam Up Hair Pins: Paint bobby pins with glitter or neon polish for added flair.
  6. Personalize Phone Cases: Create unique designs on plain phone cases.
  7. Enhance Buttons: Paint plain buttons on clothing for a new look.
  8. Colorize Staples & Paper Clips: Make office supplies fun by painting staples before using them.
  9. Paint Rocks: Create beautiful, polished stones for garden decorations.
  10. Design Bookmarks: Add a pop of color or a detailed design to plain bookmarks.

Beauty and Fashion

  1. Fix Frayed Shoelaces: Dip the ends in polish to prevent fraying or customize the tips with fun colors.
  2. Prevent Jewelry Tarnish: Coat the back of costume jewelry with clear polish.
  3. Secure Buttons: Dab clear polish on loose threads to keep buttons in place.
  4. Seal Temporary Tattoos: Make temporary tattoos last longer.
  5. Custom Headphones: Stamp designs on your airpod case for a personalized touch.
  6. Minor Glasses Repair: Use clear polish to fix minor scratches on frames.
  7. Custom Jewelry: Revamp old jewelry with new colors.
  8. Decorate Buttons: Paint your clothing buttons for a pop of color.
  9. Loose Glitter Body Art: Add loose nail glitter to hair gels or body-safe adhesives for added sparkle.
  10. DIY Stickers: Use stamping designs and polish on tape or clear sticker sheets to create custom stickers.

Home and Garden

  1. Label Containers: Stamp designs on labeling stickers for easy organization of storage containers.
  2. Seal Envelopes: Use clear polish to seal envelopes securely.
  3. Repair Small Leaks: Seal tiny leaks in plastic or rubber with clear polish.
  4. Touch-up Furniture: Cover up small scratches or dings on wooden furniture.
  5. Prevent Rust: Coat the bottom of metal cans or shaving cream to prevent rust stains.
  6. Thread Threading: Coat the end of the thread to easily thread through needles.
  7. Decorate Flower Pots: Personalize or seal painted designs on terracotta pots.
  8. Wind Chimes: Paint small objects like shells or metal pieces for colorful wind chimes.
  9. Tile Grout: Add a protective layer on grout to make it last longer.
  10. Seal Plant Labels: Stamp designs to decorate plant labels and seal with a clear polish to make it waterproof.

Practical Uses

  1. Tighten Screws: Apply a drop into screw holes for a tighter fit.
  2. Paint Touch-Up: Color match your polish with minor scratches on bikes.
  3. Remove Super Glue: Use acetone to un-stick super glue.
  4. Seal Wooden Objects: Add a protective layer to small wooden crafts.
  5. Cord Labels: Distinguish different cords by painting the ends.
  6. Repair Screens: Seal small holes in window or door screens.
  7. Touch-Up Toys: Color match with your children’s toys to fix scratches and scuffs.
  8. Emergency Tights Repair: Prevent runs in pantyhose from getting worse with a dab of clear polish.
  9. Battery Terminal Protection: Coat car battery terminals to prevent corrosion.
  10. Price Tag Removal: Use acetone to remove sticky residue from stubborn stickers.


  1. Seal Matches: Make matches water-resistant by dipping the tips.
  2. Ink Preservation: Coat written labels with a clear coat to prevent ink from smearing.
  3. Fishing Lures: Add shine or color to homemade or plain fishing lures.
  4. Identification Mark: Label personal items like chargers or water bottles.
  5. Glow-in-the-Dark Markers: Use glow-in-the-dark polish for emergency markers.
  6. Model Painting: Paint your miniature models.
  7. Tool Handles: Paint the handles of tools for easier identification and storage.
  8. Pet ID: Customize your pet’s collars and ID’s.
  9. Seal Rust on Mailbox: Apply a clear coat to rust on your mailbox to prevent further corrosion.
  10. Game Pieces: Customize board game pieces or tokens.

Next time your partner asks why you're buying so many polishes and plates, just show him this blog. These are just a few of the many ingenious ways to get the most out of your stamping polish and nail supplies. Your creative self-expression doesn't have to be limited to your nails—let it extend to all areas of your life! Whether you're looking to beautify your surroundings, tackle everyday problems, or just get extra creative, there's a hack in here for everyone. Let your nail art supplies be the catalysts for endless possibilities and creative self-expression!

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