Bikini Mama Manicure How To

Posted by Katie Andelman

Dive into summer creativity with a bright and fun look, perfect for lounging by the pool in style! Grab your beach bag and the Pool Party Collection and get ready to soak up the sun. 
Bikini Mama How To
STEP 1: Apply a base coat and allow to dry. Paint your nails in a sheer blue polish. 
STEP 2: With the Glitter Dome Monocle Stamper, pick up the pool tile image from MXM079 using Splash. Stamp it onto the nail.
STEP 3: Picking up the Wish You Were Here image from MXM080 with Watermelon Float, isolate the words only. Quickly stamp the design on the nail. Repeat the process again with Bam! White. Stamp the image onto the nail so it creates a shadow effect with the text.
STEP 4: With a lime green polish, pick up the same image, but this time isolate the palm leaves. Stamp the design to the nail. Repeat the process again with a darker green polish.
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