7 Deadly Coffin Nail Ideas We Guarantee You'll Love

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Coffin Nail Ideas

Slender and sophisticated nails can give you a one-way ticket to an effortlessly chic and elegant look without overhauling your entire wardrobe. Coffin nails have a unique shape that can help slim your fingers while giving you the ideal canvas to explore your creative vision.

Key Takeaways

  1. Baby pink chrome
  2. Alternate pink and blue
  3. Sophisticated neutral plaid
  4. Nude with simplistic white daisies
  5. White and rich black accents
  6. Peachy pink and strawberries galore
  7. Vibrant rainbow French tips

Whether you're drawn towards delicate, pearly white tips or vibrant, embellished accents, this insanely trendy nail shape can seamlessly blend with your personality and individual fashion taste. All you need is a dash of inspiration, the right tools on hand, and some artistic curiosity to transform your nails into a gorgeous masterpiece.

Keep reading, and we'll share seven trendy and dangerous ideas for coffin nails to get your journey started.

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#1. Baby Pink Chrome

hand with pink coffin nails accent nail tech coffin shaped nails coffin nail designs glitter coffin nails next manicure idea similar design bold coffin nail design coffin nails coffin shaped coffin shaped

Nail trends are constantly evolving and changing with the world around us.

Recently, coffin nails have seen some immense love, making them one of the most popular nail shapes to date! Even big celebs like Kylie Jenner and Rihanna have made this notable shape a big part of their everyday looks.

What Are Coffin-Shaped Nails?

One of the reasons why coffin nail designs have found such limitless success is because of their unique and stylish shape.

The coffin shape starts wide at the base and then slowly becomes narrower at the top.

They then tapper off to a squared-off tip, giving your nails the shape of a coffin or ballerina pointe shoes, hence the name "coffin nails" (or ballerina nails, as they are otherwise called.)

This sophisticated shape can give you an elegant and classy look, regardless of how you choose to design your them. Plus, they make your fingers look slimmer, which can be a lifesaver if you enjoy wearing rings.

Coffin nails also look fantastic regardless of your favorite nail length. Whether you prefer shorter tips or long claws, the coffin nail shape is a staple for any and all nail art!

A Trendy Yet Timeless Nail Art Design Idea

If you're looking for some classic coffin nail art inspiration, you can never go wrong with a chrome design.

Chrome coffin nails are one of the most popular ways to style your nails, and this trend has no signs of slowing down. This to-die-for mirror-like finish adds a potent dose of metallic flair to your nails without going overboard.

Plus, they always look stylish, regardless of the look you're going for!

Chrome nail designs give off that simplistic yet professional appearance that can be hard to come across. And when you pair that with a coffin nail shape, your nails are sure to steal the show.

Stepping Up That Classic Chrome Nail Design

However, you don't need to restrict yourself to that classic silver chrome style. You can embrace any style or vibe you want!

Throwing some vibrant color and intriguing shades into your nail art can help you practice self-expression. And there's perhaps no better color than baby pink, as this peachy shade has been all the rage lately!

pink glittery and shimmery nail polish ombre coffin nail designs marble coffin nails two accent nails marble nails glam look wear paint stand coffin nail design coffin nails coffin nail design coffin nails

How To Recreate This Look

One thing we love the most about this look is that it is so easy to recreate. All you need is some chrome powder, and you're set! Otherwise, it's safe to go with chrome nail polish to let you more easily achieve your desired look.

For example, Maniology's "Brain Freeze" pink duochrome stamping polish is the perfect shade and finish if you're ready to recreate this trendy and stunning style!

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#2. Alternate Pink And Blue

one hand with pink coffin nails and one with blue coffin nails different color ombre coffin shape glitter coffin nails coffin nail trend acrylic nails matte glitter wear glitter coffin shaped

Who says that you have to just pick on design or color? After all, the best coffin nail designs are all about giving you the freedom to express yourself through your nail art!

This coffin nail idea involves opting for two different colors for both of your hands. In this case, one hand can be a calming baby blue, while the other a feminine pristine pink.

This alternation of colors will allow you to obtain a simplistic and low-maintenance look while giving you a bit of an edge.

How To Recreate This Look

Simple coffin nail designs are also effortless to recreate. That's why they're perfect if you're low on time or just looking to don a toned-down style.

Maniology's "Americana" nail polish set comes with three gorgeous sheer shades that will help you nail down this look.

It includes "Blueberry Blast" and "Bubble Gum Swirl," as well as a bonus red "Firecracker" nail polish shade that you can save for a rainy day.

#3. Sophisticated Neutral Plaid

long nails with neutral plaid coffin nail design matte finish amazing idea bold fun rhinestones black coffin nails false nails stiletto shape glitter nails coffin nail design paint glitter matte glitter matte

Your nail art can say a lot about who you are. Your fingernails offer the perfect canvas for exploring self-expression while showcasing your artistic side.

Though you can alter your coffin nail designs to embrace any style you want, these slender nail shapes are ideal for cool and chic looks.

With some neutral shades on hand, you'll be able to effortlessly create a truly sophisticated, elegant, and graceful look.

Embracing Luxuriously Graceful Coffin Nails

Though you can't go wrong with vibrant colors and vivid accents, there's something so classically enticing about natural nails.

Neutral shades are easy to pair with any fit and can help elevate your look without requiring too much effort.

By pairing neutral tones with plaid nail designs, you can truly enhance your nail art.

There's something so simplistically graceful and sophisticated about these simple stipes, making them perfect for your upcoming coffin nail designs!

hand with plaid nail design on nails coffin nails nail design coffin nail design nail design nails glitter coffin nails nail design glitter coffin nails glitter coffin nails coffin nail designs coffin nail designs

How To Recreate This Look

If you're feeling apprehensive about freehanding these intricate patterns, you shouldn't! It's actually incredibly easy to recreate even the most complicated and elaborate nail designs right in the comfort of your own home.

A nail stamper will save the day by helping you recreate any design of your choice in just five easy steps, leaving you with a flawless application.

If you want to easily duplicate the crisp lines of a plaid nail design, Maniology's "Plaid Perfection" nail stamping starter kit is what you need!

The Power Of Perfect Nail Art Right At Home

This kit contains a nail plate with twelve layerable plaid and tartan-inspired nail designs, as well as a smudge-free top coat, cube stamper tool, and a mini scraper card tool.

Plus, it comes with our "Bam! White" classic white stamping polish.

This kit contains everything you need to recreate a stunning plaid nail art design, regardless of your nail shape or length.

Now, you can finally skip that time-consuming and uncomfortable trip to the nail salon while forgetting about the stress of freehanding nail art designs.

You have all the tools and inspiration you need to recreate a trendy nail look right in the comfort of your own home!

#4. Nude With Simplistic White Daisies

nude nails with white and yellow daisies nude coffin nails short coffin nails coffin nail design coffin nail design coffin nail design short coffin nail designs coffin nail design coffin nail design coffin nails

A nude base is perfect for any and all stiletto nails. A great way to enjoy a sleek yet edgy manicure is by donning some nude coffin nails.

Whether you want the perfect nail design for a dressed-up date or a calm look for a relaxing day at home, nude coffin nails are amazingly versatile. They truly go with anything!

To make the look a bit more chic and fashionable, adding some cute daisies will spruce up your nails.

How To Recreate This Look

Luckily, it's incredibly easy to create some of your own flower designs right at home.

Use Maniology's "Layered Flowers" nail stamping plate to effortlessly replicate some delicate daisies without leaving your bedroom!

Our "Skin Deep" nude peach stamping polish will perfectly complement any skin tone while highlighting your natural beauty.

Whether you want to embellish your coffin nails with rhinestones or merely sport a natural finish, this shade is perfect for any look.

#5. White And Rich Black Accents

nails with white and black designs with flames and other accents black coffin nails coffin nail design pastel nails coffin shaped long nails acrylic nails pain bold idea coffin shaped glitter matte

Dressed-up coffin nails aren't just about vibrant shades and rich embellishments.

Sometimes, high-contrast designs can give you that trendy look that you're after!

Whether you have dangerously long stiletto nails or short coffin nails, black-and-white designs are a classic route to take.

Plus, it's fun to experiment with the finishes with these fundamental shades, whether you prefer a matte to a glossy finish.

How To Recreate This Look

Applying a bit of variation to this look can help you achieve a wholesomely trendy and chic look.

Pairing French tips with simplistic flames or other accent designs will help you effortlessly style that gorgeous and stunning manicure you're after.

However, don't forget the basics! Maniology's "Black & White Duo" nail polish set comes with a freshening white and mysterious black nail polish, giving you the tools to create a flawless coffin nail base.

#6. Peachy Pink And Strawberries Galore

long coffin nails with pink nail polish and strawberry designs coffin nail design rhinestones coffin nails coffin nail design marble nails acrylic nails pain shapes rhinestones fun stand accent nail design

If you're more drawn toward long coffin-shaped nails, you'll be able to enjoy having an extensive canvas to help bring your nail art inspiration to life.

Though there are various coffin nail designs you can choose from, try opting for something sweet!

Including some fruity designs on your coffin nails will help maintain a chic and trendy manicure from base to tip.

However, you don't need to just restrict yourself to some juicy strawberries. There are plenty of other ways to dress up your coffin nails!

How To Recreate This Look

Start with a sweet, baby-pink base. Maniology's "Juicy: Sweet Peach" will give your nails a fresh beginning before adding some colorful accents.

Follow up with the "Fruit Deco Layers: Fresh Squeeze" with your fruity design of choice.

#7. Vibrant Rainbow French Tips

hand with a colorful rainbow french manicure coffin nails accent nail design coffin nail design matte glitter coffin nail design paint coffin shaped rhinestones glitter rhinestones matte paint glitter nails

Though coffin nails are sexy and slender on their own, French tips can give your manicure a refined look without much effort.

After all, French tips are perhaps one of the most timeless and stunning coffin nail designs out there.

Even simplistic pearly white tips are enough are complement your personal style and elegance.

However, adding a bit of flair is a great way for you to practice self-expression and explore your individual tastes.

How To Recreate This Look

Rainbow French tip nails are easy to recreate and offer some colorful passion to your nail art without going over the top.

Using Maniology's "French Connection" nail stamping plate will make it easy to replicate a flawless and straight-lined French manicure. Following up with the "Rainbow Splash" nail polish will ensure you have six vibrant colors to style some refreshing and juicy coffin nail designs.

Wrapping Up

Coffin nails are one of the most popular nail shapes out there, and it's high time you try your hand at them. Whether you are drawn toward lengthy, wildly embellished claws or a short, simplistic manicure, there are endless ways to bring your personality to the forefront through your nail art!

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At Maniology, we believe your nails are opportunities for adventure, fun, and unrestrained artistic expression. Our nail stamping plates and nail accessories are here to help foster your self-expression in the hopes of building a community of individuality. For more nail tutorials, subscription box updates, and designs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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