Community Topic of the Month: Let's Talk Stamper Cleaning

Posted by Devon Nurre

Ever been in the middle of a nail-art session and forget to clean the excess polish off your stamper, but you already scraped away the polish and need to pick up ASAP??  😱  We definitely know the struggle! Scotch tape, lint roller, cotton pads, and acetone... What is your preferred method of clean up while you stamp?

Each has its pros and cons. Plus, not all stamping heads are created equal. For example,  clear silicone heads don’t work well with acetone. It has a tendency to ruin the clear effect, making the head cloudy over prolonged use. Rubber/colored silicone heads, on the other hand, can be used with any method of clean up.

This is why we created a stamper friendly solution regardless of what material your stamper head is made from, our Sticky Stamper Station! It works as the perfect clean up tool when you’re in a pinch. No more unwanted cotton fuzz, worrying about your lint roller rolling away, or having to pre-rip scotch tape before you start. It can even help you plan out your mani. As a bonus, the slippery side of the peeled away note also works perfectly for creating stamped decals! 

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