Kitty Sector 9 Manicure Tutorial

Posted by Katie Andelman

Outer space can get a little bit lonely, so we've put together a space crew of furry friends to keep you company in your creative journey! Grab the Plantery Xplorer Box to start your mission today!

Kitty Sector 9 How To

STEP 1: Apply a base coat and allow it to dry.

STEP 2: Paint one coat of Stellar polish over the entire nail.

STEP 3: With black stamping polish, pick up the astro bunny image from MXM082. Paint the helmet in a neon orange. Paint the bunny in white.

STEP 4: Apply Sticky Base Coat over the purple base. Wait 45 seconds or more so the nail is tacky. Apply the bunny design to the nail. Seal with Smudge Free Top Coat.

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