Top 10 Summer Nail Stamping Ideas

Posted by Yassin Ongca

Summer is here and that means fun in the sun, vacation, and (of course) new nail stamping plates to play with! We’ve got some great stamping plates to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your style. Whether you're looking for beach-inspired images including palm tree nails, flip flops nails, sunglasses, and a beach ball nail or just something to add a pop of color to your nails, we've got you covered. Best of all, they're easy to use - just pick the design you want and stamp it onto your nails! 

Summer Nail Stamping Plates

  1. Travel-themed Nail Stamping Plates

This stamping plate includes bikes, planes, hot air balloons nails, and even more wanderlust designs in full nail buffet sized patterns.

 Travel Theme

Travel Theme1

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  1. Beach-themed Nail Stamping Plates

This plate design includes the things you usually see at the beach such as beach balls, sunglasses and more.

 Beach theme

Beach theme1

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  1. Inspirational Nail Stamping Plates

This plate gives you an easy and carefree manicure to relieve your stress.

Inspirational Theme

Inspirational Theme1

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  1. Leafy Nails and Palm Tree Nail Stamping Plates

This plate will give you a relaxing summer nail design.

Leafy Nails

Leafy theme1

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  1. Sailing and Surfing Nail Stamping Plates

Design your nails with your favorite summer activities such as boat nails and surf nails.

Surf theme

  1. Mermaid Tails Nail Stamping Plates

Swim like a mermaid with your mermaid tail nails design.

Mermaid theme

Mermaid theme1

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  1. Coral Nails and Fish Nails Stamping Plates

Take a beach day with coral, eel, shark nails and more! 

Coral theme

Coral theme1

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  1. Summer Fruit Nail Stamping Plates

This plate includes summer fruit stamping such as pineapple, orange and watermelon.

Fruit Theme

Fruit theme1

  1. Ice cream Nails and Juices Nail Stamping Plates

Make your nails cool with ice cream nails and juice designs.

Ice cream Theme

Ice cream theme1

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  1. Star Nails and Moon Nail Stamping Plates

Take a night swim with stars nails and moon nails.

Moon theme

Moon theme1

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These are the top 10 nail stamping plates that you can definitely use for summer. Try to check our Stamping Plates here if you’re looking for more twist and find the perfect stamping plate for your summer nails. You can also check our Top 15 Summer Nail Design for more summer nail ideas.

As always, if you have any questions or need help choosing the right design for your nails, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We love helping our customers find the perfect look that you can confidently show off in all seasons! 

Want some inspiration for your first or next manicure? Check out our Instagram and Pinterest as we include lots of inspiration for you! And if you finally decide to start your stamping journey these best selling products below are worth trying.

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As we always say: Practice makes Extraordinary! Happy Stamping!

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