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This little mermaid has an edgier side. Meet Fernanda, a.k.a. @themermaidpolish–nail blogger, punk rock mermaid, and the newest Maniology nail stamping plate collaborator. From nail art to horror-themed cross-stitching, this talented artist takes her creative passions very sea-riously! Fernanda’s new stamping plate blends her love of the supernatural with designs inspired by one of our favorite childhood movies: The Little Mermaid. 

We were lucky enough to get in-depth with Fernanda with a short interview to hear about her creative processes, the inspiration behind her plate, and her special self-care techniques. Plunge into our Q&A with Fernanda, to hear more about her 'mer-mazing' stamping plate designs.

Q: How long have you been doing nail art?: 

A: I started my IG in January 2016 but I have been into painting my nails and starting doing nail art on them probably since 2012.

Q: How did you first learn about nail stamping?: 

A:  I saw some posts on Pinterest and I started looking into how people did different nail designs, and since freehand is something that I can't do to save my life, I discovered nail stamping and haven't looked back ever since.

Q: What do you love about nail art and how has nail stamping improved your life?:

A: I love that it's a way for people to be as creative as they can. Many times I have seen the same image on a plate being used in different ways and I'm amazed at the creativity behind that. It has also improved the way I express myself, since like I said before I can't paint to save my life, this is a way for me to paint.

Q: What inspired the designs for your stamping plate and which design on your plate is your favorite?:

A: Everyone knows my love for mermaids and Halloween, specifically vampires, so when I was asked for this amazing opportunity, having them both combined is truly a dream come true. As far as my favorite design on the plate, that's a tough one, because I love the different mermaids and also the icons, especially the SPF 1000 (since I avoid the sun at all cost).

Q: Where do you find creative inspiration in your daily life? Are there any specific artists who influence you the most?:

A: I really love participating in different nail challenges, since having a theme makes me think of ways to interpret it, but when I have free-range I really just see either a polish or a plate that inspires me and go from there.

When it comes to artists [who inspire me], I have a few that come to mind, but of course they're not the only ones: JayLynn (@gotnail), Lexa (@glitterfingersss), Marilynn (@nailsmyth), Jasmin (@basecoatstories), and these are just to name a few.

Q: If you were a Maniology stamping polish, which one would you be and why?:

A: Probably Flotsam, not only is it mermaid related (ok more Ursula, but it's close enough), but also it's my favorite shade of blue which is my favorite color.

Q: What is something you wish you had known about nail stamping when you first started? 

A: That patience is a virtue. A lot of people ask me for tips and the one I always say is practice. I know it looks easier than it is, but even for me after more than 7 years at it, nail stamping is a tricky style to achieve, since many factors have to be taken into consideration. Believe me, there are times when I want to give up because either the stamper doesn't pick up the image, or I smudge it, etc... so just keep trying and you will get there. Also, a smudge free top coat is your best friend when it comes to nail stamping.

Q: What other creative hobbies do you enjoy?: 

A: I got into cross stitching during the pandemic and I have been loving it. I have done 6 full designs already and I'm currently in the process of a massive Disney one, which has taken me more than a year.

Okay, now we need to see your cross-stitching. Could you share some pics?
Q: Lastly, besides your creative hobbies, how do you practice self-care?

A: Taking necessary breaks when it comes to work is something that I feel is very important. As much as I love doing nail art it can sometimes be overwhelming, so I try to plan all the things I want to do in advance so I can see how I can achieve them without feeling overworked.

Ready to take a deep dive into nail stamping? Our exclusive @themermaidpolish x Maniology collaboration nail stamping plate is available now. Need more inspiration? Follow @themermaidpolish on Instagram for beautiful manicures created by the artist, and if you’re ready to share your creations with this new plate, just use hashtag #maniology and mention @hellomaniology and @themermaidpolish in your nail pics. 

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