13 Gorgeous Ombre Nail Designs To Try In 2024

Posted by Ren Wu

Short Ombre Nails
Photo Credits: @monika__nails

Your DIY nail art isn't the best it could be if you've never even tried your hand at ombre designs. Though ombre nail art isn't anything new, almond-shaped gradient nails have made a recent comeback. If you don't give these perfectly-blended nails a shot, your fingertips are sure to have FOMO! 💅

Our Top Five

  1. Pastel Spring Palette
  2. Dusty Glaze
  3. Mandarin Orange Ombre
  4. Berry Blast
  5. Soft Pink Ombre

From a dreamy and dusty glaze to a clean and creamy white, a subtle blend of colors can add a timeless appeal to your nail art. Even if you have shorter nails, airbrushed French tips can help elongate and slim your fingers.

Keep reading, and we'll share our 13 favorite ombre designs for short and medium nails.

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#1. Pastel Spring Palette

nail art with pastel colors on dark skin
Photo Credit: @lolo.nailedit

It's April, and that means we're in the heart of spring. With sunlight steadily spilling from the sky, it's the perfect time to infuse your nail art with pretty pastels! 💐

These dainty nails feature iconic spring shades like subtle salmon and golden yellow. But, of course, you can add any cute and chic colors you'd like.

At first glance, this multi-colored mani might seem impossible to recreate. After all, it's hard enough creating ombre nails on short nails with just two colors. Luckily, the whole process will be a piece of cake with our "Color Block" nail stamping plate.

Nail Stamping Plates are the Key to a Flawless Ombre Finish

It's 2024 - you don't need to use an old makeup sponge to blot polish over your nails in the hopes of creating nail art that semi-resembles an ombre design. Instead, you can use a nail stamping plate to create an instant blend.

Though we have thousands of different nail stamping plates in nearly every design imaginable, our "Color Block" plate features basic blocks perfect for ombre looks. All you need to do is paint your own color collection over your chosen size before stamping it directly onto your nails.

It's easy and quick and leaves you with a professional-quality manicure! Whether you sport claw-like long nails or mature short nails, these plates will make your DIY nail art an effortless endeavor.

#2. Dusty Glaze

pink glazed nails
Photo Credit: @nailsxmina

Everyone knows that glazed donut nails are at the top of nail art trends. Popularized by Hailey Bieber and other celebs, this subtle yet sophisticated look has been all over social media in recent years.

Armed with a dusty pink polish like our "Ballet Flats" shade, add a simple shimmer over the top of your nails to recreate this look. A faint sparkle will transform your manicure from dim to glam!

#3. Mandarin Orange Ombre

orange nail art
Photo Credit: @imarninails

Though using nude or neutral shades for your short ombre nails is a choice you can't go wrong with, who says you can't add a bit of vibrancy? Coral nails are all the rage right now, and we're obsessing over this mandarin orange polish.

#4. Berry Blast

blue red and purple nail art
Photo Credit: @lolo.nailedit

This color combo of royal blue, luxurious violet, and scarlet red reminds us of a delicious berry cocktail. 🍓It's a unique look that sparks intrigue and interest. The rich shades and deep tones help to create a one-of-a-kind look that you won't ever want to take off.

#5. Soft Pink Ombre

pink ombre short nails
Photo Credit: @overglowedit

These soft pink pastel nails are simply to die for. This expert-level fade makes this rosey manicure just that much more breathtaking.

This should be your go-to look if your schedule is filled with beach days, office meetings, and Sunday brunches. It's a versatile and timeless nail style for any and all occasions!

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#6. Baby Boomer Nails

white faded french tip nails glitter ombre nails glitter ombre nails glitter
Photo Credit: @paintedbyjools

At first glance, you might think these nails are just a classic blended French tip. In actuality, they're a look in and of themselves.

Dubbed "baby boomer nails," this new take on French tips has been wildly popular. The name refers to the soft gradient of pink to white.

Minimalistic nails reign supreme right now. And these French ombre nails are their queen! The mix of soft pink and creamy white helps to accentuate your natural beauty in a subtle yet sophisticated way.

#7. Pretty Pink Aura

gradient pink nail art ombre nails glitter ombre nails glitter ombre nails glitter ombre nails
Photo Credit: @lolo.nailedit

If you Google "short ombre nails," you'll likely be greeted with countless ombre French tip designs. And while these looks are classic, cute, and clean, they can get a bit repetitive.

If you want a break from the 2D nature of your standard French manicure, these aura nails will save the day. They feel magical and mystical, with a one-of-a-kind look that's hard to beat.

Even just looking at them makes us feel like we're being transported to a charming fairyland. Plus, the blend of pastel and Barbie pinks makes this look so much more stunning.

This will definitely be our go-to this summer - right after we add a floral pattern with our "Art Nouveau" nail stamping plate!

#8. Snowflake Christmas Ombre

white snowflake nail designs short ombre nails style short ombre nails style chic glitter sparkle

Photo Credits: @monika__nails

Though we're overjoyed that summer is nearing, it'll be snowy and sub-zero again before we know it. (But not for us - perks of living in Oahu, Hawaii!) Regardless, it's fun to prep for holiday manicures.

These dainty nails feature a white French ombre and delicate snowflake patterns. Though these intricate lines might be impossible to freehand, you can easily stamp your favorite designs with our "Snow Day" nail stamping plate. ❄️

Without countless snow styles to pick from, you can easily make your short ombre nails your own.

#9. Pink Gradient

pink gradient nail art shimmer style sparkle glitter bold glam short ombre nails style

Photo Credit: @paintedbyjools

It's nearly impossible to go wrong with a pink gradient look. And luckily, there are infinite shades to pick from that can deliver all sorts of different vibes.

These sunset-inspired nails feature vertical pink gradients, offering a nice contrast from your traditional horizontal ombre.

#10. Mango Vibes

green and orange ombre nails short ombre nails bold heads add perfect bold glam collection

Photo Credit: @lolo.nailedit

Green is one of those colors that is really hard to pull off. However, this bright and bubbly neon manicure looks simply stunning with lime, electric yellow, and tangerine. It's a unique blend that most others wouldn't dare to replicate.

Luckily, all it takes is a handful of neon polishes and a dash of confidence. And voilà! You have a bold manicure that sits perfectly on short nails.

#11. Blue & Purple Royalty

blue and purple nail art glam subtle love fall short nails heads bold collection add perfect

Photo Credit: @melanated.mani

These are the colors of royalty. 👑Mix and match royal blue with luxurious lilac for this bold and daring look!

It might be rich in color, but it still looks super classy. Blue and purple are two of the most iconic color combos, and creating a cool gradient will leave you with some stunning short ombre nails.

#12. Blinged-Out Natural Nails

short nails with gemstones ombre glitter beauty read learn add perfect love opt perfect

Photo Credit: @claudiaandnails

Celebs haven't ceased to show off their gemstone-adorned, sharp stiletto nails. And if you want to embody the same baddie vibes, you don't need to grow out your nails. With a handful of rhinestones, you can easily transform your short nails into a blinged-out masterpiece!

Starting with a natural ombre base, simply attach a few gemstones. You'll be left with a classy and chic look impossible to resist.

#13. Black French Tips & Lots of Glitter

black and glitter nail art glitter ombre heads bling winter sign shimmer party fall gradient

Photo Credit: @heygreatnails

These dark and mysterious black French tips have us feeling some kind of way. It's bold enough to go for a black tip, but the ombre glitter is what really ties it all together.

If you want to showcase your edgy and elegant sides at the same time, this should be your look.

Final Thoughts

"Ombre" might seem like a pretty specific nail art look, but there are endless ways to make them your own. If you want a step-by-step guide to some stunning DIY gradient French tips, check out this YouTube video from the Maniology channel!

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At Maniology, we believe your nails are opportunities for adventure, fun, and unrestrained artistic expression. Our nail stamping plates and nail accessories are here to help foster your self-expression in the hopes of building a community of individuality. For more nail tutorials, subscription box updates, and designs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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