12 Pretty Spring Nail Designs For 2024

Posted by Ren Wu

Spring Nail Designs

Everyone knows that springtime colors are a look all year round. So, now that the season is in full swing, you deserve to set aside a little time for some self-care. Nail stamping is the perfect way to pamper yourself while prepping your nails for this refreshing season.

Our Favorite Five

  1. Fresh Spring Floral & Fauna
  2. Pink & Purple Plaid French Tips
  3. Dainty Springtime Details
  4. Glittery Grass
  5. Lively Leaves

With a touch of Caribbean green and baby pink, you can make your spring days as bright and bubbly as ever. From deep blue Japanese porcelain nail designs to a floral-filled jelly-green manicure, it's time to let your stylish creativity run wild!

Keep reading, and we'll share the twelve top nail designs for spring.

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#1. Fresh Spring Floral & Fauna

someone's nails with different colored bright polish

These cheerful nails effortlessly top our list. The refreshing combination of bright colors is addictive enough, but it's the subtle floral designs that caught our eye.

Each nail follows a monochromatic pattern, with a barely-there pattern of flowers and fauna.

Even though the details are intricate, you can easily replicate them with the "Spring Occasions: Wild About You" nail stamping plate from Maniology.

This spring-inspired nail plate features all of the best designs for a refreshed season, from palm leaves to woodland creatures.

#2. Pink & Purple Plaid French Tips

someone's nails with white pink and purple designs

These pink and purple French tips put a cute and chic spin on a timeless look. The creamy white base creates an ideal canvas for the criss-crossing lines to lay upon.

Of course, you can alter this look to incorporate any of your favorite shades, but we agree that this look is the belle of the ball.

If you need a step up from your classic French manicure, this is the way to go.

For a slightly transparent look, use the sheer tint nail polishes in our "Rainbow Splash" size-piece set. It's a must-have bundle for the colorful spring season!

#3. Dainty Springtime Details

nail art with flowers and butterflies

Nothing showcases the spring spirit quite like these dainty designs.

Made with our "Meadow Magic" nail stamping plate and the creamy custard "Coconut" nail polish, this beautiful look features playful butterflies and whimsical wildflowers.

It'll transport you to a magical meadow in the throes of spring!

#4. Glittery Grass

green nail polish with glitters

This color is super unique. This "Grassy Patch" nail polish is an ultra-satisfying olive green that is filled with golden flakes.

It's gorgeous enough on its own!

#5. Lively Leaves

neon yellow nail art

This neon yellowish-green is simply stunning. It reminds of spring like nothing else - plus, those swirly leaves add a beautiful flair.

This look inspires a refreshed feeling that perfectly embodies the vibes of spring. The different shades of green add some depth and tranquility.

For this spring nail art, simply snag our "Leafy Swirls" nail stamping plate and get creative!

#6. Friendly Unicorns

spring nails with unicorn designs sunny days nail design nail designs fun fun nails nail design fun nails

These cute and cuddly unicorns are majestic and magical. And when paired with this peachy orange and bright white, you get a dreamy fairyland manicure.

These spring nails were made with our M055 nail stamping plate, which was made in collaboration with the wonderfully talented @Hannys_Manis - her nail art inspo is truly breathtaking.

This nail stamping plate is filled to the brim with sweet sprinkles and cuddly teddy bears, so there's no shortage of designs to pick from.

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#7. Baby Blue Bees

blue nail art with bumblebees french manicure finger flowers fun cute short nails gel manicures

Here's some other sweet and serene spring nail art made by @Hannys_Manis. Painted with our "Zinnia" and "Delirium" stamping polishes, the buzzing bumblebee adds a cute touch to these baby blue spring nails.

#8. Simple Teal & Turquoise Nail Art

simple spring nail designs french tip top coat short nails wavy design french tip nail design nails

Designed by @monika__nails, these simple teal and turquoise nails start with your natural nails. It's a tasteful spring look that is finalized by small details.

If you're looking for clean, pastel French tips, give this spring mani a go!

#9. Jelly Green Spring Nails

green nail art  dotting tool traditional polish french mani little color coat finger beauty create manicure

Though this forest green is pretty dark, the opaque finish adds an elegant touch. Sheer nail polish has been all the rage since many celebs started donning this toned-down look.

A sheer base is the pinnacle of the "quiet luxury" trend. However, there's no reason why you can't take it up a notch with this Castleton green.

This polish color, named "Garden Gnome", is a part of our "Rainbow Splash" six-piece nail stamping polish set. Plus, this color is a great choice when it's time to experiment with holiday nail designs!

#10. Fungi Forest Floor

orange mushroom designed nail art nails nails nails spring nail designs spring nail art designs

These spring nails remind us of enchantment and magic. Inspired by woodland charm, these mystical mushrooms feel like a stroll through the forest.

All you need is a few of your favorite nude shades and our "Fungi Forest" nail stamping plate to pull it all off.

#11. Yellow & Blue Japanese Porcelain

yellow and orange nail designs spring nail colors nail ideas spring outfit blue skies next nail appointment

Made with our "Japanese Porcelain" stamping plate, these bright spring nails feature cranes, geometric patterns, and much more. To explore the possibilities, simply snag nail stamping essentials and feed your creativity.

#12. Pretty in Pink

pink nail designs nails nails nails spring nail design pastel purple background nail artist accent nail spring nail designs

Courtesy of @vivianmariewong, a self-proclaimed "nail girlie" (a title on her Instagram bio we can definitely get on board with), these pretty pastel pink nails are perfect for showcasing your feminine side this spring.

We love the cute details and designs, all the way from the tiny strawberries to the pink checkerboard pattern.

Final Thoughts

The best way to celebrate the dawn of spring is to dive headfirst into any and all nail trends. With Maniology's nail stamping plates on hand, it'll be easy to do just that!

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At Maniology, we believe your nails are opportunities for adventure, fun, and unrestrained artistic expression. Our nail stamping plates and nail accessories are here to help foster your self-expression in the hopes of building a community of individuality. For more nail tutorials, subscription box updates, and designs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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