Wave Hello to Aanchysnails: Unveiling the Aanchysnails x Maniology Collaboration Plate

Posted by Kara Crail

If you’ve ever tapped into Instagram for some manicure inspiration, chances are you've come across the flawless fingers of @aanchysnails, the nail artist behind our latest stamping plate collaboration. Making leaps and strides from passionate hobbyist to professional content creator, Aanchal has gained a dedicated worldwide following for her gallery of manicures that embody her simple yet sophisticated style. With one scroll through the @aanchysnails IG, it’s easy to see why so many followers have been mesmerized by her approach—chic color blocks, and funky french tips painted in a kaleidoscope of rich colors and glitter finishes leave us feeling inspired.

Aanchal’s Instagram is not just stunning; it also reflects her values in self-expression and dedication to the nail art community. As an experienced nail artist, boasting over 10 years in the scene, she has gained valuable insights along her nail art journey. The upkeep of a nail blog isn’t an easy task, especially when there are millions of artists online constantly striving to invent the latest trend. Over the years, Aanchal has learned the importance of embracing her unique style while honing her techniques in nail care and nail stamping—both of which stem from a passion for self expression and a true love for nails.

We had the opportunity to chat with @aanchysNails about her love for nail art and the inspiration behind the designs on her stamping plate. Here's what she had to say:

Q: How long have you been doing nail art?
A: Since 2011.
Q: What do you love about nail art?
A: Being able to express myself in any style I choose!
Q: What inspired the designs for your stamping plate and which design on your plate is your favorite?
A: Most of these designs are hand drawn from previous nail art designs I've done - from abstract to swirls to floral looks. It's hard to choose a favorite, but if I have to, then the leaf designs!
Q: What is something you wish you had known about nail stamping when you first started? 
A: Don't overdo it on the polish - since stamping polishes are pigmented, you don't need a ton of polish for the design to pick up.
Q: Do you have any tips to share with new nail bloggers?
A: My biggest tip is to not compare yourself with other creators. As for consistent content - keep practicing - it's second nature to me now!"

“Funky yet classy,” that’s how we’d describe Aanchal’s new collaboration stamping plate. This plate features groovy waves, perfect for layering color blocks, and minimalistic floral and leaf accent designs, all of which are inspired by her own hand-painted nail art. This collaboration is a testament and celebration of D.I.Y. culture and the user’s creativity. No matter which design you choose, this plate provides endless opportunities to show off your unique expression. Mix and match your favorite colors or add a touch of glitter for that truly glamorous “Aanchy-style.” 

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of the @aanchysNails x Maniology collaboration nail stamping plate. Be the first to get your hands on this gorgeous new plate, available for purchase now.

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