5 Nail Care Tips For Healthy Hands

Posted by Ren Wu

What Is Nail Care

There's nothing quite as important as taking good care of your nails. With healthy nails, you can have a strong canvas for beautiful nail art designs!

Here are five major tips to help you take care of your nails.

Our Top Nail Care Tips

    1. Keep your hands clean
    2. Trim your nails regularly
    3. Use a base coat when doing nail art at home
    4. Avoid excess water exposure
    5. Be gentle on your cuticles

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#1. Keep Your Hands And Feet Clean Of Bacteria

Your nails can be a very delicate part of your body, and knowing how to keep them healthy is important. Scientists believe we have nails to better protect and strengthen our fingers.

So they have more than one function besides being the canvas for some cute nail designs!

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Let's start with the basics regarding nail care. First, ensure you keep your nails and hands clean and bacteria-free. 

Wash and even exfoliate your hands and feet when necessary. Avoid harsh chemicals and use mild soap to wash your hands.

When removing polish, use only an acetone-free nail polish remover.

#2. Maintain Your Nail Length

Everyone can get on board with long, elegant fingernails. But to keep your nails healthy, it's important not to prioritize things like length over health.

Make sure to trim and file your nails regularly to ensure they can maintain their overall health. If you already suffer from nail breakage, keeping your nails short is a good idea as they may regain strength at a shorter length. 

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#3. Use A Base Coat To Protect Your Healthy Nails

One of the best parts of life is nail art. It allows you to show off your personal style while practicing self-expression. And it's a powerful tool!

If you're looking to create some stunning nail art at home, don't forget to always apply a protective base coat. This prevents your fingernails from being stained by the polish and maintains your nail health overall. 

With Maniology's 7-in-1 Potion Base Coat, you can ensure your nails are in tip-top shape. After that, you can go in with your nail polish and create the design of your dreams!

Bringing Your Creative Nail Art To Life

To help bring your creative vision to life, we created our iconic nail stamping kits at Maniology to give you the power to create any look you want. Instead of free-handing delicate designs, you can follow five simple steps to get professional-quality nail art!

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#4. Avoid Keeping Your Nails Wet

It's inevitable that our fingernails will get wet. After all, we need to shower and use a sink in daily life (obviously)!

However, keeping your nails exposed to water for long periods of time can have adverse effects on your nails. Constantly wet hands can lead to unhealthy and brittle nails. This can also cause nail breakage.

Be mindful of how long your fingernails stay wet, especially if your profession requires you to constantly wet your hands (like a hairdresser or cleaner.) Avoid keeping your hands too wet, and ensure you thoroughly dry your hands after washing.

#5. Pay Attention To Your Cuticles

Nail care involves all parts of your nail. That includes your cuticles!

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If your fingernails are already rather delicate, avoid pushing back your cuticles. Instead, be gentle with them. Too much handling of your cuticles can end up damaging your nails.

Use cuticle oil to keep your hands protected and moisturized. Manioloygy's All-Natural Essential Cuticle & Nail Oil is perfect for those that want to give their nails the support they need to thrive!

Wrapping Up

Nail care doesn't need to be complex or challenging. Instead, make the most of caring for your body!

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At Maniology, we believe your nails are opportunities for adventure, fun, and unrestrained artistic expression. Our nail stamping plates and nail accessories are here to help foster your self-expression in the hopes of building a community of individuality. For more nail tutorials, subscription box updates, and designs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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