15 Cool Winter Colors And How To Use Them

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What Are Winter Colors

Winter is the most elegant and sleek of all seasons. Leaving behind the warm colors of autumn, winter embraces a cool appearance and icy tones.

Our Winter Favorites

This chilling season is known for many things, including being the host of festive and heartwarming holidays. But something that makes winter stand out as a whole is the powerful and robust color palette it has.

Finding the right cool winter colors to add to your look is essential. Carefully cultivating our personal color palette is key to accentuating our natural beauty and practicing self-expression!

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1. Simplistic White

During the colder months, some colors are inherently and, without a doubt, considered winter colors. And we don't need to look far for the first one on our list.

When we think of the winter season, we think of hot lattes, festive string lights, and freshly fallen snow. In fact, snow is one of the most iconic aspects of this season. So it should go without saying that white should be first in our true winter color palette.

There's nothing more trendy and confident than an all-white outfit. And utilizing an icy white in the smaller aspects of your look is a perfect way to channel your inner cool winter while practicing self-expression.

The Perfect Contrast For Those With Dark Hair

White is a perfect cool winter color. But this natural hue is more influential and touching than you may realize.

Our minds are incredibly powerful. And colors have a strong physiological effect on us. Colors have a deep hold on our mindset and affect how we perceive the world around us.

For example, white is a color that represents innocence, purity, and honesty. In addition, white symbolizes a new beginning and inner organization. That's why white is excellent for creating a fresh and put-together look.

True winter is usually characterized by high contrast and vibrant hues. So white is a great color to use in your look if you have dark hair or other deep features.

Blonde hair best colours medium brown winter palettes

How To Effortlessly Incorporate Winter Colors Into Your Look

Adding a simple white touch to your look can go a long way in making you stand out. A white or icy nail polish color is an easy way to show off your true winter side.

But we know that a full manicure is usually easier said than done. Nail salons are pretty expensive and time-consuming, and they don't provide ideal conditions. On the other hand, at-home salon days can quickly turn into a trainwreck if you don't have that perfect artistic touch.

That's why here at Maniology, we created our easy-to-use and iconic nail subscription kits. We believe in the incredible power of self-expression and self-care. And the most natural forms of self-expression come out when we can explore them in the comfort of our own homes!

We have countless colors and stamps to choose from, so your manicure will be completely customizable and unique. No matter what personal trait you want to express, you can easily find something to fit your unique style!

Plus, there are plenty of seasonal looks to choose from, so you can easily show off your true winter side. If you want to get in touch with the holiday spirit, try our Santa's Workshop holiday starter box! 

2. Rich Mulberry

A true winter color palette is full of high contrast and striking hues. Though a simplistic white resembles a cool winter, don't forget about the bright colors of true winter.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to review the seasonal color analysis. After all, identifying the colors that highlight your natural features starts with finding your unique color palette!

Dark brown icy hazel black skin color seasons christmas tree

Discovering The True Winter Palette

The year is divided into twelve distinct months, all with unique color palettes. Each of the four seasons we easily recognize can be classified into three smaller sections. For example, the winter season is broken down into dark winter, true winter, and bright winter.

The dominating winter palette is true winter, also known as cool winter. Cool Winters are usually characterized by frosty and blue undertones and a brilliantly sharp appearance.

Unlike a true autumn palette, winter color palettes are vivid and have high contrast. For True Winters, earthy tones, pastel colors, and warm or yellow undertones should be avoided. These types of palettes will only serve to diminish your natural coloring and hide your beautiful features!

For Deep Winters, lean towards the soft colors of the winter palette. And Bright Winters should stick to the less intense winter colors. When styling a Winter, it's good to provide high levels of contrast.

For example, you can wear black with a white or another light neutral accent.

One of the most iconic winter pairings is light grey and a bright, rich mulberry. These two colors provide a stark contrast while highlighting natural beauty.

Mulberry is a mighty winter color. Its rich and potent hue makes it incredibly appealing and serves to effortlessly highlight the beautiful features and designs of a Winter. A skin tone with cool undertones or dark brown hair colors comes to life with this profound color!

Eye colour other palettes seasonal colors color seasons medium brown

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3. Cardinal Red

Similar to mulberry, cardinal red is an iconic winter color. Red is an incredibly bold and flavorful color.

Red is one of the most potent tones when it comes to its effects on our psychology. For example, during the winter months, it's easy to feel the calming effects of the cold. But red reignites our heart's warmth!

Colors like cardinal red and even hot pink are extraordinary at provoking feelings of passion, love, and power. So if you want to establish your wintery confidence, adding this rich color to your style will surely set you up for confidence.

Want to add a little shimmer? Maniology's Feisty Red Scattered Holographic Shimmer Nail Polish is an effortless way to introduce genuine passion into your everyday look!

4. Midnight Blue 

Winter is iconic for being full of icy and chilling colors. This is even represented in the cool skin tones of True Winters. So it should go without saying that an excellent true winter palette color starts with shades of blue.

Dark blue is exceptional at complimenting a True Winter's cooler skin tone. But each winter season has a unique shade of blue that is perfect.

Pastel colours clear winter color analysis dark grey dark eyes bright blue dark brown

5. Royal Blue

Midnight blue is the perfect cool hue for a Dark Winter. While assembling your look, remember that a Deep Winter should heavily avoid dusty blues and golden browns.

Royal blue is the perfect color for expressing inner confidence and calmness for a Bright Winter. This color is also easy to pair with other winter colors.

6. Sky Blue

If midnight blue is ideal for a Deep Winter, and royal blue is fantastic for a Bright Winter, the Cool Winters out there also need a bluish hue for their wardrobe and nail color. And that's where sky blue comes into play!

As a True Winter, you can still go for any winter blues. But lighter blues are excellent for pairing with your darker features. Cool blue or icy tones are perfect for making your features shine if you have dark eyes or very dark hair.

Dark ash brown earthy colours dark winter colors blue undertones dark winter color analysis

7. Pine Green 

We know winter as the time of the year when trees surrender their natural greenery and a blanket of white covers the landscape. Only evergreen trees can hold onto their lush coverings.

Rich greens are the best friend of a True Winter. Adding the deepest colors into your style is perfect for complimenting the natural contrast of your features. And greens are also excellent for flattering your cooler skin tone.

8. Emerald Green

Colors like pine and forest green and ideal for Deep Winters. On the other hand, brighter colors like emerald are the way to go for a Clear Winter or a True Winter. The additional vibrancy helps accentuate your bright features.

True winter blonde hair color natural colouring true winter

9. Rose Quartz 

One of the most beautiful aspects of the winter seasonal palette is that there is no shortage of unique hues and tones. Crafting your individual style is only possible with an abundance of colors to choose from!

Pinks like rose quartz are the perfect colors for assembling the lighter end of the winter palette. Wanting some more inspiration? Here are the rest of our favorite winter colors to add to your style this season!

  1. Dark plum
  2. Blood red
  3. Black
  4. Cyan
  5. Clear grey
  6. Hot pink

How you style and craft your unique look is up to you. Regardless of how you express yourself, we'll be following along with you!

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At Maniology, we believe your nails are opportunities for adventure, fun, and unrestrained artistic expression. Our nail stamping plates and nail accessories are here to help foster your self-expression in the hopes of building a community of individuality. For more nail tutorials, subscription box updates, and designs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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