Soft Autumn Seasonal Color Guide

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Soft Autumn

Few seasons can touch our hearts as autumn can. When we transition from summer into fall, our hearts feel alive with the warm vitality of this loving season.

Key Takeaways

  • Soft autumn is characterized by a warm hue and muted chroma
  • The sisters of soft autumn are soft summer and true autumn
  • A Soft Autumn should avoid dark, bright, or cool colors
  • Neutral and warm colors are the best for a soft autumn wardrobe

Finding our individual color palettes allows us to truly tap into our creative self-expression. And so, for Soft Autumns, it's time to find out what colors are best for you!

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What Is Soft Autumn?

When we think of autumn, our minds jump to toasty hot cocoa and leaves crunching beneath our feet. Autumn might be when the weather becomes chilly, but the colors we think of are typically warm and comforting.

The entire year is broken down into four seasons. But each broader season is then divided into three other seasons that all have their own unique color palette associated with them.

The three autumn seasons are known to be full of warm beauty and muted tones. And perhaps no other color palette is as gorgeous as what makes up a soft autumn palette!

The key to finding what makes a soft autumn lies in discovering the entirety of the seasonal flow chart. And a big contributor to the colors of a soft autumn palette lies in its neighbors: soft summer and true autumn.

Soft autumn colours soft autumn colour palette soft autumn colours soft autumn celebrities

Ties To True Autumn

The autumn family is made up of three seasons: soft autumn, true autumn, and dark autumn. When we typically think of autumn hues and tones, the true autumn color palette is what first comes to mind.

Though true autumn colors are characterized by their muted tones and warm yet deep hues, they aren't as dull as you might assume from that description. True autumn color combinations are still full of life and enjoyable emotions. Plenty of nail stamping designs can attest to that. 

The Sister Of Soft Summer

Though summer and autumn may seem like two opposing seasons, they are closely linked by the touching connection between soft autumn and soft summer. In fact, Soft Autumns and Soft Summers can commonly be mistaken for each other!

This is because the color palettes of both seasons are incredibly similar. The primary difference is that soft autumn has a warm hue, while soft summer has a cool hue.

So if you're on the fence about whether you can be considered a Soft Autumn or a Soft Summer, you may just need to determine your undertone.

Soft autumn colors are typically shades of golden brown or other warm tones. Light hazel, rich walnut, and warm beige are all signature colors for a Soft Autumn. But a soft summer palette usually consists of shades of gray, signified by colors like a sweet light olive or a dusty warm dark grey.

Natural hair colour darker colours bright colours soft autumn colours soft autumn's soft autumn celebrities bold gold soft autumn color palette

The Makings Of A Soft Autumn Palette

Autumn begins with the warm and comforting season of soft autumn. And when this iconic change to fall from summer happens, watching the leaves transition from bright greens to pleasant reds and oranges can always fill us with a universal feeling of joy and satisfaction.

The most iconic trait of a soft autumn color palette is the warm hues and muted tones. But what does this actually mean?

Gentle colouring colour combinations dark colours soft autumn celebrities slightly lighter soft autumn wardrobe soft autumn color soft autumn color

A Slightly Warm Hue

We can easily recognize a soft autumn color palette by its hue. Hue is the underlying color that creates a color's tone. So palettes with a warm hue usually hold traces of reds or browns that, in turn, come to create those iconic warm tones.

However, soft autumn is still slightly influenced by its sister, soft summer. Soft autumn is much warmer than any summer season, but it isn't stuck to the hottest end of the hue spectrum.

An Unassuming Value

Hue is the ratio of warmness to coolness, and value is the comparison of the lightness and darkness of a color. Soft autumn doesn't necessarily have a lighter or darker value and usually hovers in the light or medium range here.

A Highly Muted Chroma

Soft autumn is usually characterized by warm tones and a muted appearance. So if you're a Soft Autumn, your features typically have a low contrast and a soft chroma.

Chroma is similar to contrast. Take, for example, those who are Winters. A Winter usually has high contrast and bright chroma, which is the opposite of a Soft Autumn.

Accent colours colour season neutral colours colour palette soft autumn celebrities geometric patterns soft autumn color soft autumn color

Finding Your Unique Soft Autumn Color Palette

Considering all that distinguishes a Soft Autumn, it's time to figure out if your unique color palette is reminiscent of this warm season.

Keep in mind, if you don't exactly fit the description, that's okay! Even if your specific features don't align precisely with what we've laid out here, you may still be a Soft Autumn.

And if you're not a Soft Autumn, that's okay too. What matters is that you can recognize your unique and extraordinary beauty for what it is and find comfort in your energizing individuality!

Analyzing Your Features

When we want to determine our seasonal color palette, there are three primary features that we can analyze to get there. If you think you're a Soft Autumn, but one of your features varies from these guidelines, don't let it worry you.

We're all different and unique, and these are just general approaches to what can make someone a Soft Autumn!

Soft autumn prints bright and shiny metals soft autumn makeup soft autumn's soft autumn celebrities soft autumn wardrobe soft autumn color


Let's start with the most catching and intriguing part of our appearances - our eyes!

We all know that our eyes are the windows to our souls, so it would make sense that they have a strong hand in helping determine our individual seasonal color palette.

A Soft Autumn typically has eyes that are light green, light brown, or hazel. They are rich, warm, and full of a comforting light. There might also be freckles on the iris and swirling and unclear borders.

If you are a Soft Autumn with blue eyes, they might be slightly gray and not overwhelmingly bright.

Hair Color

Our hair color often says something about who we are and our personality. But our hair colors can also contribute to our seasonal color palette!

Soft autumn hair is usually muted and soft but can develop a warm glow and highlights in the sun. Soft Autumn hair colors are usually golden blonde, strawberry blonde, or medium brown.

For those with dark brown hair, it may appear slightly ashy.

Soft autumn wardrobe dark blonde soft autumn makeup soft autumn celebrities other natural materials soft autumn color palette

Skin Tone

Skin tone is particularly important because our complexion's undertone will determine our color palette's hue. For example, those with dusty pink or blue undertones have a cool hue, which doesn't match up with a Soft Autumn.

A Soft Autumn usually has neutral-warm undertones. So for those with yellow or sandy undertones, you're on track to being a true Soft Autumn!

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Tapping Into Your Inner Soft Autumn

Now that we understand the makings of a soft autumn color palette and the vital role of our unique features, it's time to delve into what it all means.

After all, you might think, "I'm a Soft Autumn - so what?"

Finding your seasonal color palette is so important as this is what allows you to discover the colors, tones, and hues that best match your style. The key to fulfilling self-expression lies in finding what colors best complement our natural beauty.

To create a stunning soft autumn wardrobe, you need to know what colors go best with a soft autumn color palette. Soft autumn sits in a warm and muted environment, so avoid bright tones when compiling colors for your nail designs.

Add gentle and neutral-warm colors into your soft autumn wardrobe to complete your fall look. Soft autumn makeup should be focused on outlining your natural features without being dramatic or overpowering.

Avoid cool tones as well. This will clash horribly with your warm color palette. Instead of deep purples and blues, opt for light neutrals or rose gold.

Soft autumn color palette soft autumn wardrobe soft autumn makeup soft autumn celebrities soft autumn wardrobe soft autumn color

The Best Way To Express Your Inner Soft Autumn

The best nail polish colors for a Soft Autumn are pink pearls, dark browns, and other soft autumn neutrals. And if you want a stunning yet intriguing manicure to complete your autumn look, Maniology's nail stamping kits are exactly what you need!

Self-expression starts in the comfort of your home. The freedom and warmth that accompany allow you to tap into your unique expression and enjoy what makes you unique.

At Maniology, we created our nail stamping kits with this in mind!

We give you the outstanding ability to have the manicure of your dreams in just five easy steps. And for Soft Autumns, finding the perfect nail polish to complete your soft autumn color palette is even easier here!

Our Firecracker sheer nail polish is a perfect color for a Soft Autumn that wants to tap into their warmer side. You can also go for a soft yellow gold or a medium golden brown instead to truly express your fall side. That's where our Sugar and Spice nail polish is perfect as well!

A Soft Autumn has gorgeous features and characteristics that help them spread warmth and cheer as the weather turns colder. Complete your soft autumn color palette, and watch how you shine! 

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At Maniology, we believe your nails are opportunities for adventure, fun, and unrestrained artistic expression. Our nail stamping plates and nail accessories are here to help foster your self-expression in the hopes of building a community of individuality. For more nail tutorials, subscription box updates, and designs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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