What Is A Manicure & How To DIY Your Own

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What Is A Manicure

There's nothing more thrilling than a full set of glammed-up nails. And after all your hands have done for you, they truly deserve a royal treatment. 💅

At a Glance

  1. Nail Trimming
  2. Nail Filing and Shaping
  3. Cuticle Care
  4. Nail Buffing
  5. Apply a Base Coat
  6. Nail Painting
  7. Apply a Top Coat
  8. Cuticle Oil

A manicure is the ultimate form of self-care. But you can easily skip the hassle of a nail salon and give yourself the full experience at home. That way, you'll have full reign to explore your creative passions!

Keep reading, and we'll tell you exactly what a manicure is and how you can do it on your own.

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What to Expect During a Manicure at a Nail Salon

If you want to give yourself your own home mani, you should be familiar with how trained nail techs do it.

But even if you've never stepped foot into a nail salon, it's easier than it seems to do it all on your own. All you need are the right tools and a bit of inspiration!

There are several steps to any quality manicure. The manicure process always starts with nail care. This helps clean up your cuticles and create the perfect canvas for your nail designs.

The overall process can vary depending on what nail look you're going for. For example, a simple cut and clear coat will be much more straightforward than a full set of bedazzled acrylic nails.

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What is a Manicure Good For?

A DIY mani is good for more than just outfitting your hands and nails with the trendiest designs. It's actually really important for your hand health.

A great manicure will leave your skin, cuticles, and nails looking polished and pristine, and the experience in its entirety is pretty relaxing. So, if you really want to treat yourself, upgrade your DIY manicure to an all-encompassing at-home spa day.

A good manicure will clean, shape, and strengthen your nails before a delicate design or creative color is painted on top. It's also a chance for any skin concerns to be addressed. You can also opt for acupressure, hot stone massage, or other hand-massage services if you go to a salon.

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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Your DIY Manicure

A standard manicure can last between fifteen minutes to more than an hour, depending on your service and add-ons. Keep in mind that it might take a bit longer if you're doing it at home. You'll need some practice before you can breeze through.

#1. Nail Trimming

If you're already happy with the length of your nails, you can skip this step. But you'll most often need to trim your nails before continuing your manicure.

#2. Nail Filing and Shaping

This step is critical if you want to achieve your ideal nail length and nail shape. Grab your nail file and gently file the free edge of your nails into your desired shape.

For short nails, an almond shape should be your go-to. But if you enjoy long daggers on your fingertips, you can go crazy with stiletto or coffin nail shapes.

#3. Cuticle Care

If you're a nail care newbie, you might overlook this crucial step. But tidying up your cuticles will make your manicure look much more polished and professional.

The cuticle is the dry skin where your nail and finger meet. Delicately push back your cuticles from your nail bed with a cuticle pusher before trimming the dead skin with cuticle nippers. If you want to make this step a bit easier, try using a cuticle remover to soften the nonliving tissue.

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#4. Nail Buffing

When you buff your nails, you help to create a polished, shiny nail. Buffing your nails also creates a subtle texture that allows gel polish to better adhere to your nails.

#5. Apply a Base Coat

Before you can adorn your nails with classic French tips or peaceful plaid patterns just in time for autumn, you need to cover all your bases. And that means applying a base coat polish. A base coat helps protect and strengthen your nails.

#6. Nail Painting

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 Bonus: How To Get Flawless Flower Nail Designs At Home

Now is where things get interesting. This is the part that you can really get excited about! 🤩

Nail art allows you to express yourself and experiment with different styles and designs. It can be hard to feel comfortable to be yourself in a stuck-up salon, which is why doing your own manicure at home is so much better.

Gel Manicure & Shellac Manicure

The promise of a long-lasting manicure might seem too good to be true. But that's why shellac and gel manicures have become popular in the past few years. These formulas are usually cured with UV light, which allows them to last weeks at a time.

However, your standard nail polish can give you much more freedom, as you have the ability to recreate endless nail designs that speak to your creative interests. And to pull them off, all you need is a nail stamping plate and a fresh bottle of polish.

This is the Key to a Flawless At-Home Manicure

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Simply Grab Your Nail Polish and Start Stamping!

If you want to treat yourself to an at-home manicure, you won't get far without a nail stamping plate. These innovative tools allow you to "copy and paste" cool and chic nail designs directly onto your fingertips without any hassle or stress.

From minimalistic Japanese porcelain to avant-garde patterns, Maniology has a nail stamping plate for any look or style. With it, you can finally fulfill your wildest nail art dreams with ease and efficiency!

Check out this YouTube video for a quick how-to on creating cute coquette aesthetic nails with our "Bows & Ribbons" nail stamping plate:

#7. Apply a Top Coat

With your entire nail painted a delicate design, it's time to lock it in. The last step of your nail art is to apply a top polish coat in order to protect your fresh nail art.

Not everyone understands the importance of a top nail polish coat, but that doesn't mean you should forget about it. To seal your fresh mani and prevent chipping, use this Smudge-Free Top Coat from Maniology.

#8. Cuticle Oil

Your DIY manicure experience should conclude with a touch of cuticle oil. It'll help moisturize your hands and nails and ensure your nail art glows.

Final Thoughts

If you love manicures but don't like visiting salons, it's time for your to DIY your own. Just follow this easy how-to, and you'll soon have flawless nails without leaving your bedroom!

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At Maniology, we believe your nails are opportunities for adventure, fun, and unrestrained artistic expression. Our nail stamping plates and nail accessories are here to help foster your self-expression in the hopes of building a community of individuality. For more nail tutorials, subscription box updates, and designs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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