Tell Us: Why Do YOU 💖 Nail Art?!

Posted by Kara Crail

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Have you ever stopped to wonder why we even do our nails? Why did nail stamping, of all things, become the creative outlet? For some people, nail art is just a frivolous activity, but for fanatics like us, nail art is LIFE, yo! 💁 
During our Q&A with the Nail Stamping Sisterhood, we asked, “why nail stamping?” While we shared a few of their responses in our NSS interview newsletter, we received SO many awesome answers that we just need to share more:

I’ve always loved nail art. I love being able to create virtually anything I want. There are endless things you can do with stamping plates. I love being able to see others work, get inspired by others and get great tips for my own nail art.

- Karen B.

I have been doing nails for 15 years, and out of all the cool and modern things they have come up with through the years, stamping is definitely the best and my all-time favorite!!! You can do sooo many things with stamping, and it’s so fun.

- Bonnie L.

Of all the techniques, stamping is very versatile because it allows you to do reverse stamping but also to stamp art directly onto the nail. It dries very quickly because the layers of polish are very thin. It’s a perfect option for those who cannot freehand designs.

- Celeste B.

I started stamping after my Mom became ill, and I moved in with her. We both shared a love for nail art, and I’d seen a couple of YouTube videos showing the stamping process. Needless to say, we soon became fans. Mom is in a better place, and I’m left with wonderful memories.

- Jennifer H.

There are soo many reasons! You can be classy one day and elegant the next. It’s such a fun way to express your mood and creativity!

- Cynthia N.

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  • I’m not a nail tech but I’ve always done my own nails. When I discovered nail art about 10 years ago I was hooked. Went from a couple of bottles of polish to over 100 bottle of nail polish. I got my first stamping starter set a year ago from Maniology and my nails and I have never looked back. Thanks

    Gloria Atkins on

  • I just love it..So inspired by all the products out there for beautiful nails..And I just always done mine and just a few friends.. I’ve just always LOVED BEAUTIFUL Nails

    Patti on

  • Start doing nails and nail art for stress, Anxiety and now I’m hooked. I love your stuff but South Africa is so strickt with shipping rules.

    Tina on

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