Halloween Nails

Creepy and Cute Halloween Nail Stamping Ideas You Must Try

Are you looking for some creepy, spooky but cute Halloween nail stamping designs?

We've gathered nail ideas from our stack of inspiration for the upcoming holiday.

Halloween is the time of the year we're constantly feeling excited. And though we can't celebrate it like we used before, it’s still the holiday that we’re always waiting for. These Halloween nails will help you enjoy the holiday even on these trying times. Creating these nail stamping designs are fun, and easy to do-it-yourself. Don’t let your spooky manicure game suffer.

Give someone goosebumps and scare them at the touch of your fingertips. Show off some eerie good vibes in the air. From creepy spider webs to greeny zombies, here are Halloween manicures you can create at home.

Shake them, rattle them and let's roll!

nails with eye nerves design

Eyes see you

nails with octopus design

Slimy Sucking Tentacles

nails with red spiders design

Bloody Itsy Bitsy Spider

nails  with cntipedes design

Eerie Itching Centipedes

nails with blood, rat monster, centipede and bones design

Give me some creeps

nails with gooey eyeballs secreting slimy puss

Crying Gooey Eyeballs

Let your eyes wander and your mind blown with @Glitterfingersss spine-chilling and goosebumps manicures. Using her stamping plate, try creating your own Halloween nails.

nails with vodoo dol and magic ritual design

The Ritual

nails with red candles, eye and potion designs

It’s a Witchcraft

nails with book, candles and spider web designs

Mysterious Book of Life

nails with heart, blood and nail design

Stab me in the heart

Brew some elixir of beauty with all things charming and strange. Have a glimpse into our Cabinet of Curiosities and wonder at the oddities of our peculiar world. This plate is the missing ingredient to any spellbound manicure.

nails with midnight bats design

Bats at dusk

nails with ghosts and stars designs

Holey Sheet!

nails with ghost, pumpkin and moon designs

Trick and trick, no treat

Boos and screams can be heard on Halloween. Trick and treat are ready using the stamping plate Boo Ya: Ghosted. A thrilling midnight Halloween nails on fright night.

nails with animal skeleton designs

Bad to the bone

nails with mummies design

Mummified Nails

nails with candies, pumpkin and expression of eat drink and be scary design

Eat, Drink and be Scary

Bad to the Bone plate is too cute to spook. Be mummified, etch some glowing jack-o-lanterns, or make jaw-dropping skeletal manicures! Whatever you do this Halloween, this stamping plate will give you real creep.

nails with frankenstein zombies and body parts design

They're Alive

nails with green zombies design

Green Zs are coming

They’re ALIVE! We've resurrected our Creating Monsters and Zombies vs Icons stamping plates. Recreate your fave slasher flicks or add some new specimen to your collection of body parts. This plate will make your skin crawl.

nails with pumpkins and cat design

Pumpkin Fingertips

nails with ouija board design

Spirit on the Glass Nails

Bring to life your next Halloween nails with The Spirit Speaks. Secrets will escape with this Ouija inspired stamping plate. Create a haunting message or spooky scene fit for Halloween.

nails with cards design

What the card says?

nails with ouija board and taror card designs

Ask the Ouija board

What lies ahead? Cards say it all. We perceive joy, beauty, and manicures for years to come. Choose from the deck of major arcana, tarot cards, and mystical designs. Tarot Reading plate is destined for your future of amazing things.

nails with bones and trick and treat expression designs

Silver and Violet

nails with pumpkin face, cute ghost, slimy liquid and bones designs


Fright Night plate is the perfect treat for your Halloween nails terror night. Design your nails with grinning jack-o'-lanterns, spooky spider webs, and oozing body parts. Get ready for a night brimming with tricks.

nails with scary socks designs

Socks!! It's Halloween

nails with creepy face designs

Halloween Nightmare

Happy scary Christmas with our Sandy Claws plate. This plate just might land you on the naughty list. Sleigh your holiday look with disturbing decorations, sneering snowman, and cackling jack o'lanterns in accent and full nail art designs.

nails with snake and flower design

Snake in the flower

nails with bones design

Bones unlimited

Another plate from blogging megababe and polish-aholic Lexa, a.k.a. @Glitterfingersss. This cute and creepy plate is sure to send chills down your spine. Let your creative vibes flow.

nails with smoke and mirror bats design

Smoke and Mirrors

nails with carnival, and clown designs

Spooky Carnival

nails with eye and beetles, wand designs

Mystic Mani

nails with christmas tree, spooky face designs

Christmas on Halloween

nais with blood, dracula and creepy tower designs

I need blood!

nails with come with me expression design

Come with me

nails with pumpkin moon star spider bats cat skull witch hat designs

Halloween Party

nails with spiders web and ghost designs

Spidery Boo

nails with frog candle bones and witch cauldron designs

A witch ritual

Some more ideas for your Halloween nails to feel the spooky vibe.

Enjoy, create and swoon.

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