3 Ways to Use a Stamper

Posted by Tiana Regan

A stamper, the important tool in the stamping process to help transfer an etched image from a metal plate to your nail bed. Nail stamping would be hopeless without it. As the years go on many innovative nail artists have found unique ways to use nail stampers outside of just stamping. I'm here to share 3 fun stamper hacks that you can try:


During the summer, TikTok took social feeds by storm with a video showing a French Tip hot hack that used a stamper to help you create the classic tip look in seconds! Really, you couldn't miss this on your For You page.

I tried this hack and did a Maniology Live! (maybe I need to do a follow up video) and unfortunately it didn't work for me using stamping polish. BUT I have witnessed many videos showing successful manicures using this same technique. I think the key element here is gel polish. Give it a try the next time you want this classic look.


Not only can you stamp with stamping polish, but you can also use nail powder! The process is rather simple and we created a whole video showing the technique. It's a must watch.

How to:

1. Apply thin, even layer of powder to the stamper.

2. Pick up the design with Straight Up Black stamping polish.

3. Carefully stamp the design to your nails. The stamping polish will act like a sticky barrier to help adhere the powders to your stamped design and nail bed.

4. Seal design with a Smudge Free top coat.

Don't let those cannisters of glittered glory sit by unused, try this technique!


Smudgicure, the bringing together of 2 simple words, smudge and manicure (or pedicure, really) is an easy and creative way to bring polishes together to create a base background mixed and smudged by your stamper head.

If you really want to get creative, you can mix this technique with the Tiktok French Tip hack.

Watch our live so you can create this smooshy smudgicure yourself.

Now you know why keeping around that extra stamper or 3 or 4 is so important. Try these techniques and let us know how it goes. Share which technique is your favorite in the comments section.

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