Brown: Selecting the Best Shade for the Season

Posted by Tiana Regan

Brown, it's a color of mother nature's bounty. It's a color representing a sign of life and stability. Think of wood of different shades or your favorite espresso (if you don't like coffee, think hot chocolate 😊). It is nature's cozy color bringing the change into the Autumn solstice, crisp cool breeze and if your nails change just like the seasons, usually that means a deeper hue on your nails.

Brown is my grounding, down to earth color. I love a rich, dark brown - it speaks posh and chic while a caramel brown speaks neutral and comfort. Whether pairing it with a stamped leaf or a pattern, it's good to know what subtle difference is between our brown polishes. Watch as Devon, our nail educator breaks down the color comparisons of our best-selling brown hues and maybe you'll get into the season too.                    

Colors from left to right: Mocha Java, Soulless, Haunted, Annato Clay, Cocoa and Boba

Do you have a favorite Maniology brown polish that you can't live without? Let us know in the comments.

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  • I watched the video, and it was very helpful. Thank you for putting out the series on the various different colors. Orange also. It is really helpful. Now I don’t feel weird about wanting different shades of the same color family. There’s a purpose!

    Jillian M. Tindall on

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