7 Popular Christmas Color Schemes For The 2023 Holiday Season

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Christmas Colors

Decorating your home in striking scarlet and elegant emerald is one of the best ways to indulge in the cozy festivities of the Christmas season. Holiday color schemes can add warmth to your evenings despite winter's chill while letting you showcase your unique flair and personality!

At a glance

  1. Classic red and green
  2. Elegant blue and white
  3. Chic teal and pink
  4. Winter whites
  5. Mixed metallics
  6. Gorgeous evergreen and gold
  7. Crimson and white

Colors like creamy ivory and subtle sky blue can help you embrace the serene sophistication of the holidays while glimmering gold and forest green can add a sense of comfort to snowy evenings. But with endless colors to choose from, curating the perfect Christmas palette can seem like a lot!

So, keep reading, and we'll share the seven most stunning and stylish shades for the Christmas holiday.

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#1. Classic red and green

When it comes to picking out the perfect holiday color palette, you truly can never go wrong with red and green. This classic color combo is always at the forefront of the holiday season, and it's time to capitalize on its timeless appeal if you're searching for the perfect Christmas colors.

Whether you're donning your dark green Christmas tree in sparkling scarlet ornaments or recreating intricate seasonal nail designs, red and green always make for stunning choices.

a dining table set with green and red Christmas decor pine tree Christmas eve

Embrace the seasonal aesthetic with red and green Christmas decor

For as long as we can remember, red and green have been the colors of Christmas. It's hard not to go anywhere in December without seeing these two shades everywhere.

Even if you know that these two shades are traditional Christmas colors, most people don't know exactly why these two colors are perpetually associated with the holiday season. However, it's hard to pinpoint only one reason why these two complementary hues are accessories to Christmas.

Why are red and green the traditional Christmas colors?

Centuries ago, the ancient Celtic people believed that the holly plants helped keep the Earth beautiful amid harsh winters. During the celebrations of the Winter Solstice, many people adorned their homes with these evergreen leaves and red berries. Other references to these two shades happened throughout the Bible, where they were often used to symbolize the life of Jesus Christ.

In the more recent past, the illustrator of the iconic Santa Claus ads from Coca Cola finally solidified red and green as the colors of Christmas.

Incorporating Christmas colors into more than your holiday decor

To fully embrace the holiday spirit, you should infuse holiday hues into more than just your living room decor. Dressing up your nails in the wrappings of Christmas colors will let you embrace the festivities while elevating your style!

someone with Christmas colored nails santa purple inspired jesus special time

To recreate a classic Christmas nail look, all you need is the "Santa's Workshop" nail stamping kit from Maniology. This fun and festive stamping plate comes with countless Christmas designs from cute snowmen to delicate snowflakes.

Take your pick of your favorite Christmas decorations, and simply stamp them onto each nail!

The colors of Christmas don't start and stop with red and green

Though scarlet red and emerald green are very notable Christmas colors, there are plenty of other ways to craft your own Christmas color scheme. Let's keep going!

#2. Elegant blue and white

Though the holiday season is often full of festive cheer, there is a more sophisticated side that is impossible to overlook. If you're looking to make your Christmas elegant and serene, try filling your home with sky blue and ivory dressings!

A modern spin on traditional Christmas colors

Though sky blue and ivory can be seen as mere alternative colors during Christmas, they still have far-reaching roots in the history of these holidays.

White is often associated with purity, innocence, and light, while also reflecting the freshly fallen snow of winter. Blue is also associated with the snow and ice of the winter months.

someone's hands with blue snowflake nails interior designer white cloth decorate

The perfect color scheme for an elegant Christmas

Even if you're not looking to swap your roasty red ornaments in favor of these frosty colors, you can incorporate light blue and ivory into your nail art instead! Sky blue and creamy white make for a trendy and stylish nail art color combo, allowing you to embrace winter's chill in a sophisticated and serene way.

With Maniology's "Snow Day" nail stamping plate, it'll be easier than you think to recreate these fragile snowflakes and delicate lines. In just five easy steps, you'll be able to effortlessly replicate any design of your choice onto your fingertips.

#3. Chic teal and pink

Staring at scarlet-cald pine trees and classic Christmas decorations everywhere you go can get tiring. And there's no reason why you can't put a fun, chic spin on these traditional shades!

a pink and blue decorated christmas tree merry Christmas eternal life copper accents

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Teal and pink are only a few steps away from the classic colors of Christmas but administer a whole new vibe. Teal and pink as Christmas colors embrace the non-traditional side of the holidays while staying modern and chic.

This unexpected color combo plays on the fun and fresh feelings of Christmas, while staying light and luxurious.

#4. Winter whites

a cozy well lit bedroom with white decor and a christmas tree holly jesus

One of the best parts of the Christmas season is the blanket of crisp white snow that layers the outdoors. Embracing the allure of winter whites is always a great route to take when finding the right colors for Christmas.

Not only does a scheme of white make for an elegant Christmas, but it also goes with nearly anything. And if you're looking to incorporate a simplistic pop of color, it's very easy to do so when you have the perfect creamy canvas to work with!

#5. Mixed metallics

a cozy bedroom with Christmas tree white christ purple decorate santa jesus festive

Silver and gold, silver and gold... everyone knows that these metallics help make the holidays what they are. Whether you're dressing up a crimson-clad tree with gold tinsel or filling your mantle with silver knick-knacks, it's impossible to escape the subtle assortment of Christmas metallics!

Not only are silver and gold a true staple of the holidays, but they also pair well with any existing color scheme you might have in place. Adding a touch of silver or gold accents to your Christmas tree or existing decor is all it takes to bring your Christmas color palette to the next level!

#6. Gorgeous evergreen and gold

a Christmas tree with gold and emerald ornaments  cross gifts mary mary wall joy

There's almost no better sight during Christmas than a prickly tree draped in glimmering tinsel and colorful ornaments. But if you're looking to properly dress your tree, don't forget about the power of gleaming gold.

Gold makes for the perfect accessory to a forest green tree. And even if you're not looking to change up your tree design, gold and jade green make for stunning Christmas colors on their own.

#7. Crimson and white

someone's hand with red and white nail art three wise men tradition celebration

Santa isn't the only one who should be wearing the classic color combo of crimson and white when Christmas rolls around. And utilizing these tones in your holiday nail art is just another amazing way to indulge in the festive spirit!

For the perfect wintery manicure, use the "Sweat Treats" nail stamping plate from Maniology, along with your favorite nail polish shades of scarlet and bright white. It'll leave you looking oh-so-cute and sweetly sophisticated at the same time.

And that's what holiday style is all about!

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