Community Topic of the Month: Creating a Picture Perfect Manicure

Posted by Tiana Regan

Ever wonder how nail bloggers get that gorgeous clean polished look in all their photos? Or why your mani looks great in person but not as hot as you thought in photos? Have no fear - our nail stylist @devthenailjunkie is here to help share some of her tips and tricks to creating picture perfect manicures!

1. Prep is everything! Before applying polish you need to make sure the cuticle area is nice and clean. This will help reduce pesky polish stains and unwanted bumps under a fresh coat of lacquer. Soak your hands in some warm water then GENTLY push back the semi translucent cuticle that grows over the nail bed. Use a soft buffer (Check out our Guide to Nail Files) to lightly buff away any loose cuticle or debris. Then use a clean paper towel/cotton pad with some rubbing alcohol to help sanitize and dehydrate the nails for longer lasting manis.

If you are not a licensed nail technician or cosmetologist it is highly recommended to stay away from using cuticle nippers because improper use can lead to risk of infection and injury.

2. Wrap it up! Tools like Cuticle Tape or Mani Mask  are amazing at protecting the cuticle area from those pesky polish stains. Why spend hours trying to clean up when this does 70% of the work?

3. When in doubt, dab it out. During photoshoots we don’t usually have the luxury to wait hours for our base polish to dry so our nail stylist usually applies polish with a makeup sponge wedge to get thin opaque layers without having to wait. As a bonus, the thin layers make the clean up process much easier!

4. Keep a brush nearby for those just in case moments. Using a little acetone or polish remover with brushes like the French Flat Tip or the Angled Precision Brush can help get into those difficult to reach places. A pro trick to get a super clean look is to dab the brush bristles in acetone then lightly dab it onto a paper towel. This will remove the excess liquid so it doesn’t flood the cuticle area and cause more staining. Make sure to clean the brush on a paper towel between each use. Using a dirty brush will end up placing polish in areas you’re trying to clean.

We hope these helpful tips and tricks will make your next mani spectacular!  Got any tips or tricks of your own? Head over to the Maniology Community to share your ideas and meet other creative nail art lovers just like you.

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