17 Insanely Easy Nail Art Designs To Accomplish At Home

Posted by Ren Wu

How To Do Nail Art At Home

There's no question that nail art is absolutely amazing. After all, nail art is like wearing these tiny little masterpieces on your fingertips all day!

But going to the nail salon doesn't always fit into your schedule. And let's be honest, it's not always in your wallet's best interests either.

Still, that shouldn't stop you from being able to accomplish nail art all on your own at home. That's where we at Maniology have come up with a solution to help you bring out your inner artist.

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What you'll need for nail stamping at home

If you don't know about nail stamping, you're in for a treat! But if you're a pro, you can go ahead and skip down to the various nail art inspirations we compiled below.

Nail stamping is an easy way to do nail art all on your own. It requires some tools, all of which are made readily available to you through our subscription boxes.

So let's go through each element to give you a taste of what's in store.

Stamping plate

Accomplishing any nail art design by hand is a task, to say the least. But with our stamping plates, those nail designs are already constructed for you! And trust us, we have many designs for you to choose from.

Stamping polish

You may have a thousand nail polish bottles in your home. But for nail stamping, you'll want our special stamping polishes to ensure your nail art doesn't move a bit.

Stamping polishes are just a bit thicker than normal nail polishes. But we stock so many different colors, you'll feel like a kid in a candy store browsing through them!

Smudge-free top coat

Every great masterpiece requires some level of security. Like how celebrities who wear priceless jewelry have to be accompanied by bodyguards who are only concerned with the gems' wellbeing.

That's the kind of protection you can expect to receive from our smudge-free top coat. That's right - we take nail art very seriously.


You can't do nail stamping without the stamper! Our clear stamper makes it easy for you to gently press your designs onto your nails while still giving you a clear view of where you're placing the details.


Our Maniology scraper card is all you'll need to remove excess polish from the plate. One quick slide to the left (or right) and you're ready to start stamping.

Your creativity!

Lastly, you'll need to bring your individuality to the table! No nail art design is complete without your signature stamp of approval (pun intended).

Easy nail art designs to try at home

Okay, you've been patient enough. Below are 17 insanely easy nail art designs that you can accomplish at home. That is, with our handy dandy stampers and stamping plates.

#1. Polka dots

Any other DIY nail art design involving polka dots will have you whip out a bobby pin to use as a dotting tool and require a steady hand. But what if we told you that you could forgo the dotting tool altogether?

Nail polish by maniology

Enter our Forever Young stamping plate to offer you all the details with zero hassle. Traditional dots can be found on this plate, but we've also decided to add a starry polka dot or two.

As you can see below, it's easy to add so much detail with only one slight press. Simply apply a base coat (or keep it simple with a clear coat like the picture below), stamp your dots, and remove any excess polish from your fingertips with a nail polish remover or a cotton swab dipped in petroleum jelly.

#2. French manicure

Nail art has been pushing the boundaries as of late. But there's nothing wrong going with a classic French manicure.

How to do nail art at home with maniology stamping plates

Our Pardon My French stamping plate comes with dozens of French tips in varying sizes. You can opt for an absolutely classic look with pink nail polish or clear polish on your nail bed.

Then add white nail polish to the stamping plate. Or, you can play with color like the photo above, opting for a brightly colored tip that's sure to draw attention.

And all without the use of a stiff paint brush to clear away excess polish from the tip.

#3. Galaxy nails

We can't be the only ones seeing galactic nail art all over our social media feeds. If you've similarly been seeing black nail polish, blue nail polish, and gold nail polish take over your "For You" page, then we've got an exciting nail art design for you below.

Use these for nail art inspiration

No need to worry about adding a polka dot here and there with a dotting tool, then swirling it around with a bobby pin. (Or whatever else highly manicured Pinterest videos would have you do.)

Instead, be a nail artist of your own degree with our Negative Space stamping plate and glitter nail polish top coat to seal in your gorgeously galactic nails. It's as simple as a press on the nail bed.

#4. Striped nails

Normally, a striped nail art tutorial will have you running to the store to buy a striper brush you probably won't use on any other occasion. But our Walk the Line stamping plate comes with a variety of patterns you can mix and match to your heart's content.

Mix and match stamping plates

This striped nail art look with white nail polish and black nail polish is perfect for long and short nails alike. And as you can see from the client picture above, you can go completely mad, turning your stripes into an optical illusion that recalls falling down the rabbit hole into Wonderland.

Either way you stamp it, you'll come away with some gorgeous nail art that a striper brush simply couldn't achieve. Unless that is, you just happen to have a thousand hours on your hands.

#5. Fall nails

What better way to welcome the cool autumn weather than with some fall nail art to boot? Coupled, of course, with a daring pair of literal boots as well.

Explore your creativity

Our Fall Occasions stamping plate gives you all the nail art designs you could possibly want to welcome in the new season. Whether you opt for a design on just the tip or add a glitter top coat to the mix, it's your mark to make.

Just remember to protect your red nail polish paint job with our smudge-free top coat! After you allow your polish to dry completely, that coat will actively seal in the fruits of your stamping labor.

#6. Marble nails

Some people like to cozy up in the fall weather, using nail art to express those aesthetic vibes. But maybe the coolness in the air is just too much for you and you're feeling a little... stone-cold.

Express yourself through nail art

Try mixing different shades of polish to accomplish this geode-inspired nail art. Even opt for a metallic green nail polish to play with color and give vibrancy to the rock-hard look you're after.

No matter which way you cut it, you can give your nails royal treatment with our Heart of Stone stamping plate. All of these intricate designs are made easy with arguably the most versatile technique for at-home nail art: nail stamping.

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#7. Honey bee nails

When nail art is all the buzz, doesn't it just make sense to pay homage to its popularity with our Bees stamping plate? We think it's the perfect way to add some sweetness to your at-home nail game.

Give yourself something to be proud of

Normally, this honeycomb design would require a loofah or some type of dotting tool if you're going full DIY. But why risk your base coat with poorly structured netting more equipped to wash your back than paint your nails?

Instead, you can give your nails the quality assurance our nail stampers have to offer. Then, once you allow the polish to dry completely, you'll have added just the right amount of honey to your fingertips.

#8. Tarot nails

Tapping into your intuition takes practice. But what if your nail art could help you do just that?

Dream up new nail art designs

Our Tarot Reading stamping plate offers you classic tropes you'd find on the cards. And all without you having to freehand paint such intricate designs.

All you'll need is a base coat of white nail polish or color of your choice (two coats if needed), a flat surface, and a nail stamper, and you're good to go. Spooky season won't know what hit it!

#9. Winter dream nails

Believe it or not, Christmas is just around the corner. So rather than opting for a simple red or white nail polish base coat, why not offer your nails some cozy vibes to wrap up into?

Shop maniology stamping plates

Our Winter Layers stamping plate can give you not just two coats of polish to play with. But two coats to wear on your nail beds!

No need to make a perfect horizontal line by hand to differentiate the sweater patterns. Simply paint the plate and stamp the polish back onto your fingertips.

#10. Sweet florals

Receiving a bouquet of flowers is always sweet. But what if you could give yourself the flowers this time around with our Layered Flowers stamping plate?

DIY nails made easy with maniology

Nail art is the perfect way to carve out some "me time" in your hectic day-to-day life. Nail art reminds you that you are deserving of a bouquet of flowers, and perhaps it's even more meaningful when you give them to yourself.

#11. Planetary nails

Are you stuck hoping the stars will align in your favor? Make them align with our Crystal Moon stamping plate and make your own good luck come from within.

At home nails with maniology

Treat your nails to these celestial designs, top them with nail polish, and make your dreams and nail art come to life! It's as simple as stamping it onto your fingers - something anywhere with any level of experience (or not at all) can accomplish with our at-home nail art stampers.

#12. Underwater nails

If you're just as excited as we are for the new Little Mermaid remake, why not celebrate with two coats of this gorgeous underwater nail art from our Coral Reef stamping plate? Opt for clear nail polish to mimic the waves.

Be confident in your nail designs

Or, choose a deep sea nail polish to bring your nail art to life. Either way, you'll finally be a ~part of that nail art world~ as you explore the depths of your nails and bring your self-expression to light.

#13. Spring nails

Just because we're nearing October doesn't mean your nails have to reflect the chilly weather. Bring it back to spring with our Petal Pusher stamping plate and revel in the season of newfound growth.

Play with color in your nail art

Play with your nail polish and give them different designs to fill in our stamping plates. This will be one garden you won't have to worry about watering.

#14. Witchcraft nails

If you're feeling called to drink Witch's Brew and howl at the moon, then you might want to consider playing around with our It's Witch Craft/Cabinet of Curiosities stamping plate.

Enjoy your me time with maniology

Few of us could execute these haunting designs on our nails without the help of a nail stamper. So why not use the nail resources you have at your disposal and indulge in these bewitching nail fantasies?

#15. Butterfly nails

Being able to easily navigate nail polish at home will feel like a superpower. So go ahead and spread your wings with our Leafy Feathers/Butterfly Wings stamping plate.

Explore new plates and designs

Combine nail polish colors to mimic the classic Monarch or create an entirely new kind of butterfly altogether. With our nail polish and stamping plates, there's nowhere you can't fly.

#16. Gradient nails

Who said gradient nails couldn't be accomplished at home? And with minimal nail polish effort at that?

Shop our nail polish colors

Our Classic Gradients stamping plate makes such nail polish ventures easy. And with so many creative nail gradient designs, you'll get to experiment with all kinds of patterns while bringing your creative vision to life.

#17. Fruity nails

Last but certainly not least, transform your nail polish into something fruity with our Fresh Squeeze stamping plate. Pick out anything from bananas to blueberries, strawberries to watermelons.

Stamp a design easily

Each design has your creativity in mind. And they're just waiting to get on your fingertips!

Final thoughts

As you can see, nail stamping makes nail art so much easier. And can you think of a more perfect way to spend your self-care Friday night?

We can't. As always, feel free to share your designs with us and show off your creations! You may be doing your nail art at home, but you've still got a vast community of nail art lovers waiting to see what design you'll come up with next. 

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At Maniology, we believe your nails are opportunities for adventure, fun, and unrestrained artistic expression. Our nail stamping plates and nail accessories are here to help foster your self-expression in the hopes of building a community of individuality. For more nail tutorials, subscription box updates, and designs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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