14 Fall Colors To Incorporate Into Your Nail Art Designs

Posted by Ren Wu

Autumn is near, which means that the vibrant colors of fall are also quickly approaching. However, as the weather starts to turn cold, fall colors never fail to bring some warmth back into our hearts.

Something about an autumn color palette is fantastic for soothing an anxious soul. Autumn colors' pleasing aesthetics are so appealing because of how closely they connect to our moods.

What Are Fall Colors


Incorporating fall colors into your look is one way to enjoy the amazing psychological benefits that a touching color palette can bring. And of course, since it's autumn, it's an excellent idea to rep some seasonal colors!

Tailoring your manicure to reflect the beauty of fall colors is an efficient and easy way to celebrate the festivities and even boost your mood. Here are the most popular and trendy colors and tones you should use for your next look.

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1. Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is first on our list. This rich and intriguing color may seem simple at first, but it's a must-have for any fall look. It's incredibly easy to match with any outfit, whether you're rocking a cozy vibe or a sophisticated, done-up style.

During the autumn months, keeping your nails stylish and trendy is a fabulous way to spruce up your fall outfits while enjoying the festive spirit! And artistic nail designs are an increasingly popular way to show off your personal style in a unique way.

However, we all know that salons aren't usually worth it. That expense can quickly add up, and sometimes it's difficult to end up with the design you actually want.

On the other hand, freestyling a cute illustration on your nails at home can quickly turn into a D.I.Y. disaster. Luckily, that's where nail stamping comes in!

Fall color brown

Take Your Nail Art To A New Level

Here at Maniology, we made our nail stamping kits to give people like you a simple and easy way to get intricate and gorgeous nail designs right at home, without the artistic hassle.

Like you, we love autumn (honestly, who doesn't?). So we also have made countless stamping plate styles for you to choose from to make your autumn vision come to life!

Ready to get stamping? It only takes five easy steps to take your nails from a blank canvas to an artistic masterpiece. It's that easy!

2. Brilliant Scarlet

Usually, people associate the autumn season with dull and muted colors. After a while, these colors can start to feel a bit boring. But why not take a traditional fall color and really bring it to life?

Fall color scarlet

Red is a classic fall color that is all around us. Falling leaves glow orange-red and delicious red apples are a popular autumn snack. Shades of scarlet surround us constantly during this time of the year!

Red is a powerful color and is known to symbolize passion and power. In fact, red is considered the strongest and most emotionally stimulating of all colors.

A Truly Provoking Fall Color

Though scarlet can invoke feelings of warmth and satisfaction, it is also a color that symbolizes confidence, power, and desire.

Plus, your nail polish collection isn't complete until you have a vibrant scarlet. If you're ready to steal the show, try out Maniology's Red Hot polish!

3. Rust

We get it - not everyone likes to sport a bright and energetic color. So if you want to add some red to your look but aren't quite attracted to the attention of brilliant scarlet, opt for a dark rust color instead.

Fall colors fall foliage

Though its darker shade is reminiscent of brown colors, rust still reflects the hidden warmth of the fall season. And that's what makes it such a must-have for fall color palettes!

4. Apricot

There's nothing sweeter than adding a tasty apricot hue to your nails. This color screams autumn!

Peak times fall color

5. Forest Green

Autumn colors aren't just about various shades of a warmer color palette. As leaves fall and change color, don't forget the green color isn't completely abandoned!

Fall color forest

Though autumn is famous for its changing leaves, many trees still wear their greenery through the colder seasons. Evergreen trees like pines, firs, and cedars stay a dark green color and beautifully contrast the warmer fall foliage.

In addition to forest green, there are many other shades of this rich color that are amazing for incorporating into your nail look. Try these out:

  • Olive
  • Dried sage
  • Matcha tea

Fall color basic green color

6. Burnt Orange

It's not autumn if orange isn't around! This classic color is truly representative of the fall spirit and should be the first on your list of autumn colors.

Everything from spooky pumpkins to glowing sunsets is full of this warm color. And most notably, the changing colors of autumn leaves are often dyed shades of orange.

Simply foliage enables plants fall color

During the fall months, as the temperature lowers and the daylight hours grow shorter, it's natural for our positivity to dwindle. But keeping a vibrant color like orange around can do wonders for increasing your happiness!

There are many shades of this iconic color, but there's nothing quite like a warm, soft burnt orange. This color can make you feel truly cozy and comfortable while giving you incredible energy.

7. Light Tan

A sweet, light brown is a perfect choice for your autumn nail color. Not only does it pair well with nearly any other autumn hue, but it also brings some warmth to your look on a chilly fall day.

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8. Golden Yellow

The autumn color palette isn't complete without the color yellow! Throughout the growing season, trees alter their leaf pigments from a once lush green to warmer colors like red and yellow.

Produces yellow fall color fall color fall color

So it's only natural that a gorgeous golden yellow should be an option for your autumn manicure. Maniology's Lasso polish is perfect to complete any relaxed yet vibrant autumn look.

Need something a bit more electric for a ground-breaking Halloween costume? Try our glow-in-the-dark High Volate polish!

9. Midnight Blue

Autumn evenings are one of the most enjoyable parts of the fall season. At sunset, the sky comes alive with a firey glow before simmering down to a velvety blue.

Gradually closed such things

Midnight blue may seem like an unassuming autumn color at first, but it shouldn't be underestimated. Adding this intoxicating color to your fall look is one sure way to stand out and enjoy the autumn spirit.

Blue speaks to our minds in a way other colors can't. Because blue occurs so frequently in our natural world, it can invoke certain psychological effects when we immerse ourselves in it.

A Calming Fall Color

Though blue is commonly associated with sadness, it is also representative of calm, serene, and stable emotions. Especially if autumn is a time of stress or anxiety for you, incorporating some blue into your daily look can help ease these emotions!

The Night Out duochrome polish at Maniology reminds us of those sparkling autumn evenings when the sky is alive with a royal glow. Pair this polish with our Black Widow nail stamping plate to give this look a spooky twist!

10. Warm Ivory

Ivory is a timeless hue that is a staple for any look. It's a no-brainer to add it to your fall color collection!

Fall color warm

11. Plum Purple

At first, purple doesn't pop out as a fall color. But tone it down to a rich plum purple, and you've got a unique and gorgeous autumn hue!


Plus, purple pairs wonderfully with the reds and oranges commonly associated with fall. The rich saturation of purple, rust, and yellow-orange can make up a stunning fall palette.

Dark purple can invoke feelings of mystery, intrigue, and wealth. Rock a polish shade like Maniology's Casting Spells and enjoy a magical sensation each time you flash your nails!

Fall color chemical reaction fall colors

12. Chocolate Mocha

Tonal browns are a staple for any autumn look. But, especially for your nails, a dark rich mocha color is a perfect way to feel in tune with the second spring. 

Before winter paints our world white, we are usually surrounded by various shades of brown in fall. But, before this fascinating color change, brown can really fill our hearts with a cozy warmth!

Plus, a rich chocolate mocha color reminds us of fall coffees. There's no better feeling than sipping a warm latte while the world around us grows colder.

Coffee color

There are so many shades of brown out there - you don't need to stop here! Try out these popular autumn colors as well:

  • Bronze
  • Dark mahogany
  • Beige brown

Want to give your nails a stunning makeover but don't have the artistic talents to create your own design? At Maniology, our Autumn Furries nail stamping bundle is perfect if you want to pair a rich brown with some gorgeous seasonal designs.

13. Firey Orange

Honestly, we can't get enough of the color orange in the fall. This iconic fall color makes it easy to add a pop of color to your manicure while still maintaining a simplistic and pleasing tone.

Pick Any Autumn Leaf Color!

When it comes down to it, any changing autumn leaf color is perfect for a seasonal manicure. From moss green to sunflower yellow, the beautiful pigments of fall are truly captivating!


So when it comes time to complete your fall manicure, opting for colors from the autumn palette is a fantastic way to get in touch with your seasonal side!

14. Sparkling Gold

Even in autumn, you don't need to only wear simple solid colors. Adding some shine to your look is a great way to feel confident during the colder months!

Fall colors like burgundy, royal blue, and deep purple can be complimented beautifully with some sparkling gold. An attractive shimmer can even help brighten your mood during the darker seasons.

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At Maniology, we believe your nails are opportunities for adventure, fun, and unrestrained artistic expression. Our nail stamping plates and nail accessories are here to help foster your self-expression in the hopes of building a community of individuality. For more nail tutorials, subscription box updates, and designs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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