Meet the Stampers

Posted by Tiana Regan

Confused about all the different stampers you have to choose from? All the colors, shapes and sizes. Really, is there one stamper that rules them all?! Don't worry, I'm here to give you a personal introduction to our stampers.

Stampers - why do you need them?

If you're new to stamping, welcome. A stamper is a key player when completing your stamping look. The use of a stamper is to help transfer a design from a nail stamping plate to the nail bed. Although there are many types of stampers on the market, the function of the stamper remains the same whether circle, rectangle, mini, small, or large.

Find the Right Stamper for You

  • Tiny Details
  • Medium to Large Size Nail Beds
  • Large Nail Beds or Enhanced Nails
A Dual-Ended Pencil Stamper and Clean-Up Brush with Replacement Silicone Stamper Head.
Pineapple Gummy Shaped Stamper at 1.25 inches tall by Maniology.
A Mini Dual Ended Clear Silicone Replacement Heads that gives you gives you: (1) 0.9mm and(1) 0.6mm.
See Through Technician Salon Supplies
An XL sized round Monocle Stamper (1.5-inch diameter stamping surface) with a crystal clear silicone stamper head and clear acrylic handle.
A Big Gummy XL Round Opaque Yellow/Teal Nail Stamper with a 1.5 inch diameter stamping head by Maniology.

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