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Posted by Devon Nurre

How to Shrink Stamping Designs

Have you ever looked at a large stamping design and wished you could shrink it so it would fit your nails? Did you know that there’s a special technique for that?
Shrinking your stamp is a method that allows you to make large designs smaller like this example below. The stamped design on the far left is the original size. The second and third design have been shrunk to a smaller size.

Image provided by FB Community member Christy R.
This past month our Facebook Community members were buzzing about this particular stamping trick so we thought we’d share a video from Guylene325 on this awesome technique!

Supplies You'll Need to Get Started:
1. Your favorite Stamping Plate with a large image.
2. A really squishy (non-clear) stamper like the Big Gummy Stamper.
3. Your favorite Scraper Card.
4. Your favorite Stamping Polish.

Did this shrinking method work for you?
We love seeing your creations and reading about your stamping experiences.
Let us know in the comments below if you tried
this technique!


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