Cost of Nail Art in Nail Salon vs Nail Stamping

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When you go to get your nails done, there are so many choices to make. Do you want a classic French tip manicure? Something extra flashy with rhinestones and gold leaf? Or maybe something a little more subtle with just a single color and design? No matter what kind of look you're going for, one question always looms in the back of our minds: how much is this going to cost me? 

Nail Art Cost at a Salon vs Nail Stamping

  1. Average prices for painted nails in a salon.

  • Price of painted nails at budget or small private shops

Standard : $10 to $15
Deluxe : $20 to $25

  • Price of painted nails at the average nail salon

Standard : $20 to $25
Deluxe : $30 to $45

  • Price of painted nails at luxury hotels or spas

Standard : $25 to $45
Deluxe : $50 to $75

Keep in mind that these prices can vary greatly depending on what services you choose, the location and type of salon you go to. In addition to this, a french tip will generally include an additional fee of $5 to $10 and is more likely to increase for any add-ons as per Cost Helper.

  1. DIY Nail Art

Nail art doesn't have to be expensive, there is an alternative way to get creative nails without spending a lot of money. You only need nail polish and a nail filer to create your DIY nail art.

  • Nail Polish - nail polishes can cost anywhere from $2 to as much as $25 per bottle depending on brand and polish type (including stamping polishes, base coat and top coat)

Nail Polish

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If you’re ready to get your professional-looking nails, you can follow these 7 STEP BY STEP EASY DIY NAILS AT HOME.

  1. Nail Stamping

One of the newer trends in the world of nails is stamping – a process that allows you to quickly and easily create intricate designs on your nails. This is just an optional for you if you want to add a unique and creative twist to your nails. Here are the tools needed for your nail stamping.

Stamping Plate

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For about $20, you can now get a Starter Set which can create a limitless amount of designs. If you’re also looking for French Tip as your nail art add-on. Here’s an 8-dollar hassle-free stamping plate for you.

French Tip Plate


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If you are still unfamiliar with nail stamping, you can watch our beginner’s guide video below:

That’s how easy it is to have professional nails without spending too much money in the salon. You can also collect these for your future nail art, unlike the one-time nail art you get in the salon. You can check our Nail Starter Kit and bundles or you may directly explore our shop for more nail polishes, plates and stampers.

As always, if you have any questions or need help choosing the right design for your nails, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We love helping our fans find the perfect look to confidently show off their style in all seasons!

If you’re in need of more inspiration for your first or next manicure, check out our Instagram and Pinterest. And if you finally decide to start your stamping journey, these best selling products below are worth trying.

Best selling products

As we always say: Practice makes Extraordinary! Happy Stamping!

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