5 Key Halloween Colors And What They Signify

Posted by Ren Wu

What Are Halloween Colors

It's nearing late October, and we all know what that means - Halloween is approaching. This spooky holiday is enjoyable for anyone and everyone, from childhood to adulthood!

One of the most well-known aspects of Halloween is its iconic color palette. So, let's get to know all the colors that make Halloween what it is, and what these colors can mean to us.

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1. Black

When you're thinking of Halloween colors, what immediately comes to mind is black and orange. It's not Halloween if these two colors aren't there!

Let's start with Halloween's most iconic color - black! Of course, orange and black represent a large majority of the spooky spirit. But black itself is probably the most impressive of all Halloween colors.

Black is a truly powerful Halloween color. It can signify anything from elegance and mystery to power and death.

The Ultimate Halloween Color

This rich color shows up during Halloween as black cats, the darkness of night, and evil spirits. Plus, if you're looking to incorporate black into your Halloween look, its timeless appeal goes with pretty much anything.

There's also a deep psychological meaning behind the color black in general. For example, many huge companies harness the powerful sophistication of black in their marketing and logos when it comes time to build their brand and appeal to their customers.

During Halloween, matching your look with the festive season is a great idea to get into the spooky spirit. And what better way than with a new manicure?

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to bring your look to the next level, try Maniology's nail stamping kits! Our user-friendly stamping kits make it incredibly easy to get unique and beautiful nail designs without needing some insane artistic talent.

Plus, we even have countless Halloween-themed and seasonal designs to make your look really stand out!

Halloween palette light dark other colors black represents

2. Orange

Orange became an integral Halloween color back during the origins of this scary holiday. The history of Halloween began over two thousand years ago during the Celtic festival of Samhain. On this day, it was believed that the veil between life and death was the thinnest.

And because that veil was so thin, spirits and evil monsters were able to rise from the dead and walk amongst the living. Sounds pretty spooky to us!

Orange was initially used in Halloween celebrations to represent light and fire. This bright color is what counteracted the more sinister nature of Halloween that black represented.

Luckily, orange isn't as scary as it once was. Nowadays, orange usually makes us think of pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, fall leaves, and even pumpkin spice lattes.

Completing The Original Halloween Color Palette

Orange signifies warmth, safety, and protection during Halloween. A bright orange fire is what keeps away the dark and scary nightmares of black!

Looking to add some of the orange's appeal to your Halloween look? Pair Maniology's Metallic Orange Stamping Polish with any number of our festive Halloween nail stamping plates! We make it super easy to get a beautiful and detailed manicure right at home.

Fall winter connection irish immigrants decorations winter night

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3. Purple

Now that we've covered the iconic orange and black Halloween duo, what are some other colors that are popular during the spooky season? That's where purple comes in!

Purple is more of an anomaly, as it doesn't have a well-established history like Halloween's more traditional colors. It also doesn't fit the brown and yellow hues behind the harvest themes that come with the fall season.

Purple signifies the more mystical side of Halloween. It's often associated with themes of magic and supernatural creatures. Plus, purple can even represent psychic ability.

Halloween traditions witches decorating create purple and green

4. Green

Similar to the color purple, green represents a more tame side of spooky things.

Green can represent anything from the stem of a jack-o-lantern to cackling witches and emerald monsters. It's a must-have color for any Halloween celebration!

For example, think of the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz - her green skin was definitely iconic. In fact, it's typical that Halloween witches have a sickly green skin color.

Like purple, green can also represent the supernatural and magic. And during Halloween, it's common for whatever glows to be green. That's why festive fog, glow sticks, or mystical flashes always seem to be emerald-colored.

Toning Down The Horror

Halloween is already a pretty popular holiday for kids (who doesn't like free candy while trick-or-treating?). But a big reason why green and purple gained such outstanding popularity as Halloween colors is because of how well they appeal to younger age groups.

Green and purple are colors that can tone down the scary side of Halloween. That way, it makes it more fun for kids! Adding colors with green hues can make the Halloween festivities a bit more family-friendly and less intimidating.

Traditional colors wear costumes pumpkins obvious color

5. Red

If green and purple hues make Halloween less scary, red colors do the opposite.

Though red can represent a warmer side of the holiday, such as the changing colors of autumn leaves, this rich color can also signify mortality. The color itself stands for feelings of intensity and power and is commonly worn to express passion and confidence.

But when it comes to Halloween specifically, red is most notably the color of blood, commonly used in festive decorations and costumes. When it comes down to it, red is definitely a bold Halloween color choice!

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