Summer Colors That Will Make Your Nail Art Shine

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What Are Summer Colors

Summer exudes the kind of energy that takes your self-confidence to the next level. With the sun and fun on your side, nothing can hold you back from being your best and most vibrant self! Add the right colors to brighten up your nail art game to capture the perfect vacay vibe.

Key Takeaways

  1. Hot pink
  2. Pastel blue
  3. Creamy taupe
  4. Pale yellow
  5. Magenta
  6. Smokey gray
  7. Baby pink
  8. Spring green

Finding the bright inspiration for your nails is easy! The warm weather opens up countless opportunities to showcase your wanderlust sense of style. Whether you find inspiration in the perfect beach day, or a BBQ picnic in the park, you can take nail art to the next level.

Keep reading, and we'll share eight trendy colors to use in your nail art that will make a splash this sunny season!

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#1. Hot Pink

hot pink nails with stars on summer light summer cool summer own skin tone summer light skin summer soft summer peach pink warm spring summer summer summer color palette colour

Is it just us, or is Barbie back by storm? The Barbiecore trend has truly been infiltrating everyone's FYP and is showing no signs of stopping. Without a doubt, the hottest color of summer 2023 is hot pink!

The newfound Barbiecore trend is all about the pink aesthetic. It started gaining traction back in 2022 when it became a massive must-have in fashion.

The Rise Of The Barbiecore Trend

And now that everyone's well into their second Barbie phase (we're sure almost everyone grew up with these iconic dolls), pink is all we see. The Barbie movie is only propelling the popularity of this color further, and you're missing out if you're not ready to incorporate it into your look.

If you're looking for a fool-proof way to make the most of your summer nail art, you're best off donning hot pink. This bright color will give you just what you need in order to make summer your own!

Making Your Pink Dreams Come To Life

To start your Barbiecore journey off on the right foot, all you need is Maniology's Pumps cream hot pink stamping polish. This color is ideal for nearly any occasion during the summer season and can help you truly make your mark on the world.

#2. Pastel Blue

simple baby blue nail art summer color palette summer cool winter summer cool skin tone beetroot purple summer medium brown soft autumn eye colour summer wear summer colours summer

If you're not obsessed with the Barbiecore trend, you'll be able to effortlessly rock the calm summer aesthetic. From soothing tunes to anything pastel, this trend is a go-to if you're looking to spend your summer days relaxing by a beach or peacefully soaking in the sun's rays.

What Are Calm Summer Colors?

Soft pastel blue is one of the most notable calm summer colors. Not only does it remind us of the summer skies, but it pairs well with any fit.

To understand your ideal summer style, it's important to look into seasonal color analysis. That way, you can find out which season you are!

Are You A Summer?

When it comes to color analysis, summer is cool and light. That means your skin tone likely has cool undertones, and you have light eye and hair color. The best colors to wear are often light and powdery, soft and muted, or cool.

This makes pastel blue a must-have for sporting your summer side.

Utilizing Pastel Blue In Your Nail Art

Maniology's Droplet pearl blue stamping polish is perfect for this summer. Not only is it ideal for the warmer weather, but it's a great way to contrast pink-obsessed fashion trends.

To recreate this simplistic French tip look, all you need is Maniology's Classique: Pardon My French nail stamping plate. What makes these plates so unique is that they allow you to create flawless, intricate, and unique nail art right at home in just an instant.

In just five seamless steps, you can recreate any nail art design you want, all without leaving your bedroom. Now you can truly make the most of your summer season by skipping that dreaded trip to the salon!

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#3. Creamy Taupe

nude nail art with white flowers summer eye color summer seasonal type summer color wheel soft white summer color season summer head to toe summer color theory summer summer summer

Sometimes, too much color can be suffocating. When you're ready to take a step back from the saturated colors of summer, opt for something a bit more relaxing.

With creamy taupe or nude nails, you can embrace the simplicity of the summer season. Plus, by picking a color that compliments your skin's undertone, you'll be able to embrace the summer with a bit more confidence.

Use Maniology's Naturel six-piece neutral stamping polish set so that every time you do your nails, you can pick the perfect color for you!

#4. Pale Yellow

yellow and nude nail art with white flowers summer summer crystal rose summer warm colors summer four seasons love bird summer song high contrast summer dark shades summer summer

For summer colors, you can't go wrong with pale yellow. It's a staple of the summer season and is perfect for enjoying a light summer.

It'll effortlessly brighten up your look while boosting your mood. No one can resist the lovely hue of this color!

Maniology's Zinnia creamy yellow stamping polish is perfect for recreating this look.

#5. Magenta

pink swirly nail art spring summer soft colors spring colors skin tones other seasons true summer seasonal color summer color shade winter grey colours summer wear colour summer colours

Do you remember when we said that pink was all the rage this summer? Magenta is just another exceptional way to challenge your inner Barbie!

Summer is all about bright colors and vibrant fashion. With magenta, you can take your hot pink look to the next level by adding some boldness and saturation.

Use Maniology's Autumn Blossom: Viola to bring some rich colors into your summer style!

#6. Smokey Gray

gray and white geometric nail art summer all the colors summer summer best colours summer fiery red hues summer palette colours shade soft summer bright dark seasonal type summer summer

Summer is all about showing off your natural beauty. With subdued nail art colors, you'll be able to let your unique light shine through from within!

Use relaxed colors like charcoal grey, light grey, or even greyish blue to pull off this look.

#7. Baby Pink

pink nails with rhinestones light summers color palette summer spring summer soft white shades summer wear cool palette autumn summer dark summer wear summer colours palette summer

If you want to utilize some pink in your color but don't like a loud pop of bold colors, baby pink is perfect for you. This toned-down take on the classic color will help you showcase your elegance and vibrancy in the summer without going overboard.

Try out Maniology's Bubble Gum Swirl sheer pink nail polish for a great way to curate your own personal color palette.

#8. Spring Green

light green nail art with transparent butterflies summer color palette soft white eye color dark summer cool summer warm winter colours colour autumn palette summer color soft summer summer

Though we've left spring and entered summer, your nail art wouldn't be complete if you didn't incorporate some sort of classic green into your style.

Light spring green is perfect if you want to embrace these warm months. It's a calming color that will help you feel a bit more at peace with the world around you!

Try out Maniology's Forager: Pasture pale mint green cream stamping polish.

Wrapping Up

The best way to truly enjoy the summer is by creating nail art that reflects not only the season but your own personal sense of style. Nail art is a great way to practice self-expression and can give you the power to grow and prosper as your best self!

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At Maniology, we believe your nails are opportunities for adventure, fun, and unrestrained artistic expression. Our nail stamping plates and nail accessories are here to help foster your self-expression in the hopes of building a community of individuality. For more nail tutorials, subscription box updates, and designs, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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